Do The Cowboys Have A Featured Running Back?

While participating in a live chat with Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News this morning, I found the following response by him to be intriguing and wanted to share them it you.

This response was in answer to a fan who wondered why the Dallas Cowboys don’t just go ahead and make Felix Jones the featured back.

I think Felix bulked up to 218 this season because he expected a heavier workload. But he had only 10 offensive touches the first game, nine the second and seven the third. He’s their best back. The more the Cowboys give him the ball, the better their chances of winning. He got 19 touches last weekend against Tennessee and rewarded the Cowboys with their first 100-yard rushing game of the season. Chris Johnson had 20 touches last week against the Cowboys and rushed for 131 yards. Johnson and Jones are similar. I think 20 touches for Jones is not unreasonable. This one is on Jason Garrett – when you have a playmaker like Jones, you have to figure out ways to put the ball in his hands.

Personally, I hate this three-headed monster situation we have at running back right now. I feel that it’s important for players to know what their role is on the team. It enables them to embrace that role and mentally prepare themselves for the game ahead.

Every week we have a new strategy at running back, and all it’s managed to do is lead us to a 1-3 record. The team is still trying to find their identity, but that becomes difficult to do when the strategies and your starters change from week to week. 

Is Felix Jones the type of back that can give you 20-25 carries a game? I think the guy’s a playmaker, but I just don’t see him as the go-to guy in short yardage situations, remember last week when he failed three times on first, second and third and goal?

Marion Barber seems to have lost a step and just isn’t as explosive as Jones. And as for Tashard Choice, he’s looked electric when he touches the ball and looks like a grinder to me, but most of his playing time comes when the game is already out of hand.

I love the idea of having an every down workhorse running back, but I’m not convinced that player is currently on our roster.

I hope Felix Jones proves me wrong.

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I think the three headed monster would work great with all three in the backfield together. Yeah, I know everyone only uses two backs these days, but it isn’t a rule. So many options for running plays, extra blockers, and we have some great receivers that should be able to get open with Romo getting plenty of time. If they double up on receivers, still plenty of options… As far as Chris Johnson, most of his yards came from poor defense on a couple of plays. I’ll take Jones every time…. Go Cowboys!!!


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