Former NFL Coach Jimmy Johnson Reportedly On Survivor Nicaragua

According to Steven Fife, and posted on, the former NFL coach and sports analyst Jimmy Johnson is reportedly one of 20 castaways on CBS’s hit reality show, Survivor Nicaragua, premiering September 2010.

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  1. Andres Holmer
    Andres Holmer says:

    At long last I just had a chance to relax and watch this past week’s showing of Survivor on CBS. I observed Jimmy Johnson end up being shipped back to Florida. Jimmy Johnson obviously did not go on very long. I thought that Dan really should have gone home he is truly troubled. I really don’t consider that coach has been a threat this early on in the reality show. Coach Jimmy was probably the most interesting players given his qualifications as a sports coach. The tribe could possibly have kept him around longer.

  2. Saul Ewings
    Saul Ewings says:

    Inside of a appearance, Jimmy Johnson has come out stating that he had no perception that the male contestants did not appreciate him. Jimmy J. concluded that he ought to have aligned with the female contestants. On a impressive note, coach apparently said goodbye to nearly 30 pounds of excess fat.

  3. up to date
    up to date says:

    Now that Jimmy J. has become a memory from this year’s Survivor, it is all about Naonka. The lady is the main player that a large number of likely to want to despise. The next airing promises to be someone to never forget.


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