Barron Snatches Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Let me begin by saying that despite the loss, I thought last night’s game against the Redskins was one of the most exciting and hard fought games I have seen the Cowboys play in a long time. We were never truly out of it, we never stopped trying, and we kept pouring the heat on throughout the entire game down to last second. That said, I’m bothered deeply by the loss. The way in which it ended was both stunning and devastating. It was very hard to take.

Even during a loss, there are always some good things you can take away from it as well as bad. However, given the nature of this particular contest and how important I felt it was for the Cowboys to make a statement and deliver a message to the rest of division, all I keep seeing is that Alex Barron penalty… It’s burned into my brain…

OT Alex Barron was a one-man wrecking crew on the field last night, but the problem was that he was demolishing us rather than the opposition.

He single-handedly lost the game for us and I would not be surprised if he launched himself onto the chopping block after only one game. He was that bad.

So what did Barron have to say after the game? Nothing he hightailed it out of the locker room immediately after the game and declined to  comment on his performance or lack of it. He didn’t even have the guts to face the music like a man. What a wuss.

I warned about his arrival in a previous post and wondered if it was smart for a team who had such a big problem with penalties last season, to go out and then add the most penalized player in the NFL for five straight seasons. It didn’t make sense at the time, and it still doesn’t now.

Three holding calls?

You can’t even lay any blame on the refs because the holding calls were so blatantly obvious…

Barron had his arms completely around their heads, almost as if we were putting them in a choke-hold…

It’s not going to stop… He’s been doing this for years and it’s why the St. Louis Rams had simply had enough.

The ultimate twist or should I say irony in all of this, is that the Rams wanted Barron off their team so badly that they took Bobby Carpenter off of our hands. Bobby (FREAKING) Carpenter for crying out loud!

Adding insult to injury, the Rams then cut Carpenter during training camp meaning that they got absolutely nothing in return for their former first round pick. Nothing!

Zilch… Zero… Nada…

You know what?

The St. Louis Rams got the best of that deal…

Do you think there’s another sucker out there that would be willing to give us nothing in return for Alex Barron? (sarcasm) I doubt it… Just cut his ass…

End of rant.

On another note, I want to thank everybody who participated in our new ultimate game chat last night. It was awesome! It was by far the most successful game chat we have ever had on LSS. We hope to see you all again next week and don’t forget to tell your friends about us. Add the link to our new chat room here.

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  1. KathyAnn Donnelley
    KathyAnn Donnelley says:

    Well written Joe!! I needed this great read for my recovery!! Great game, nail biter!!! What did people expect out of these 2 teams!! Our Boys knew this would be a tough game & they would have to work to win the game in Skin Country!! We beat ourselves with Penalty’s.. Opportunity was given with a great drive & valiant win & 1 player blew it!!!!! See you all next week!! COWBOYS4LIFE!!!

  2. Andrew F
    Andrew F says:

    You know the joke about speaking Polish or not? Well here’s a variation: How does it feel to be sloppier than the sloppiest team in football? Look, I’m no Pantywaist Deadskins fan, but while they didn’t expend every possible effort to give away the game to the Gayboys, they tried hard enough. Dallas couldn’t beat a team whose offence couldn’t muster any more than two field goals? Get real.

    I have had my suspicions that McNabb might be the most overrated player since Elway, and I got more confirmation Sunday. But then, Shanahan did manage to make something out of Elway and the rest of those bums in Denver. Since Shanahan left, however, Denver has returned to its place as the most overrated team in the Game.

    So who’s going to win the Division this year? Giants or Philadelphia?

    And if you think that my comments are bad, wait until you hear from my wife, who is a proud Dallas hater and makes sure that everyone knows it. You heard from her last year and I am sure that she will be back here, again.

    Have a nice day, Dallas fans.

  3. Kalani V
    Kalani V says:

    Man who’s stupid idea was it 2 get the most penalized lineman! Wasnt it bad enuff with Flozell last year.But im sure he still could outblock this bum from FSU!Then theres the coach who wants 2 play the last 4 seconds wat? Wat a idiot,thats why he will be fired! Resulting in a defensive score.When Choice shouda gown down,instead he gets stripped!Bad play calling by Garret! Stupid Penalties!The only thing positive is Ware didnt get hurt!

  4. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Play calling. It never seemed to get any better as the game went on. How is it the offense can move down the field with such ease and then hit a brick wall? I know! Play calling. How many times did they try that same dump (or Dumb) pass to Bryant? I know they want to get him involved, but there are other ways. The play before the half is mind blowing!! It just didn’t make sense. Barron? Cut him now for the kind of game he had or at least put him so far down on the depth chart that he doesn’t see daylight for years. Lets hope Colombo is back next week. Not a good way to start the season. I know Wade is not the type of coach to rip into players and coaches, but he needs to start. Time to regroup and go after the Bears. Schedule doesn’t get any easier. This offense can explode!!!!!!!!

  5. Michael
    Michael says:

    It would have been better if we had just cut Carpenter ourselves, YEARS ago. Andrew F., sorry man, but you need a new wife. A Cowboy hater???? She needs to be cut with Barron….

  6. Andrew F
    Andrew F says:

    Need a new wife? The one that I have is just grand, hankee thar, Mikee! Make no mistake about it, I’m no Cowboy fan, I’m just not the virulent Cowboy hater that she is. She told me about this site last year, when she was on a Cowboy blasting kick (which is almost every week between August and February). She’s riding the behinds of Cowboy fans on another site, but I trust that she’ll be here soon enough.

    She’s a Redskins fan. As I have stated in a previous post, I ain’t. And I ain’t no Giants of Philadelphia fan, NEITHER.

  7. Mary Lou Herrera
    Mary Lou Herrera says:

    The sports commentators were stating before the game began that they saw the Cowboys going to the superbowl. If they continue this type of playing they not going anywhere!!! What an embarrassment!!! What a let down!!! Where’s Americas Team? Show us BOYS! Are you still alive or have you given up? This is not preseason anymore. Wake up and smell the coffee please!!!

  8. Ayre
    Ayre says:

    Great post Joe, as a Washingtonian I was extremely disappointed in the loss, being I have to hear it from the Skins fans all week. Fortunately, it was the first game of the season, and we have time to right ourselves.

  9. JoJo
    JoJo says:

    Yeah, Barron was a lost cause in St. Louie, and so it continues with us. What a surprise. How do “professional” men make a decision like this (sign Barron), make us fans watch it blow up in our ffaces, and have the guts to ram more bs down our throats? I mean come on, did you hear Phillips making excuses for Barron in the preseason? Sayin he got whooped because he wasn’t giving it his all because the other starters were not playing? WHAT???? Been a fan all my life, almost bailed when Switzer was hired, contemplating it once more. WHO IS THE HEAD COACH? Is it you, Jerry? Is that you, making the OC throw the ball to #88? Bubble screens? WHAT??? What Jason Garrett, are you 12? If you are going to let the owner run your offense, why are you coaching? AND WHY THE HELL DID JERRY EVER LET SHAWN PAYTON GET AWAY??? I am at a loss you guys, help me…

  10. Jewel Knudsen
    Jewel Knudsen says:

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