Book Review – The Dallas Cowboys: 50 Years Of Football

Last week, I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of the soon to be released “Dallas Cowboys: 50 Years Of Football” by Sports Illustrated.

Now I’ve read my fair share of books on the Dallas Cowboys over the years, but this is the first one that I immediately cherished as a collectors item. Believe me when I tell you, that once you get this fine book in your hands, you’ll find it very difficult to put down, and I’m not kidding you either.

The book is loaded with some of the most sensational anecdotes and articles about the Cowboys as brought to you be the some of the best sports writers in the country.

The photography is stunning and the book is loaded with a  vast collection of unforgettable shots that capture the entire history of this historic franchise.

Here is some additional information from the publisher:

Sports Illustrated will release ‘The Dallas Cowboys: 50 Years Of Football’ on August 24th.

The rich heritage of the Cowboys is captured in this extraordinary collection of stories by the finest sports writers in the world, including Peter King, Tim Layden and Dan Jenkins, a spectacular selection of images from the best photo archive in sports, and a mind-boggling array of stats, anecdotes and memorabilia. It is the ultimate celebration of the Dallas Cowboys.

Sports Illustrated The Dallas Cowboys: 50 Years Of Football gives fans an insider look from Sports Illustrated senior writer, Peter King, whose in depth access to “America’s Team” includes a three-city scouting trip with Jimmy Johnson to a training camp sit down interview with Tony Romo to discuss his personal life in the off-season.

From the teams humble beginnings to emerging in to a franchise for which winning, and winning it all was expected. Eight Super Bowl appearances, five Super Bowl victories and the glory and the glamour that has surrounded this team. Sports Illustrated The Dallas Cowboys: 50 Years Of Football revisits the names that leap out of NFL history: Dandy Don Meredith, Bullet Bob Hayes, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, the lineage of head coaches is a Who’s Who list – Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Bill Parcells and the Hall of Famers who could fill their own wing – from Bob Lilly, Mel Renfro, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Troy Aikman to Michael Irvin.

As you can see, this is an incredible book that any Cowboys fan would be proud to own.

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  1. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    Definitely a MUST HAVE! Its always fun to look back at the years and also to learn about the history of Americas Team. Nice review Joe!

  2. Fred Goodwin
    Fred Goodwin says:


    I would be curious to know if you or your readers can answer this question: What do the following have in common with the Dallas Cowboys?

    (1) Mark Cuban wearing nothing but a Mavericks towel.
    (2) Ann Richards posing with her shotgun.
    (3) A 70s-era Southwest Airlines stewardess wearing the trademark hotpants uniform.

  3. Fred Goodwin
    Fred Goodwin says:

    Well, that’s a good guess, but you make my point:

    As far as I can tell, there really ISN’T a connection, other than all are examples of Texas “culture”. The book doesn’t really explain why those pictures were thrown in. I doubt if those photos were taken by SI photographers, let alone published in its pages.

    The reader is left to scratch his head and wonder “WTF . . . ?”

    • Joe D.
      Joe D. says:

      Good point. It is weird and I agree that they were most likely not shot by an SI photographer. That said, some of the shots in this book blew me away. Thanks for the Amazon tip!

    • Kelly H
      Kelly H says:

      LOL @ Fred – how very true! There is a lot of things like that in the book especially on the pages that say 1960s – 1970s – etc. I was thinking they were just to help define the era but why are they needed?

      Still a very cool book to have.

  4. Fred Goodwin
    Fred Goodwin says:

    By the way, you should post your review to Amazon.

    It will eventually roll off the front page of your blog, but it will be on Amazon as long as they sell the book, which includes used copies sold long after the book goes out of print.

    Think of it as a public service to future Cowboy fans!

  5. Kristy
    Kristy says:

    Hey there, another great read. Lately I’ve been having to wait until I’m near a computer to read your site, because it’s not working right on my cell phone. None of it seems to work, it just takes a long time with the cursor spinning. My friend’s phone doesn’t work with your blog either. Any thoughts on how to make it work? I really want to be able to read your stuff!


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