Cowboys Finally Focus On Reducing Penalties

It may have taken the Cowboys three years to figure it out, but all that matters is that they get it right in the end. According to this post in the Dallas Morning News by David Moore, The Cowboys have gone to great extents this week to try and reduce the numbers of penalties that have wreaked havoc on them the last few seasons.

The Cowboys brought in officials to work practice in an effort to cut down on the penalties that have crushed their season.

The result: “We’ve had zero penalties [on offense] the last two days,” Phillips said Saturday before the team went through a light workout. “Will that happen in a game? You’ve got a better chance of it happening in a game if you don’t do it in practice, so that’s what we’ve emphasized.

“We’ve had no false starts, no holding, no illegal formation. I mean nothing.”

Phillips said there have been a few penalties on defense and special teams and those players have been called out. It’s part of his peer pressure approach.

“They’ve really bought into it, and I think it will show up,” Phillips said. “We’re working hard on it.”

I think this is awesome… Is it enough to save the season or just a case of too little too late?

I don’t really care… What’s important is that they realize how all these penalties have ravaged their season  and that they do everything in their power to reduce them and start acting like an NFL franchise instead of a bunch of kids playing football at the schoolyard.

This team has suffered from a lack of focus and professionalism for far too long, and knowing that their finally going to do something about it is music to my ears.

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  1. Sigh Ing
    Sigh Ing says:

    Speaking of professional, it’s “…a bunch of kids playing…”, not “…a bunch of kids plating…”. This ain’t the Food Channel.


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