Back to the drawing board

The third preseason game is supposed to be a measuring stick for each team and to set the stage for their regular season. I’m thinking someone forgot to tell the Cowboys this because of their performance tonight against the Texans. I’m writing this post with the score 23-0 Texans in the third quarter because I don’t see much need to wait until after the game.

From the opening kickoff the Cowboys looked tired and slow. At least that is what I’m hoping it was because if they weren’t and the Texans were as fast and explosive as they looked, then the Cowboys are in trouble. The offensive line could not handle any blitzes the Texans threw at them. It was total domination for the entire first half by the Texans. The running game was non existent for the Cowboys. Through three quarters they had a total of nine yards rushing. Even though Tony Romo’s numbers looked good, he had almost no time to get anything going. The entire offense never was able to get into a rhythm. Before the end of the third quarter the Cowboys offense had used up all three of their second half time-outs.

The defense was not much better as the Texans offense did what they wanted most of the night. Receivers were left open and their running game shredded the Cowboys defense, as Adrian Foster rushed for 110 yards before the third quarter was over. The Cowboys defense always seemed a step behind the Texans offense. Even when DeMarcus Ware stepped up and made a play by stripping the ball from Matt Schaub and then recovering the fumble, the Cowboys were called for a defensive penalty giving the Texans a first and goal, which they converted into a touchdown on the next play.

Tony Romo as well as Wade Phillips showed how unhappy they were during the game. It could be seen in Phillips face and it could be heard from Romo during a sideline interview. As a fan I don’t concern myself with wins during the preseason, but I do concern myself with performance. The Cowboys on offense and defense did not perform well against the Texans.

While writing the post and continuing to watch the game, the Cowboys finally found the end zone with a John Kitna to Kevin Ogletree 24 yard touchdown pass. There is now two weeks until opening day in Washington. This team needs to be ready and focused. I don’t have any doubt they will be, but tonight was very disturbing for a third preseason game.

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  1. Ayre
    Ayre says:

    I’m just not into the whole pre-season thing in Football. Third game or not, I think teams turn it up to another level when the games count. Sure, its show and prove time for rookies and players on the bubble, but by the third game most players are trying not to get hurt.


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