Beer Goggles

Ah, to see the world, life and the Dallas Cowboys in total bliss. It ain’t easy. That really goes double if they lose a winnable game but that’s beside the point. Its been awhile since the Boys’ stunk up the joint. I mean really stink. You’d have to go back to the Campo era to see the botches we laid out. I think that’s how I became the fan I am today. Having to say “we don’t suck” when we make a losing JV Prep Squad in Alaska look good. It’s because of all of those ugly loses that I developed my own Dallas Cowboys Beer Goggles.

Cowboys Beer Goggles make Romo’s INT look like long punts; and the offensive line brain farts smell like roses. Sure that lose to the Skins looked like crap but I see improvement! Romo didn’t screw up; the wide-outs given the right plays can destroy a defense; our defense looked very strong. I see nothing but shinny diamonds in this. “What about the playcalling?” All gold on this end!

Unfortunately, the goggles don’t work on everything. While it’s a great thing to use while getting over a lose it shouldn’t blind you from the truth. The offensive line can not handle a pass rush without Kosier and Colombo. Doug Free is still a year away from being a solid blocker. Barron is either not taking advantage for this new beginning or he’s something we don’t need on this team. Garrett doesn’t like opening up the playbook when he isn’t sure about anything. This make Romo look indecisive and make Romo play away from his strong suit which is gunning it down field. But all of this was from our last game and it doesn’t define us as a team.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that the good will outweigh the bad on this team this year. I get that its hard to wrap your brains around that. So that being said, “I’m selling all new Dallas Cowboys beer goggles! Get them in Silver & Blue; Blue & Silver; Emmitt Smith 22; Bob Lilly 74; and Pink for the ladies! Hurry before our next lost which should be never!” I wouldn’t trust that last sentence, I am wearing them right now.


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