Good, Bad, and Ugly All Evident In First Preseason Game

Coaches and fans got their first look at the 2010 Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night against a highly touted Cincinnati Bengals club that many are predicting to be a Super Bowl contender this season. The Boys had an impressive showing for a preseason game, not allowing Cincinnati to score until the late 4th quarter. However, there were also some loose ends the Cowboys need to tie up before they take the field against Washington in the season opener. Let’s play a game of “Who’s hot, who’s not” to summarize the first preseason game.

Who’s Hot

*Tight end John Phillips. He took advantage of the absence of Martellus Bennett and showed great all-around ability throughout the night. He had a couple of superb catches, and also showed his blocking ability on several occasions. With Bennett’s problems of late, I would not be at all surprised to see Phillips get more playing time than Bennett when the season starts.

*Defensive end Stephen Bowen. He also took advantage of the absence of a fellow teammate (Marcus Spears), and was a force along the defensive line all night. He was constantly in the backfield and recorded a sack before his night came to an end. With Bowen, Spears, and Jason Hatcher all playing on one-year tenders, I expect the competition to continue between the three.

*Offensive tackle Doug Free. Though he only played one series, Free looked very comfortable at left tackle, and had his way with Bengals defensive end Antwan Odom in both passing and running situations. Free definitely looks to have a leg up on Alex Barron in securing the starting left tackle spot. It will be interesting to see how he performs the rest of the preseason against pass rushers like Shawne Merriman and Mario Williams.

*Backup linebackers. A solid night on defense was topped off by the impressive play of players like Brandon Williams, Victor Butler, Jason Williams, Steve Octavien, and Brandon Sharpe. Jason Williams, Butler, and Octavien all showed their ability to get to the quarterback with a sack each. Brandon Williams and Sharpe showed their abilities in coverage with an interception each, Sharpe’s going for the only touchdown of the evening for the Cowboys. The Williams boys and Butler are showing flashes of the abilities the Cowboys saw in each of them when they drafted all three last year. Keep an eye on the ‘backers again in the next preseason game, as Sean Lee should step on the field for the first time and show his skills, too.

Who’s Not

*Offensive lineman Robert Brewster. He looked simply horrendous playing both tackle spots, and gave Stephen McGee no time to throw the ball all night. It is safe to say the intent of the Cowboys to develop Brewster as a tackle has run horribly amok. His footwork is below average and his ability to get out of his stance is poor. If the Cowboys want to avoid missing on yet another offensive line draft pick, they should consider moving Brewster to guard, where his slow feet will be less noticeable.

*Backup running backs. In a virtually impossible battle for a roster spot at running back, Herb Donaldson and Lonyae Miller did nothing to prove they are even worthy of a spot on the practice squad. Donaldson fumbled the ball early, and Miller had less than one yard per carry. With Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tashard Choice all locks to make the team, Donaldson and Miller will be nothing more than camp bodies for the duration of training camp.

*Return specialists. The return game for the Cowboys was non-existent the entire night, with Titus Ryan, Jamar Wall, Bryan McCann, and Cletis Gordon sharing the duties. Ryan had a decent return to start the game, but left early with a broken thumb. Wall, McCann, and Gordon shared the punt return duties, but none of the three did more than fair catch and flirt with potential disaster when a return was possible. Gordon and McCann were also creamed on one of their returns, McCann’s coming on a terrible non-call in which he clearly called a fair catch.

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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    Very sad news about Phillips, I wish they would cut preseason altogether, its ridiculous the amount of injuries that have already happened to our team this year, not to mention around the league.

  2. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    John Phillips looked VERY impressive, its s shame hes done already….I thought it was Witten..;)

    Preseason IS needed, Id rather have the injuries now then at seasons start…and plus, they need pre games to figure things out, noway should they get rid of the preseason, thats a dumb idea.

  3. Derek Sanders
    Derek Sanders says:

    Lol, Phillips would not have gotten hurt had this been a regular season game. At the very least they need to trim preseason down to two games and stay at a 16-game season. I guess it is a dumb idea if you like to see key players lost for the season in meaningless games. If that’s the case, go like another team that’s not in contention for the Super Bowl.

  4. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    I would take 2 preseason games over the 4 (or this year’s 5). It’s a different story if the first string O-line is out there protecting the offense. Its still a real shame.

    Injuries will happen anytime anywhere, thats why depth is so important. Who knew we needed better depth at TE? But with Witten’s durability I doubt it affects us during the season. But you have to admit, Sicko didn’t look that bad either. But then they say he got a concussion. Oh my my…

  5. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I would agree with the 2 preseason game and stay with the 16 game season. Injuries can happen at any time. If you go into games worrying about it, then it’s going to happen. Just go out and play your ass off at all times.

  6. Chuck Kingston
    Chuck Kingston says:

    Injuries will happen at any time whether it be pre-season or regular season. I do agree on a 2 game pre-season as well and either keep the 16 game season or make it an 18 game season. Phillips did look real good, but now gone for the season. Free looked right at home replacing Flozell. I think we’re gonna have one hell of a season & can’t wait to get it started.


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