Flashback, Cowboys vs Cowboys

Normally I would write a Flashback post for the upcoming game, but the series between the Cowboys and Texans really has no history at all. They have met only twice in the regular season and have split both games.

With the Cowboys entering the game this week with a 0-2 record and staring at a possible 0-3, I don’t see it as the Cowboys against the Texans, I see it as the Cowboys against themselves.

This offense currently has no identity and no direction. The play calling seems to be all over the place at times. With the weapons the Cowboys have on offense they should have a lot of production if those weapons are used correctly. That is where a good offensive coordinator will shine. In my opinion Jason Garrett just does not know how to use his weapons at the right times during the game. I understand that I have never called plays before and that I’m only a fan, but to watch other teams use their weapons and use them in the right situations just shows me that I’m not far off in my opinions. It just seems like Garrett selects plays at random from his large play sheet, but there is no actual plan to what he is calling.  As I sit and watch opposing defenses preparing to blitz the Cowboys offense, but the Cowboys don’t seem to see it, I say that is a problem that I see it and they don’t. 

The defense has not been much better. They seem to be out of place at times and just confused other times. It also amazes me that turnovers just don’t come the Cowboys way week in and week out. I see other defenses that always seem to be around the ball and are there to get the turnover, but the Cowboys don’t seem to be that way. Why is that?  I see other defenses putting constant pressure on the quarterback, but when the Cowboys send blitzes they all seem to hit a brick wall.

Are the players to blame for poor execution or are the coaches for what they are teaching these players? I will say it again that I’m only a fan and have never coached, but it my opinion the Cowboys issues have to be put on the coaching staff. These players are following the game plan that the coaches put in place and it’s just not working at this point. This Cowboys team has too much talent not to be putting points on the board and making stands on defense. That is why I say it comes down to the coaching staff.

Is there time to correct it before the season is a total loss? At this point in time I’m not sure. I’m not sure the team knows that answer. Will they go out and play hard against the Texans? I’m sure they will, but that does not mean they will win. Especially if the play calling remains the same from Jason Garrett on offense and Wade Phillips defense remains out of position.

I can write about how I’m a die hard fan and how the Cowboys will be my team forever. I don’t need to write those things because I know what kind of fan I am. I’m also the kind of fan that tells it like it is and won’t sugar coat things. I’m not going to paint a picture that everything is all sunshine and rainbows for the Cowboys.

This team better correct what is wrong fast because the schedule doesn’t get any easier with teams like the Titans, Vikings and Giants coming up. If they continue on this path it won’t be long before they start wondering if they will have a top ten pick in next Aprils NFL Draft.

Come tomorrow afternoon the Cowboys will up against themselves more then the other team from Texas. That’s a scary thought, but it’s the truth.

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  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Rob, I can sense you share the same disappointment as me where this season’s Cowboys are concerned. I’m not really sad about, just angry like we didn’t get what they promised. The offense has been sputtering, their effort doesn’t kick in until the final quarter when it’s too late, and nobody is stepping up to accept responsibility. Losing is always toughest on the fans, because the truth is that most players are not die-hard fans of the team they play for. They are loyal only to themselves and whoever gives them the biggest paycheck. That’s why I rarely defend an under-performing player. Because I understand that by doing so it’s not knocking my team, only the player I feel is hurting the team that I love. Nice post.

  2. Harold Stagles
    Harold Stagles says:

    I cant believe there are so many head injuries in the national football league lately. One has to wonrder if its because they swept it under the rug before this year, or is there a serious equipment problem.


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