A Final Farewell to Patrick Crayton

As we say our goodbyes to Patrick Crayton, lets reflect on his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys and some of his career highlights.

Crayton attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University where he was a quarterback during his senior year and a wide receiver in his previous three seasons.

In four years, he amassed 5,688 all-purpose yards, including 3,718 yards in total offense and 46 touchdowns, setting several NWOSU records including throwing 19 touchdowns as quarterback.

He was drafted by Dallas in the seventh round of the 2004 NFL Draft.

2004 – Received more playing time than initially expected due to injuries and had a few shining moments that got the coaching staff’s attention.

2005 – Feeling they had themselves an emerging star, the Cowboys cut Quincy Morgan opening up more playing time for Crayton. He didn’t disappoint. In his first game he had six receptions for 89 yards and one touchdown. However, he sustained a broken ankle a few games later and he never recovered.

2006 – Coming back from a serious injury, Crayton recorded his first 100-yard game while filling in for an injured Terry Glenn. Bill Parcells would later say that Crayton has the best hands on the team. Crayton dived into the endzone for big touchdown in the wildcard playoff game which the Cowboys ultimately lose to the Seattle Seahawks.

2007 – Crayton is now the number two wide receiver and the Cowboys signed him to a four-year contract extension worth $14 million. He rewarded them with a 697 yard, 7 touch down season.

2008 – Crayton only started seven games after being replaced by Roy Williams in week five. He still finished with 39 passes for 550 yards and four touchdowns. He also got plenty of playing time on special teams returning 15 punt returns for 143 yards.

2009 – Starting just six games this season, he caught 37 passes for 622 yards and sets a career high with a 16.8 yards per catch average. He also hauls in a career long 80 yard touch down reception. On special teams he scored his first punt return touchdown and would finish with 36 punt returns for 437 yards and 2 TDs, second best in the league.

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    • Sandie Paris
      Sandie Paris says:

      I can’t believe they would get rid of a good player such as Patrick Crayton and keep a reject such as Alex Barron who indeed cost the Cowboys the game last night with his never ending constant re-do of a holding call over and over again all night long the same penelty. Alex Barron is the one they need to can, not Patrick Crayton who has been a good preformer over and over again. But then again that’s Jerry Jones good at keeping the rejects and getting rid of the major players who always preform well in a game. This is the reason Dallas never gets to the Super Bowl. Cause Jerry always keeps the rejects. The three people Jerry needs to get rid of if he wants a winning team is Wade Phillips, Dave Campo, and Dummy Alex Barron The Holding Reject!ome on Jerry do something, or you can kiss the Super Bowl good bye this year again! Dallas was doing very good until yiou brought Dave Campo back into the picture. He sucks as any kind of coach and lets get rid of him soon, or you won’t see any Super Bowl this year or any year as long as he’s in the picture. I was never so dissapointed in a game as I was last night. The Redskins had it made with 12 men on the field. Hell their best player was Alex Barron. I hope I never have to see him play in a Cowboy game again. He’s the biggest reject of a Football player I’ve ever seen. Can him now Jerry, or we won’t ever see Dallas win a game this year cause of his rejected penelties!


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