Rock Stars And Shooting Stars

Driving home Friday night, I was blasting the local classic rock station and singing my little heart out. I’m one of those people who listen to the lyrics and find meaning in music. I always find it interesting that music can be interpreted so many different ways.

Take one of the songs I heard last night, “Shooting Star” by Bad Company. Now I know that song is about a man who had a dream to be a rock star, and his dream comes true and in the end his life is taken in the same way as many famous musicians.

But the chorus alone could easily be related to our beloved Cowboys, and that’s how I chose to interpret it.

Here’s my latest graphic…

“Don’t you know that you are a shooting star
And all the world will love you just as long as you are.”

~ Bad Company

  1. TD

    excellent work :)

  2. Nate

    Love it. Inspiration is a wonderful thing.

  3. ~lin

    Girl, as usual you have done it again. I am truly grateful I have a mutual friend that shares the same starry-eyed love and respect for not only the sport but our BOYS! Thank you for all your inspiration! Great job, my friend!

  4. Amy

    Love it Kelly! Need a sign like that for the games :)