Defensive Effort Was Offensive!

I promised myself last night that I would not look at anything that had to do with the Cowboys loss last night to the Giants. But the more I thought about it this morning I just had to take a closer look. I guess last night had a lot to do with my vision being blurred from the rage that was erupting inside of me.

I understand that probably every Cowboys fan in the world was excited about how the game started with two interceptions of Eli Manning for an early 10-0 lead. But let’s face it, those interceptions as nice as they were to have had nothing to do with great defense. Those balls could have been caught by the receivers and actually should have been caught in my opinion. What happened to the defense in this game? It was embarrassing to watch as things went from bad to worse.

The problems actually started for the Cowboys defense on the Giants first touchdown drive in the first quarter. Terence Newman missed a tackle on Hakeem Nicks at the Cowboys 30 yard line which allowed Nicks to get down to eight yard line. From there it was all downhill for the defense. Let’s break this down as a non professional such as myself just watching as a fan.

First Giants TD – Cowboys leading 10-0. 2nd and goal from the 7 yard line. Hakeem Nicks beats safety Gerald Sensabaugh for the TD in what was a total mismatch. If you take a close look at the defense you will not see one cornerback on the field. Does anyone expect Sensabaugh to cover Nicks? What was Wade Phillips thinking?

Second Giants TD – Cowboys leading 20-7. 1st and goal from the 8 yard line. Orlando Scandrick actually gives Hakeem Nicks an 8 yard cushion making it very easy for Nicks to position himself in front of Scandrick for the touchdown. As far as I’m concerned Scandrick needs to be removed from this team. Any unsigned cornerback out there, regardless of his age would do a better job than Scandrick ever will.

Third Giants TD – Cowboys leading 20-14. 2nd and 2 from the 14 yard line. Steve Smith actually runs right by Orlando Scandrick for the touchdown. I saw no effort on the part of Scandrick to stop Smith in any way. It was just another time that Scandrick got beat in his short career as a Cowboy.

Fourth Giants TD – Cowboys losing 24-20. Mario Manningham breaks lose down the right sideline. Gerard Sensabaugh makes absolutely no attempt to bring him down. He pretty much runs right by Manningham at the 7 yard line. Again, there was no effort from Sensabaugh and no sense of urgency to bring down Manningham.

Fifth Giants TD – Cowboys losing 31-20. Brandon Jacobs somehow gets to the outside and heads down the right sideline. Gerald Sensabaugh who is a veteran safety decides to dive high at Jacobs instead of going low. As big as Jacobs is there is no way he can be tackled by hitting him high. So what happens? Sensabaugh rolls off of Jacobs and he scores easily.

I’ve been saying it for weeks that this team is lost. Now at 1-5 and Tony Romo most likely out for the season, I see no light at the end of the tunnel for this current Cowboys team. I understand that I focused on the defense in this post, but the offense is not much better. The Cowboys have no running game due in part that the offensive line cannot open any holes. As far as pass protection it seems like the opposing defense is in the Cowboys backfield more than the Cowboys running backs.

This team lacks discipline, lacks leadership and lacks fundamentals. I would not be surprised if they just go through the motions for the rest of the season. Take a look at the schedule and think about the way the Cowboys have played this season. I can see a 4-12 or 5-11 season coming.

Now starts the coaching search as far as the fans are concerned. Who will it be? Who can Jerry Jones convince to take the job? The Cowboys have the talent and whoever is approached to coach this team will know that. Does Jerry Jones want someone who is experienced or will he be looking for that young assistant? As fans we all have our opinions on this subject. Some don’t believe Bill Cowher would ever consider coming to the Cowboys, but who would have ever thought that Bill Parcells would have come to the Cowboys back in 2003? Every time I listen to John Gruden talk about the Cowboys it’s almost like he is interviewing for the job right now. My personal favorite would be Brian Billick to coach this team. He has the resume and he can coach this team to be focused and disciplined. He can also serve as the offensive coordinator which is his specialty. Then go out and hire Jim Mora Jr. as the defensive coordinator. He also has the experience in the league over the years. I’ve watched both Billick and Mora on NFLN and they work so well together. I think it would be a good direction to go in for the Cowboys.

For now we as fans will just have to go through the rest of the season hoping for some bright spots to hold onto. After the total collapse against the Giants my hopes are not high that anything positive will come out of the 2010 season. I wish this team luck the rest of the 2010 season. I really hope that I am wrong about everything I have written about them lately, but my gut feeling tells me that I’m right on about them.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    I think we need fresh leadership, as in coaches and maybe even veteran players. I dont think anything will happen until after the season. Not even Roger Staubach could complete enough passes behind this O-line. We have talent, but we also have a lot of problems.

    They did improve on penalties and thats a big plus. But it doesnt matter when you let the opponent score so many unanswered points.

    Miles Austin has to catch those balls and Kitna needs his eyes checked. I am falling in love with Dez Bryant though.

    • Ayre
      Ayre says:

      I didn’t expect Kitna to come out gunning, he clearly had rust. The Giants exposed many flaws of the Offense and Defense, it was disheartening to look at it. With so much talent on this team it’s surprising there’s no true leadership, coaches or players.

  2. Nate
    Nate says:

    Good job. I like your choices for coach and DC too. I wouldnt mind putting Mike Zimmer in the mix to interview either. The entire oline minus doug free needs an overhaul including depth. the middle linebackers (esp brooking) look like they are regressing (sorry kel) and i dont know that jason williams or sean lee are capable starters…we already know that they cant man the nickel…we need new corners as well…i think jenkins will be alright despite his recent struggles…newman is playing as well as his 30 something year old body will let him, but he will soon need a replacement…dont even get me started on scandrick…jaque reeves pt II….ball and sensabaugh have proven they arent the answer as well…i hope we get a look at kwasi and church this year at safety and mccray at nickel backer…love our receivers, but williams will need to go to clear cap space for other po

  3. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    That is what this season might come down to. Playing those guys sitting on the bench to see what they can do. Guys on the oline line like Costa and Young. Maybe get McGee in at QB for a few games. We have a lot of LBs on the bench. Throw them in there. I would also be interested to see what Barry Church can do at safety.
    Let’s be honest. How many players on this team believe Wade is coming back? Especially the Boys find themselves at 3-10. All jobs become open. Show us what you got!!!


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