Odds of Seeing Dallas at Dallas

With the Super Bowl heading to Dallas this year in the new monument that is Cowboys Stadium, many are wondering if the Dallas Cowboys have the chops and mental muscle to become the third team ever to play an in-stadium Super Bowl.

Forget what you think about it as a football fan, this is about pure odds and the bookies’ angle. What do Vegas and the rest of the sports book world think about the Cowboys’ chances to play the Super Bowl at home?

For this angle, you need to view the sum of the Cowboys’ parts and not the individual pieces. It’s not only about Tony Romo’s grace under fire or lack thereof. Miles Austin’s romp with a Kardashian possibly putting the kibosh on a repeat year doesn’t stand alone. Wade’s leadership ability doesn’t make or break the chances. It’s the entire combination that odds makers are looking at for a Super Bowl prediction in the preseason.

To that end, you have to look at the sum. What do the Cowboys have that other teams in the NFC don’t? For starters, their QB/WR combo stands out as more potent than anything offered in Minnesota with a banged-up Favre or in New Orleans where it’s assumed Brees played over his head.

The running game the Cowboys are brining to the table is also forceful – so much so that other teams around the league are emulating this style. See the Redskins, Eagles, Vikings, Panthers, Jets and Patriots for proof positive.

These offensive factors, merged with a powerful O line, give Dallas the edge in odds makers’ minds for the upcoming season. The Cowboys are the NFC favorites to win to the Super Bowl via Vegas’ lines – +500. Only the Colts at +450 are better in the league, and their AFC presence doesn’t dampen the Boys’ spirits one bit.

To win the NFC Championship, their odds are even better at +350, well above both the Vikings and the Saints.

Defensively, the Cowboys were ranked 9th in the league last year. And with a few holes spotted after their preseason bout with the Chargers, the team needs to tighten up before season’s start. If the odds makers were looking purely at defense, the Cowboys might drop down to casino-like odds and have better luck playing slots online.

Luckily, their problems are only minor. And the fact that their defense is better on paper than anything offered in their division with Washington, Philly and New York, Dallas isn’t in danger of dropping off any time soon.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to drop money on a super bowl winner before the start of the season. But with 20 dollars bringing in 100, a small wager might cover the wings for the Cowboys’ Super Bowl after party.

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