The Sum Of Our Season

43 PENALTIES FOR 409 YARDS!!!!!!!!!

GOOD BYE WADE!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Rob V.

    As I commented in the last post. This team has no fear of their coaches. The coaches treat them as friends and that should not be. Same as being a parent. I’m not there to be my childrens friend. I’m there as a teacher and a guide to make them into good people who know right from wrong. When they do something wrong they are spoken with and it is explained what they did. If they continue to do the same things that are wrong they are punished and hopefully they will learn from their mistakes. The Cowboys have done the same things wrong and have played the same way for the past few years. they are not learning and at the same time their is no fear that anything will happen to them. In the case of Miles Austin, he should have been benched for a series because he knew a celebration penalty would hurt his own team, but he did not care. Then to shove it in the officials faces as well as his coaches by shaking Dez’s hand the way he did shows he is not learning his lesson just like the other players who continue to have stupid penalties during the game. You don’t see other teams with coaches they fear doing these things week in and week out. I’m just tired of it.

  2. Michael

    I totally agree Rob… This team is badly in need of some discipline…

  3. irvin ross jr

    well i think you wrong coaches dont play the game they make u feel like they in controll but its up to the players new coach wont change the game but new play callin will jason garrett need to be fired not wade wade got the defense carryin the team for a while it been like that dallas defense spencer ware jenkins tnew james them guys been keeping ppl at bay for to long the offense can score now but they dont have the right guy there calling the plays man i say fired campo and garrett bring norv turner to replace garrett and a new special teams coach also the running game need to be address a bit but man alot dropped balls by bennett witten can only do so much but firing wade would not do good the man a good coach wade took over the defense now we stop ppl but the defense dont do the scoring the offense gotta do something they cant cause of the bad play calling we need a better play caller to help romo or let romo call his own plays i think but wade romo and the defense ok just fix what need to be fixed also they could bring back jimmy johnson give the man control jerry he took you places man think big

  4. irvin ross jr

    man yall cry for celebration the league has gone dry ppl cant celebrate a td you cant do nothing to many rules making the games hard but why the refs never see when dallas get held never see when dallas get hit in the back they never see def encroachments on us man i think when jerry got that contract with pepsi the nfl started hating on dallas so i say celebrate man bring back the nfl not the no fun league

  5. Rob V.

    I would have to disagree Irvin. Wade is a soft coach and his players take after him. There is no discipline on this team and no mental toughness. That goes on Wades shoulders. This team has played the same for the past few years, except for a few games here and there. The Boys need a coach that will hold the players accountable for everything. Someone who the players will fear. You don’t see players doing all these stupid things on the field for the Patriots or Steelers because the players fear the coaches. As far as Garrett, yes he needs to go. He does not know how to utilize his skill players at the right times. This team is lost and the coaches or the players don’t know the answers. If Jimmy Johnson was the coach of this team this stuff would not be happening because the players would fear him and they would be focused everyday.

    • irvin ross jr

      true jimmy would have them better focused but i think the play calling need attention and special teams letting other teams get good field position alot but in a way you rite to yo but im just tired of seeing my boyz like dat i started drinking vodka man lol