Tony Romo Drops Out of U.S. Open. Is Golf A Distraction For Romo?

Well, Tony Romo has tried out for the U.S. Open the past couple of years, and he tried out again this year. Well, after starting off strong, he had a little bit of a bad run, and has decided to drop out of the running after a pair of triple bogeys and what not. The exact link is right here.

Well, I was actually curious about Romo’s hobby, and it was a family member who sparked my interest and got me to address it.

Since I finished this last semester of college, my family has been discussing the possibility of going on family trips over the summer or to see some friends.

The only condition I have is that I have to bring my laptop with me and have internet access to keep you guys updated.

Well, I was on the phone with arguably my favorite relative and definitely my favorite uncle. My uncle is one of the sweetest, yet at the same time, strongest men that you could possibly find. I could talk to him about things that would terrify me if I had to talk to my parents about them.

I guess everyone has had a relative like that. He also is very smart, very well spoken, and he needles me at times because he lives in Utah while I’m from Texas. He isn’t particularly fond of the Cowboys, but I think he only teases me about them because I’m passionate about them, not because he detests them.

As we were talking about the evil that is Kobe Bryant, (He’s a Jazz fan), and how he wanted the Celtics to win, eventually the conversation got to the the ultimate sport, football.

My uncle was curious about how I felt about Tony Romo’s offseason hobby of golf. He really thinks that Romo should be working out on football 24/7 because that’s his job for one thing, and if Romo intends to win a Super Bowl, he needs to get his priorities straight.

He suggested I write about it, and well… here I am. I’d like to know what you guys and gals think about Romo’s hobby.

Personally, I’m not against it. In fact, it might be good for him. Certain studies have shown that if one focuses nonstop on something, they can put excessive stress on the brain.

Like you would rest your arms after working for several hours in a field, it might be a good idea to rest your mind with something else.

I know football is a physical sport, but when you are a quarterback, it becomes just as much mental. You have to know the plays, the audibles, the snap count, which receiver is better at certain routes, who is the first receiver you are looking for, who is the alternate receiver, who’s blocking that linebacker coming in on a blitz, is there a running back in the flat to dump the ball off to if you get in trouble, etc.

So, is it wrong for Romo to play golf and go on these PGA tours or whatever they are to see how good his game is?

Otto Graham won seven titles as a quarterback for the Browns in the 1940s and 50s, and he would play golf with his teammates in their free time.

Another key points is those two words “free time,” Romo isn’t obligated to play football 100% of his time. He, along with all the other players in the NFL, have time to themselves. Some of those guys spend time with their wives, or their kids, some do charity work, but we don’t complain about them do we?

Tony Romo is a bachelor without kids, so is it wrong for him to spend his free time doing golf? It’s athletic, he’s walking long distances, he’s out in the sun away from donuts and candy bars. He’s having fun and resting his brain from football.

He’s doing nothing different than Tom Brady or Drew Brees, who are spending time with their sons, but because we actually know about it because of the media coverage of the golf tour, a great number of people mock him for it.

I have not read any account that Tony Romo does not take football seriously. I have not read any article about how he skipped practice or showed up with a beer in his hand and slacked off.

For my uncle to doubt Romo’s loyalty to the team and to the fans is unfounded.

After all, Romo has been constantly improving year in and year out.

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  1. cowboysforlife
    cowboysforlife says:

    I am with you on this. Football is his life, everyone one around him and knows him say that he works hard at getting better at football.

    To him golf is relaxing, But he is a good golfer that is able to hang with the Pro’s.

    You can look back in the day when “Prime time” played football and Baseball at the pro level ever year.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    This comes up every year. So what that he plays golf! It has never interfered with football and he has never put golf in front of football or his team. Maybe the media would rather Romo be arrested like others in the league this off-season or maybe be suspended for drugs. You know, something that will affect his team. Leave the man alone! He’s enjoying life!!

  3. Tony
    Tony says:

    This is just a classic example of the media, or any non-Cowboy fan to find anything they can to try and make our players lose focus. As James says, Romo has never deviated from his job schedule, nor has he not attended the optional schedule. Yes, football is his life, and he mentions it in practically every interview. Being a golfer myself, I can see how this is a fantastic way to keep a challenging edge, relax the mind, and stay athletic so that when he does return to his JOB, he is refreshed and ready to handle his workload.
    So if this is all the media or non-Cowboy fans can come up with to rag on my boy Romo, then I say by all means rant away! Enjoy yourself! We’ll see on the bench as we progress on to our 6th Championship!
    Go Cowboys!!

  4. Michael
    Michael says:

    I love golf myself. I’m retired and play golf six days a week. It is addictive. I don’t see a problem with Tony playing golf, but the amount of time preparing for the U. S. Open, has to take away from his football preparation. If I were the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, all of my focus would be on football during my career. Tony will have plenty of time for golf down the road. Let’s go win the next Super Bowl. Go Cowboys !!!


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