Lets Stop Fooling Ourselves…

After another disastrous display of a team lacking discipline, focus and determination, the Cowboys continued along their downward spiral into oblivion on Sunday, as the Minnesota Vikings beat them 24-21.

It’s so sad to see a team with so much talent simply squander away prime years with Romo at the helm. What I mean by prime years is that next season Tony Romo will be 31 years old. How many more seasons does Romo have left in him? Aikman retired at age 34…

There’s no discipline on this team whatsoever. Only one week removed from an excessive celebration penalty which was the prelude to a loss against the Titans, Miles Austin draws the same penalty again today against the Vikings.

In that same Titans loss, cornerback Mike Jenkins collects two costly pass interference penalties that led to first downs and two scores. This week, with less than two minutes on the clock and the Cowboys desperately needing the ball to try and tie or win the game, he draws the same penalty on third and long essentially sealing the Cowboys fate and ensuring a 1-4 record.

This lack of discipline stems from poor leadership and an unwillingness on behalf of the players to learn from their mistakes, especially the costly mistakes.

You can’t fire the entire team, but you can certainly fire the coaches and build for a better tomorrow. This team needs a major shake-up… a fire lit under their asses… a wake-up call…

We’re not gonna start waiving or releasing players as some are calling for in the fanbase. Romo isn’t going anywhere and neither is Mike Jenkins or Mark Colombo… and incidentally, they are not the problem…

Our problem lies squarely upon the shoulders of our coach Wade Phillips. It doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to figure out why Wade Phillips has only won one playoff game in 11 years as a coach. You either have it or you don’t. Wade clearly doesn’t.

How much longer do we have to endure this gut-wrenching soap opera until someone finally spares us and pulls the plug?

  1. Rob V.

    Recently I told my 13 year old to stop telling her parents no. Do you think she listened to me the next time? No, instead of telling us no, she rolled her eyes at us that wasn’t the same as saying no. Since she did not learn her lesson she was punished. My point? When Miles Austin leaped over Roy Williams and got a penalty to hurt the team he should have learned his lesson. But what did he do when Dez scored? He went out of his way to approach Dez and shake his hand. That was a shot at the officials. To me that is not learning your lesson and Wade should have got in his face and told him that. Wade has no control of this team and because of that the team has no discipline. Penalties and turnovers are what has this team at 1-4.

    Thank you Joe for posting.

  2. Kelly H

    This is getting old, what else can you say. Mistake after mistake, week after week. Now we get to waste away another week hearing the same ole excuses. At this point I think we all just need something crazy to happen. I’ll tell you if I screwed up this much at my job I’d be on welfare right now.

    I don’t have the answers but the problems are evident. Someone better crack some whips because we are going no where with this team until they shape up.

    Oh and besides the most obvious problems at hand, I’d just like to throw in our Special Teams BLOWS!

  3. Joe D.

    You are both alluding to the same thing and that is no accountability. The players realize they can get away with most anything and that there are no consequences for their mistakes and bad decisions. As long as they continue to play for Wade, this won’t change. He is an above average defensive coordinator masquerading as a head coach.

  4. Rob V.

    …oh and we forgot the best news of all. Next week Monday Night Football vs the Giants. They would like nothing better to hand the Boys their 5th loss.

  5. SMOKECzECH(Mike)

    Well, I disagree with Rob in respect that I think that Austin did learn his lesson. How come it’s always said that this is a team sport but god forbid if you celebrate with your TEAM or want to congratulate someone for a nice play. If Austin had not learned his lesson he would have jumped over Roy again. Which you have to admit was pretty impressive! (You know you would do it if you could, just sayin….lol)

    When the Cowboys go on the field they have to play two teams…. The other team and the Dallas Cowboys. Its their Alter Ego… their Nemesis….

    With so many mistakes and penalties that they have every game….. its one of two things that attribute to that: coaching OR young players.

    The coaches, both head coach “offense” Garrett and head coach “defense” Wade need to be preparing this team better and getting this team to be better disciplined so that they are not making the mistakes that they are.


    The team wanted to get younger and continue building for the future and not committing more to winning today, that the younger team just doesn’t know how to win and thus, makes more mistakes than what a more experienced and veteran team would have.

    Yes, they are talented and have the players to win, but until they stop beating themselves they will never beat the other team.

    Interesting stats:
    Since 2008, Tony Romo is 1-8 when throwing 2 or more INT’s in a game.

    So…Gruden or Cowher??

    • Alan P.

      G-R-U-D-E-N….Are You Listening Jerry?????????

  6. Rob V.

    Cebrating a a rule. yes, it’s stupid, but it’s a rule. Everyone should know that. Go celebrate on your sideline if you want. You won’t get a flag there.

    But that is my point about Austin shaking Dez’s hand. First point is that I’m sure it was discussed during the week about how the celebration will only hurt the team so Austin goes and does something stupid again. Then to make things worse and to show up the refs by shaking hands with Dez was also stupid. No discipline from this team. Whether they believe they are bigger then they are or they are just dumb. not sure. They also have no MENTAL toughness. That is certain.

    I don’t see Cowher coming to the Boys. he wants too much control. Gruden I’m on the fence with. I do like Brian Billick as a head coach though.

  7. Tom

    Regardless of who’s here, there are two things that MUST be addressed. ONE, The O-Line is old and they cannot open holes or move the Defense back. They can’t move laterally. Until the line gets younger (which we knew LAST YEAR), this team will not improve. Dan Marino could be back there and he’d be a sitting duck, just like Romo is. Romo’s not the issue. The line is. With a QB running for his life and a running game that can’t get a hole opened for them, we’re not going to win many games. They didn’t get official sacks, but Romo must have picked himself up on almost every drop back.

