Has Roy Williams Gotten A Raw Deal From The Fans?

I came across a link to a story by Charean Williams of the Star-Ledger who takes a look at the relationship between the fans and wide receiver Roy Williams, a relationship that never really got off on the right foot.

Williams begins by suggesting that Roy Williams can’t do anything right in the eyes of most Dallas Cowboys fans. He can’t run the right route. He can’t catch the tough pass. He can’t get on the same page with Tony Romo. He drops too many balls.

But is this the result of the fans being unfairly judgmental, or just the product of less than average performance by a receiver who arrived with very high expectations?

Maybe owner Jerry Jones is partly to blame.

The Cowboys gave up three draft picks, including first- and third-rounders, to the Detroit Lions at the 2008 trade deadline. They signed him to a five-year extension worth $45 million, with $20 million guaranteed. Whenever a team gives up that much guaranteed money, that many team resources, that many high draft picks, and makes that long of a commitment on any player, the player’s overall performance must be on the same level as what was sacrificed to get him.

Roy Williams is the third highest paid player on the team, and yet it would be hard to include him among the Cowboy’s top 15 most valuable players. This isn’t simply a perception or my opinion, it speaks to the reality of the situation.

Cowboys Receivers Coach, Ray Sherman, understands it as well:

“When you give up that much, you’re expected to come in and be this superstar. Then, it didn’t happen. That’s why you come in, keep your mouth shut and just work and let everything else take care of itself. When you go out and perform at a high level, make plays, then you win people over.”

I couldn’t have said it any better.

There’s an old saying in baseball that works just as well in football, “you’re only as good as your last five games.”

If Roy Williams wants to win the praise and admiration of Cowboys fans, it’s well within his power to make it happen.

When the season begins in September, go out there and take our breaths away. Go out there and give it your all. Go out there and make things happen.

For nearly two years you’ve been telling us how great a receiver you are. All we are saying is, prove it. If you can do that, not only will you win the fans back, but you may even get a Super Bowl ring out of it.

When you take the field on September 12th against the Washington Redskins, unleash hell.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I think it’s a combination of RW and the fans. But more has to go on RWs side. We as fans are tired of hearing how he is connecting well with Romo in one discussion, but then hear that they need more time in another discussion. Also, in RWs interviews he comes off as being sarcastic. At least that is my opinion. I don’t want to hear about chemistry anymore. Romo started to connect with Owens right away as well as Witten and Crayton. Last year he started connecting with Austin and Ogletree. There was no talk of chemistry with those receivers. Why does it keep coming up with RW?

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    JJ did pay alot for Roy but Tony and Roy just don’t gel. Look at Miles and Tony. So no I don’t think the fans are giving him a raw deal. I just don’t think he fits into Jason’s offense.


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