Cowboys Haters In Full Effect Already, So What’s New?

When you are the most popular, most storied, most winning sports franchise in pro football history it comes with the territory that you have people who despise you. Call it jealousy, call it envy but its strong and its everywhere we turn.

The latest rants include Cowboys Number One Draft Pick Dez Bryant and the young tight end Martellus Bennett.

Okay maybe I will give them Dez, thats a valid complaint. He got his money and hasn’t even played in one pro game and already thinks he’s better than the veterans. Not cool Dez. So they are calling him “another Diva Cowboy”. Well the guy just scored nearly 12 million dollars, has been given the coveted number 88 and has already been deemed the super star wide receiver for America’s Team fresh out of college. To say expectations for Dez Bryant are high is an understatement.

You can blame Dez, blame Jerry Jones, or blame the media but I got money that says he produces and blows everyone away this season.

So, rumor is Marty B had a bad break-up and his ex posted nude pictures of him online. Who cares? What in the world does that have to do with football? Absolutely nothing. I have my own issues with Martellus’ off-the-field shenanigans but in reality he’s a backup tight end, a backup to one of the best in the league. Is he the future? Only time will tell. But he’s still young, immature and seems to crave a lot of attention. A professional athlete who wants all eyes on him – well thats totally unheard of, what in the world is he thinking?!

Like it or not all of these ridiculous stories sell, whether true or fabricated. People love to hate the Dallas Cowboys. Why do you think ESPN constantly disses the Cowboys? That’s easy, because hating on Dallas sells. It’s stirs up Cowboy followers and it revs up the haters. Personally, I very rarely watch ESPN for that very reason.

It doesn’t matter that there are players who have violated the league drug law or committed felonies. Hell, there have been times men have been suspected in rapes and murders, but if Tony Romo wants to play golf in the offseason or Miles Austin was in Las Vegas gambling and having a few drinks – well thats front page news! How dare they do something without a football in their hands.

Listen, like I said before it comes with the territory. I spent years defending Terrell Owens, because that’s what we do as Cowboys fans. I will admit I have a limit though, I never defended Pacman Jones. He truly was an embarrassment.

Earlier I went to visit my mom and she started talking about an article she read about Dez not carrying Roy’s pads on Yahoo!, and I immediately went into defense mode. It’s like a parent who’s child can do no wrong.

So when I go into work this morning and my boss who loves sports gossip starts telling me the latest, instead of defending Bryant and Bennett maybe I will turn the conversation around and talk about how great Romo and Austin are projected to be this season. Maybe I will tell him how excellent David Buehler is looking, how he’s blowing the experts away with his kicking talent. How about the fact that the Cowboys have a shot to be the first team in history to go to the Super Bowl in their own stadium and win!

When a hater comes straight up to me trashing my team I will defend them to the end. Call me a cheerleader, call me bias… no, you know what, just call me a Cowboys fan and damn proud of it.

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  1. cowboysforlife
    cowboysforlife says:

    I myself do not watch BSPN or the NFLN because of all the hate for the Boys. I like the way Dez is all about football and doing his best to help us win. As for Marty B he runs hot and cold with me. I just wish he had the heart for the team like Dez is showing.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    The haters truly want to believe that the Boys have issues. They can not handle the fact that this just might be a tight team. I’m not going to believe that not carrying shoulder pads is going to rip a team apart or put one player on the outside looking in. With the media blowing this up, it’s normally the team that is laughing behind closed doors. Chances are they made Dez do something or will and that is it. What makes it worse is that when the Boys win the Super Bowl we will have to listen to all these haters.

    • Riggs
      Riggs says:

      Thats an ignorant statement, especially from someone who hasnt even played a pro NFL game yet….stupid comment man, stupid.

  3. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Now I can focus on the start of a great Cowboys season. Thanks for readjusting our priorities and letting us know that we chould keep our eyes on the ball… the football. All these distractions manage to do is make us lose our focus or sour on certain players. Lets not help the media get their hollow victories by trying to bring our fanbase down with all this off the field crap. Great post Kelly.

  4. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    Us as fans should be used to this drama…I know I am, media sucks, what else is new? Move on people, season hasnt even started yet, who cares what the media says..

  5. Mary Lou Herrera
    Mary Lou Herrera says:

    Cowboy haters will always blab. What’s really important is that the Cowboys win or lose will always be AMERICAS TEAM. I’m truly ready for some football, and see the boys rock. GO BOYS!!!


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