Keeping The Faith

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I love the game of football so much. On Friday September 17th, I realized why. That evening, I attended the Emotion Bowl which is a huge rivalry between Idaho Falls High School and Skyline High School. I had attended IFHS for high school so of course, I was cheering for them.

These 2 teams have to share a stadium so there is even more of a rivalry than most cross-town teams. The winner of the Emotion Bowl gets to paint the goalposts their school colors! At one point, IFHS was down 20-6 and things were looking pretty bleak. As I sat there watching those kids playing their hearts out down after down and never once giving up, I realized why I love the game. A Skyline player got injured and was down on the field. Even though he was on the opposing team, all the players on the Tigers team took a knee as a sign of respect. Once the injured player was finally able to get up, the Tigers stood up and cheered as he was taken off the field. It’s not about scoring touchdowns, field goals, and winning (although many will argue this with me). It’s about being part of a team, working together, and most importantly……HAVING FUN. Winning is just an added bonus.  Which, IFHS did manage to come back and do 26-23.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what any of this has to do with the Dallas Cowboys. As I’m sure you all know, the last couple weeks have been less than stellar for the Cowboys with back to back disappointing losses to teams that we should have walked all over. That has caused alot of fans to question their faith in our team, myself included. I know we have the talent to get the job done but for some reason, they’re just not doing it. Anyhow, all this uncertainty had me questioning why I love the game so much. Then I got thinking about that game I attended for my old high school. It’s been 20 years since I went to that school (yes, I know I’m old) and yet I was still there cheering for them. I almost left when they were down 20-6 but I told myself “You’re not a true fan if you leave just because they’re down”. I kept the faith, they pulled it together, and managed to win the game. I know the Dallas Cowboys may not be doing so well right now, but they can…..and WILL improve their game and start kicking ass like we all know they can. If we give up on them, they’ll give up on themselves. Just gotta keep the faith…….

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  1. Colts Fan
    Colts Fan says:


    I’ll be nice to an extent. This is a good article. But the part about the Cowboys WILL improve their game this season, won’t happen on December 5th. Just realize what it took for me to hold back on this one. Still a good article.

  2. Jennifer Eck
    Jennifer Eck says:

    the article was excellent!!! You aren’t a true fan unless you stick with them thru thick and thin!!! by the way Colts fan I would watch those words!!!

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    Nice article! There comes a point when you have to look at your team and say, “No matter what they do I’m a fan.” Most of us fans said that as a kid with this team, myself included. Most will change when the wind blows and seek out every opportunity to bash this team. Not every team will play well every week, but it comes down to really finding a way to win. There were literally two plays that would have us 2-0 instead of where we are. We all must simply keep the faith and believe this team will turn it around. Ever wonder why fans of other teams keep bashing us or keep posting on our fan sites? Part of it is that there are literally Cowboys fans around the globe. We are everywhere, especially here in DC where I am. Skins fans treated their win like they just won the Super Bowl, but then figured out when they played Houston that moral victories are not enough. No running game, spotty line, average secondary and gave up 20 points in the 4th quarter and OT for the loss.

    We will get better and will surprise a lot of people. Super Bowl? Don’t know. I’m just looking to go deeper in the playoffs. But changes need to be made in a hurry in order to keep it simple for the skill players and fix things before the season begins to slip away.


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