That’s Gold Jerry, Gold!


50 Seasons

434 Wins

30 Postseason Appearances

50 Playoff Games

28 Playoff Wins

8 Super Bowl Appearances

5 Super Bowl Titles

16 NFC Championship Game Appearances

8 NFC Championships

21 Eastern Championships

26 Seasons with 10+ Wins

20 Straight Winning Seasons from 1966-85

12 Hall of Fame Players

7 Super Bowl MVPs

This all adds up to one the best, if not the best organization in the NFL.

Roger Staubach’s 50 yd Hail Mary pass to Drew Pearon against the Vikings in ’75

Butch Johnson’s 45 yd TD catch against the Broncos in Super Bowl XII in ’77

Tony Dorsett’s 99 yd TD run against the Vikings in ’82

Clint Longley’s 50 yd Thanksgiving TD pass to Drew Pearson against the Redskins in ’74

Alvin Harper’s 71 yd catch and run against the 49ers in ’92

James Washington’s 46 yd fumble return for a TD against the Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII in ’93

Ken Norton’s stop of the Bills Kenneth Davis at the goal line in Super Bowl XXVII in ’92

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Bob Lilly’s 29 yd sack of Bob Griese against the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI in ’71

Danny White’s 23 yd TD pass to Drew Pearson against the Falcons in ’80

The stadium with the famous hole in the roof

Emmitt Smith beats the Giants with one arm in ’93

Rodger Staubach’s last regular season TD pass of his career to Tony Hill to beat the Redskins in ’79

Tom Landry’s fedoras

Full of History and Pride

Your Dallas Cowboys!

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Pictures provided by the following books, “The Super Bowl”, “Greatest Team Ever”, “Dallas Cowboys, Our Story”, “The Boys are Back” and “Sports Illustrated” magazine.

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  1. It's OUR year!!
    It's OUR year!! says:

    Amazing job Rob V.!! Love all stats & pictures. I never knew we had 7 superbowl MVPs. So who are the two that won it on a losing team?

    • Timothy W Hadlock
      Timothy W Hadlock says:

      The two people that won MVP to make the total of 7 super bowl MVP’s, are Chuck Howley in their first super bowl appearance against the then Baltimore Colts, we lost that game 16-13, and Howley had like 1 or 2 sacks in the game, a forced fumble with recovery, a few passes defensed and I think also an interception. Not bad for someone under any circumstances, the other person was actually from a winning team, it was shared by I think Randy White and Harvey Martin, not sure about that, but I do know it was a Co-MVP from one of the super bowl wins in the 70’s. Hope this helps. Cowboys fan for life here………..Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!

      • Rob V.
        Rob V. says:

        Correct about Chuck Howley. I doubt we’ll ever see another MVP from a losing team again. He also had two interceptions in the game. Yes, it was Randy White and Harvey Martin In Super Bowl XII when they beat up on the Broncos.

  2. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    I really love this post Rob, great work. We love such a wonderful franchise, I am so proud of what they have accomplished in only 50 years.

    Its pretty damn amazing! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!


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