You’re Wrong, Jason Witten IS the BEST!

While snooping around on this evening I came across this video. A series entitled “Best in the Biz” on NFL Total Access. This particular video ranks the top 5 tight ends in the league.

I know we are biased around here, but come on man, Jason Witten is HANDS DOWN the best tight end in the BIZ! Sorry Charles Davis, you’ve got your list out of order…

  1. Rob V.

    It’s the NFLN, what do you expect!! They hate the Cowboys and ESPN is just negative about everything!!

    • I’m not sure I can say the NFLN hates the Cowboys just yet, only because this whole offseason they keep playing lots of classic Cowboys games and I’ve heard as many positive comments as negative from their hosts. Unlike ESPN who hate on the Cowboys constantly.

  2. I’d take Witten over those two any day.

  3. Michael

    Jason is one of the toughest and most dependable players in the whole NFL, not just at tight end. He has to be # 1. Go Cowboys !!!

  4. Monstuh

    This list is extremely bogus.

    Finely, tied for 5th for not even completing a whole season or being a starter for that matter is amazing.

    Witten you be FIRST, hands down!

  5. Danny

    Witten, best overall Tight End in the game. Maybe can’t catch like the two “above” him who are freaks to be able to catch like a WR but Witten is hands down waaaaay better blockers than those two. And TE position is both CATCHING and BLOCKING. Witten = best TE in the business.