    And TWO, as much I hate to say it, there must be a coaching change, from top to bottom. We see flashes of WOW, only to have a holding call negate a 40 yard play. Garrett called what, 20 screen passes? Nothing downfield, nothing to challenge the secondary. You need to try to protect the O-line, but eventually you need to take a shot. The coaching staff is weak, which translates to the players, which is sad. It’s a very talented group. And Joe, it doesn’t matter that Romo is going to be 31. A 41 year OLD MAN, beat him. He’s got a lot of years left in him. Madden had it right years ago: “It all starts with the Offensive line.” Wade and crew need to go.

    By week 9, we’ll be talking about draft position and needs. O-Line in rounds 1 and 2. After being a fan for over 30 years, I’ve never seen a more talented team perform so poorly. Until Jerry releases his grip and gives the new coaches more control over who is brought in and what they do, we’re not going to improve. We’ll be good on paper, but that will be about it.

  8. jaime

    Well said, I have always said that was not the coach Dallas needed. He may be a great defensive coordinator, but not a full coach. The lack of discipline is a coaches fault, some on the player, but ultimately the blame goes on the coach. Its been there since Wade started coaching. Come on, everyone knows the cowboys are probably one of most talented teams. If the coaching would only use the teams ability more wisely and productive, this team would be unbeatable. I love this team, I love all the players on the team. There’s no drama, there’s no one guy trying to get all the glory. I just wish that Wade would be a better leader.

  9. Mary Lou Herrera

    Well joe d, you don’t have to endure anything dude, just stop watching!!! We don’t need anymore negativity, we have enough of that. So, it’s not a perfect season, what’s new. However, true COWBOY fans , don’t put the Boys down. Pull the plug, who freaking cares. I have been a COWBOYS fan since the 70′s , and never will I put my team down. They are already putting themselves down. Change teams, who cares. I still love my COWBOYS, AMERICAS TEAM!!!

    • Joe D.

      Wanting to see my team play better footbal is a far cry from putting a team down. I love my team so much it hurts to see them play so poorly. Is it bad to want your team to play better? We didnt get our first five rings by playing this poorly, we got them by playing great.

      Go ask Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, and Emmitt Smith what they think of this team? Actually they each recently said that this team stinks right now and Troy Aikman ripped into them during the telecast on Sunday. Does that mean they hate the Cowboys? Or does it mean they love the Cowboys? You know the answer.

      • Mary Lou Herrera

        They should also know that at one point they also sucked. I agree with you and other fans that we need a new coaching staff. Give me a break, calling the same calls over and over. Also, Romo needs competition because he makes major mistakes that cost the team. I’m just saying that they are my team, and I will back them up whether they win or lose. Anything wrong with that joe d? Go COWBOYS!!!

        • Rob V.

          Mary Lou, there is a big difference between the Boys now and the Boys from 1989 and 1990, even 1991. Those teams were getting better as they went through hard times. There was improvment from the team because they had a coaching staff that pushed them and expected things of them every week. This current team has played the same way for the past few years. There has been no improvement. You have to admit that. No fear from the players when it comes to their coaches, no discipline. Sure there have been some games that stand out like the NO game last season. But for the most part this is the same team from 2007. What do you think Jimmy Johnson would have done to players who were always getting called for stupid penalties week in and week out or just did not perform? We all know the answer. So yes, I think the coaching staff has done everything they can do and it’s time for a change.
          I love you passion for the Boys. We all have that passion. Speaking for myself, when I see them play like this it’s upsetting, but at the same time you watch those locker room interviews after the game and so many of them are joking and laughing about things. It’s like they want to play and collect their paycheck and go home.

  10. Rob V.

    Ok, enough with the I love my Cowboys and I will never put them down. Please don’t take offense, but I’m actually more tired of hearing all of that then I am watching the Cowboys lose. Just because fans speak the truth about there team does not mean they are not fans or not loyal. I’m tired of people making the Cowboys out to be all sunshine and rainbows. This team is lost right now and Wade has lost them because of how he coaches. Every week I hear things like…Cowboys till I die, I’ll never give up, I love my Boys, silver and blue through and through. Enough already!!!! We all know that we are fans. That is why we LSS writes love writing about the Boys so much. Myself included. But at the same time it can not be all positive all the time. Teams go through hard times and good times. Right now it’s hard times and we have to write about it. We are not going to stop writing or stop watching. It’s not so much pointing out the negativity, it’s pointing out the facts about things. To be a TRUE fan you have to deal with reality and not fantasy. We are not changing teams because the Cowboys are our team and we are hear to write about them whether it’s the facts or our opinions. So let’s stop with the “I’m loyal because I’m not negative and you are not a fan because you write the truth”.

    Great post Joe!!!!!

    • Joe D.

      Thanks Rob! I don’t understand why some fans are content with playng poorly and are proud of it? If your kid comes home with an F in math, do you applaud him and cheer for him, or do get on his butt to improve his grade?

  11. Ayre

    Well, from what I read today it seems as if the penalty was on Sam Hurd for his Hook em horns gang sign, not Miles. I’m all for firing the whole staff though.

  12. Mary Lou Herrera

    No, you don’t applaud, you try to help and offer your support!!! They don’t need to be put dowm more!!! Go COWBOYS!!!

    • Kelly H

      If we didnt support them we wouldnt be on this website, we wouldnt waste our time writing. If we didnt care, we would spend our time doing something else. We do support them 100%!