Leave It To The Media To Rain On Emmitt’s Parade

By now most of you have heard the latest controversy about Emmitt Smith’s big snub during Saturday night’s Hall of Fame induction speech.

Apparently, the media  is trumpeting the fact that Emmitt failed to thank or acknowledge his Alma Mater, the University of Florida.

The way I see it, Hall of Famers earn the right to thank whoever they damn well please when they give their induction speech. It’s one of many rights they earned by being a Hall of Famer.

One thing that is hardly mentioned, is the glaring fact that this was an NFL Hall Of Fame speech, and Emmitt went ahead and thanked all those who made his NFL Hall of Fame career possible.

Upon being drafted by the Cowboys and beginning his NFL career, I don’t believe that anyone from the University of Florida had a hand in shaping the next 15 years of his life. However, his family did… And Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson did… And of course Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin did… And as America now knows, Daryl Johnston did too.

Those were the people who helped get Emmitt Smith to the Hall of Fame, and all of them received plenty of heartfelt recognition on Saturday. 

When Emmitt was drafted in 1990 by the Cowboys with pick number 17, he thanked the University of Florida for getting him to that point in his life. His college journey was over, and new and more glorious journey was about to begin.

To hell with all the haters.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    This is ridiculous for the ‘media’ to even bring up. Its always something but Emmitt Smith is the last person anyone should have anything bad to say about. He is and always will be a class act and like he said to his kids – “Dad is doing the very best he can.”

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Oh please!!! The media just hates that Emmitt is more popular then Rice. That was even more obvious last night. So every other hall of famer has mentioned their college? I would like to know if that is true. Cowboys jealousy will always be here.

    • Kelly Horn
      Kelly Horn says:

      Not to be disrespectful but Rice’s speech was, well, not very flowing. I also wondered when he was saying the names of his fellow inductees and said, “and of course the NFLS leading rusher EMMITT SMITH”.

      Im just sayin’….

  3. Dallas
    Dallas says:

    That’s true, I don’t think anyone else thanked their University now that you mention it. They might of mentioned them, or if there was a coach that happen to make them better there. And what if he forgot? he’s only human, heck, I don’t even remember what I did last week. :-p

  4. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    From Emmitt’s Twitter account.
    EmmittSmith22 I sincerely sincerely apologize for not mentioning u last night in my hof speech Gator Nation.

    I jus got caught up in everything plz charge it to my mind not my heart!!

    once a GATOR always a GATOR I loved everything the U of florida gave me

  5. txjane
    txjane says:

    Oh Brother!!!! Why do they always have to find something negative to take away from this mans accomplishments ? The Cowboy haters are everywhere !! WE LOVE YOU EMMIT AND THANKS FOR ALL YOU DID FOR THE COWBOYS!!The media can go________ !!!!

  6. demonbane
    demonbane says:

    madden once said…the dallas cowboys have long enjoyed great success and thats why the americas team moniker stuck, dallas may be the most polarizing team in the nfl, you either hatem or you love em,,but no one can argue their success over the years. …people that hate on the cowboys only re-afirm what i already know…..theres always gonna be those who look at the best and compare themselves too..in admiration or thru jealousy, to which i say thank you haters, keep on hating baby heheheheh


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