Which team will be the last one standing?

What do all these predictions for Super Bowl XLV really mean? I’ve watched over the last few weeks as analysts have broken down every team and given their professional opinions on what they think will happen in 2010. But isn’t that all it is? Just thoughts and opinions? I find it hard to believe there is an exact science to make these predictions. I understand that those I watch on TV are former players and former coaches, but do they really have more to go on to make predictions? When you really think about it all these predictions are just guesses on their part. I like to have fun with these picks every season and not take them seriously, except of course when it comes to the Cowboys. So here are my guesses for the 2010 NFL season.

AFC East – NY Jets

AFC North – Baltimore

AFC South – Houston

AFC West – San Diego

AFC Wildcards – Indianapolis and Oakland


NFC East – Dallas

NFC North – Green Bay

NFC South – New Orleans

NFC West – San Francisco

NFC Wildcards – Minnesota and Atlanta


AFC Championship

Houston over Baltimore

NFC Championship

Dallas over Green Bay


Super Bowl XLV

Dallas over Houston

Yes, my guess is an all Texas Super Bowl in Texas, with the Cowboys coming out on top. Enjoy the season everyone.

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