Hard To Believe It’s Only Been 50 Years

It certainly is hard to believe the Dallas Cowboys have only been around for 50 years. When you think about it 50 years isn’t that long. Heck, it was enough time for our team to win five Super Bowls. It took the New Orleans Saints longer to get just one and the Pittsburgh Steelers 27 years longer to get six.

1960, the year our beloved Dallas Cowboys were born, was a very memorable year. The announcement that 3,500 troops would be sent to Vietnam was made in March of 1960. The great John F. Kennedy was elected president in November, and ironically later was assassinated in Dallas only three years later. The U.S. launched the very first weather satellite. Ben-Hur won a record breaking eleven Oscars.

In 50 short years the Cowboys have become the highest valued sports team with a worth of approximately $1.65 billion. They are also the wealthiest team earning $269 million a year, in great part of it’s enormous fan base spanning not only the United States but the entire world.

If that’s not a jaw dropper then Emmitt Smith isn’t a Hall of Famer. 😉

Here’s to another great 50 years of football to come, and as Tony Romo would say, “Enjoy the journey!”

Below is the graphic of the day, a nice schedule graphic – Cowboys celebrating 50 years.

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  1. cowboyjack
    cowboyjack says:

    And I have been watching them for 42 of those 50 years. I arrived in Texas in 1968 and fell in love with the Cowboys. This will be my 43 year of watching and hoping. I have seen those days of winning the superbowls and those of 1-15. Have thougoughly enjoyed each and every game. Cussed, Swore, Laughed and hollered with joy and cried in disappointment, but never bored, never turned one off or left early.

    Love my Boys.


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