Haters Are In Full Effect Even In Pre-Season

It does not matter how many times you say it, nor does it matter if they believe it or not. The Cowboy “HATERS” out there are not going to let up for any reason. It is only preseason but all I am hearing is: “You lost to the RAIDERS??”  I mean it’s the Raiders, and you LOST?? How bad do you have to be to lose to the Raiders? Living in Houston, I get the Texans fans that love to hate the Cowboys even more. So they tell me, Your “Cowgirls” lost to the raiders. I mention their loss and they just claim its preseason??? Oh OK good enough for them but not for us. HA HA.  Or I hear, 0-2 already, Its Romo (as they put it the homo), he sucks he is no good. He is not good enough to win it all. Of course it’s all I have been hearing for a few years now. But, with all the haters comes the fans. And as Dallas fans, we stick together. No matter what is said no matter what is wrote about them, no matter what RECORD THEY HAVE IN PRESEASON. We all know our Boys will be fine.

The first couple of games this year I have noticed, our first team has pretty much drove down the field the way we all knew they could. Romo has been solid. 2 starts over 50 yards in both starts in just a couple of series. Our defense has really proven a lot to me as well looking very solid in the pass and run. Every once in a while I am catching a glimpse of a solid player in our second and third string defense. We had a pick six in the Hall of Fame game toward the end of the game. All in all I am pleased with what I am seeing so far.

With just 3 more pre-season games to go, I say bring on the haters. Let the fun begin, let’s talk trash let’s get our game faces on let’s just go out and have some fun because FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!!!!!!! I have come to the conclusion there is no fine line. You either love the Cowboys, or you love to HATE the cowboys. And for those that love to hate them I just feel bad for you because at the end of this season, when our Boys are playing the very first Super Bowl at home in NFL history, just open your ears because all your going to hear from us is,


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  1. Raina
    Raina says:

    The Haters are everywhere! In Okla. u love the boys or u hate them! That is just fine bring it on haters. I may be 5’1 but I will take u on! lol.

  2. cowboysforlife
    cowboysforlife says:

    The haters do not say much to me. Because it is a losing battle with me.
    I just say look at the rings, When the Pitt fans start talking about there 6th one I just say we gave you 2 of them. They know deep down what I am talking about.

  3. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    What idiots….b/c pre-season is about the win/loss column, do the idiots that say these things forget to think first? I often wonder how those people even remember to dress themselves….things like this go in on ear and out the other as Im sure they do the Cowboys staff/players, its small talk, let the Cowboys do what they do best, have another winning season and lets just see how far things will go, peace all, GO COWBOYS!

  4. the best fan
    the best fan says:

    Haters come with the territory. I too live in Houston and hear every pathetic joke there is. My entire family consists of Texans fans and I must admit I enjoy football season around my house. There is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys tailgate party on August 28th at Reliant Stadium. People are coming in from all around Texas for this party. 250+ confirmed attendees…I will be there to show them what true fans are!

  5. SMOKECzECH(Mike)
    SMOKECzECH(Mike) says:

    Its the HATERS that make this team “America’s Team” too…. Everyone fans or not, love to talk about us. As the rapper MAINO says…. “Hi Hater”!


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