How Sweet It Is

Not only is it a sweet taste in my mouth to finally get our first win of this season, but the taste is so much sweeter when the win comes in the hands of what could become one of the best rivals there is. Yes we only play the Texans once every 4 years but that once is HUGE here in Houston. I was not fortunate enough to go to the game this time, but I was able to go to a sports bar and watch it with other Dallas fans. Of course the Texans fans outnumbered us, which made the win that much sweeter. As I was relishing in the win, I overheard a conversation that caught my ear. It struck me by total surprise of what I heard and I thought to myself, I did not just hear that. As I inquired, it came as a huge surprise to me that what I had heard was actually the truth. Reliant stadium, where the Texans play, during the fourth quarter after the game was basically over. There was a chant heard round the stadium. It got louder and louder, even to where I was told some fans outside the stadium heard what was being said.


Are you kidding me? How awesome is that? Playing in a hostile environment, and then you hear your teams name being screamed by dedicated fans around the OPPONENTS stadium? If that does not make for a statement then what does? We go into our by week on a great win. We watched our team play together the way we all know they can. This is only the 2nd week that our starting offensive line was out there for the whole game, and that showed. I told several people last week, the way we win this game is if we dominate the offensive line. We did that, as well as every other aspect of the game. It was a great win for us, but It is only 1 win. We are still 1 – 2 and have a tough road ahead of us. Can we do it, OF COURSE WE CAN and we will. Now that our team is playing together and they saw along with us, what that can bring to the table.

lets feast on that, don’t worry our great new WR will pick up the tab!

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  1. Dallas
    Dallas says:

    Reminds me of the preseason game between Cowboys and Chargers. I heard more cheers for the Cowboys on t.v. than I did for their home team!


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