O.J. Atogwe is Free!

As reported by ProFootballTalk.com this morning, St. Louis Rams safety O.J. Atogwe became a free agent last night as the clock struck midnight. Teams that might have an interest in him are the 49ers, Vikings, Dolphins and the Cowboys.

Atogwe played for the Rams his first five seasons in the NFL. He has collected 19 interceptions in his pro career. His 2009 season was cut short due to a shoulder injury as well hernia surgery. In the 12 games that he played last season he collected 74 tackles as well two interceptions and forced three fumbles. Atogwe is only 28 years old.  

I’m not sure what Atogwe is asking for as far as salary, but I believe the Cowboys should be inquiring about his services. He would be an impact player on an already talented Cowboys defense. It would also allow Alan Ball to go back to cornerback and improve the depth at that position.

I doubt Atogwe will be a free agent for long. Hopefully if the Cowboys are interested they can strike a deal with him quickly.

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  1. Nate the Cowboy Ninja
    Nate the Cowboy Ninja says:

    im with ya 110% on this one rob and i think if either of us were in charge we’d make it happen. the thing that sucks though, is that jerry wants to see what these new kids can do as well as give ball his shot. mike hamlin and akwasi ansah are both very talented young prospects with no pro experience. weve seen what watkins can do, which is screw up assignments and get injured, so his roster spot should either go to another position (CB) or one of these street free agents that have been impressing at OTAs. kinda scary when you really need a playmaker back in that secondary to put this defense in the “dominating” category. atogwe could do just that.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Now I’m reading that JJ has no interest in him. I could understand if he was looking for too much money and JJ didn’t want to do it, but if JJ doesn’t know what he is looking for as far as salary, then it’s wrong not to at least make a phone call to inquire.

  3. cowboysforlife
    cowboysforlife says:

    I understand the way you guys feel. But I think Jerry and Co are all in to the youth movement. I know he is only 28, But if Hamlin and AOA work out they will be 3-4 years younger then him. Most was thinking the same thing last season about Jenkins.


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