News and Notes heading into third preseason game

As we approach the third preseason game there are some things that stand out. Although the media will focus on the negative most of the time, I’ll stick with the facts.

The Cowboys first team offense is like a machine. They drive the ball up and down the field. I understand that they have not produced a touchdown yet through two games, but it’s not something I’m worried about. This offense will score touchdowns. They are too talented and have too many weapons.

Against the Bengals in the Hall of Fame game the first team offense produced a field goal by new kicker David Buehler on their first drive. The drive was 14 plays gaining 63 yards. Against the Raiders the first drive also produced a Buehler field goal on a 12 play, 45 yard drive.

Hopefully by the next game against the Chargers the first team offense can be on the field for at least the first half to see what they can do.

Kevin Ogletree

Last preseason Kevin Ogletree made a name for himself in a good way. This preseason he has been dropping a lot of passes. With Dez Bryant out with an injury it was a golden opportunity for Ogletree to show he still belonged. As reported by the Dallas Morning news, when the offense went to four wide receivers in the morning practice yesterday Ogletree was not one of the four. In the loss to the Raiders Ogletree caught one pass for eight yards and dropped two others. One of the drops was on a 3rd and 2 from the Raiders 9 yard line. The play could have produced a first and goal from inside the five yard line.

“He’s a good football player,” Sherman said. “We’ve got to keep bringing him along, keep working with him where he can be consistent.”

I still think Olgetee is a good receiver that can help the Cowboys in many different ways. I hope the Cowboys can help him get through whatever he is going through.

Dez Bryant

After wearing a protective boot on his right ankle for two weeks, yesterday it was removed so that Bryant could start his rehabilitation program. It is still doubtful that he will play in the last three preseason games. It has been reported that since the injury occurred, Bryant has been in good spirits and focused in team meetings and watching game films. Wade Phillips is hopeful that Bryant will be ready for the season opener in Washington on Sept. 12th.

David Buehler

With no competition in game this preseason David Buehler still knows the pressure is on to produce as the Cowboys new field goal kicker. Through two games Buehler is 6 of 7 on his field goals. His one miss was from 49 yards.

“I feel like I’ve transitioned night and day from where I was last year,” Buehler said. “I wasn’t that confident in my field goals and was kind of all over the place.”

“Now, I’m consistent and getting in a nice little groove and my confidence is more than it’s ever been right now.”

I would like to see Buehler start hitting from longer distances in game situations. His six field goals were from 20, 34 , 23, 42, 27 and 28 yards out. Special Teams coach Joe DeCamillis is also looking for more as the preseason moves on.

“I think you’ve got to go through the rest of the preseason,” DeCamillis said. “We’ve played two games. He’s just like everybody else on the roster. It’s a young player and we’re going to evaluate him all the way up until it’s time to make a decision. That’s the way you’ve got to handle it, in my opinion.”

With Buehler’s confidence building with his field goal kicking, it has been lost as far as his kickoffs. Buehler led the lead in touchbacks in 2009 and plans to keep it going in 2010.

“My goal is to lead the NFL again and beat my mark of 29,” Buehler said. “The way I’m hitting the ball these days, I should blow that out of the water.”

Martellus Bennett

Any chances of Martellus Bennett playing in his first preseason game against the Chargers ended with a setback from his sprained ankle this week. Wade Phillips does not believe he will be cleared to play next week.

“I don’t think he’ll play this game,” Phillips said. “I think he’ll play the next two games for sure, but I don’t know about this one.”

Newly signed tight end DajLeon Farr got his first action with the Cowboys against the Raiders and caught one pass for 18 yards.

Montrae Holland

Montrae Holland returned to practice Sunday after being out with a hamstring strain. He hopes to play in the next game in San Diego. The Cowboys plan for Holland is for him to backup both guard spots.

“I want to get out there,” Holland said. “I’ve been out for too long as it is.”

The next game for the Cowboys is Saturday night in San Diego at 9pm est.

I also wanted to share this new shirt I found yesterday that I thought was really nice with all the Cowboys helmets through their 50 years.

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