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After watching this past weekends game against the Chargers, I was going to write a post about how I thought they did. Breakdown the game and analyze it. But then I thought to myself, why? It’s only preseason, right? This is why they play these games. Not so much to win, but to work on things and get better. To allow those unknown players and draft picks a chance to show what they have on the field. We as fans know what the offense is capable of. They are loaded with all the weapons and firepower needed to be an explosive offense. I have no worries that come week one against the Redskins that the offense will be ready to go.

What I wanted to write about was a few players that I have been watching this preseason. I’m not going to throw a much of stats into my post or breakdown their positions. I’m just going to write about my gut feelings about a couple of players.

Victor Butler, Going back to late last season there seems to be something special about him. And that has continued into this preseason. Almost like he has opened his eyes and is ready for that next level. Similar to Anthony Spencer who came on strong last season. With Butler he always seems to be around the ball and that includes being in the backfield for the big play. I like what I’m seeing from Butler and have no problem with him in the game when Ware or Spencer need a break.

Sean Lee, I will be the first to admit that I looked at my television funny on draft day when the Cowboys traded up to select Sean Lee. I watched the Cowboys war room as they were all excited about Lee being part of the Cowboys. Against the Chargers I saw a player that still needs a lot of work. but who better to learn from than Keith Brooking and Bradie James. I also see a player who knows how to blow up a play. He explodes to the ball and makes the play. I get the feeling that when he was on the field against the Chargers that he felt like he really belonged out there and wants to prove that. With Lee I think the Cowboys have the full package and as the season moves on he will continue to get better and stronger at his position.

Cletis Gordon, There is just something about this player. He is a veteran and he is hungry to prove himself. It amazes me that he is only talked about as the fourth cornerback in a Cowboys training camp where the word has been competition from day one. I think he should be talked about as someone who is challenging for the third cornerback spot. I’m not a huge fan of Orlando Scandrick. Maybe it’s because he seems to be beat a lot and his tackling isn’t the greatest. That’s my opinion of course. I like Gordon as the third cornerback on the Cowboys and I think he should have the opportunity to beat out Scandrick.

Barry Church, He did very well in replacing Gerald Sensabaugh against the Chargers. No, I don’t believe he should replace Sensabaugh, but when it comes to depth on the team, I like what Church brings to the table. He is a big,  physical safety and he will also add to the strength of the special teams.

Danny McCray, He could make the team because of his special teams play just like Bill Bates in 1983. Coincidence that McCray is also wearing Bates’ old number 40? He seems to be unblockable on special teams and is always around to make the tackle or assist with it. I would like to see what he can do at the safety position in the final two preseason games.

So those are just some of my thoughts on a few players. No stats, numbers or analyzing their play. Just my gut feelings on a few players that just might start making a name for themselves as the season moves forward.

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  1. cowboysforlife
    cowboysforlife says:

    I like the same players, I think we will see all of them on the 53.
    You did a real good job with this post. I am a big Lee fan, With him playing his first game of the season.Then on top of that be thrown in with the first teamers he did a real good job.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    I thought Butler should have been ahead of Carpenter last year. I’m really excited about the defense with BC gone….


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