The Heat Is On For Michael Jenkins

Nobody can dispute how talented Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins is and what a positive impact he can make in the secondary when his head is in the game. But unless, Jenkins becomes more consistent and avoids the silly penalties that only take away from his overall game, he may soon find himself on the outside looking in.

The NFL is getting tough on penalties, and that can only mean bad news for a team that often leads the league in that regard.

Jenkins is currently the Cowboys’ ringleader and has been called for team-high four pass interference penalties and one illegal contact penalty.

With a heightened sense of alert on these sort of penalties, Jenkins has made himself a target and rival offenses will now try to exploit him much in the same way as they did with the original Roy Williams after the NFL banned his famous horse-collar tackle.

ESPN’s Calvin Watkins recently wrote that opposing teams are targeting Jenkins on a regular basis due to his aggressive play because if he messes up, penalty or bad coverage, it means a completion.

The New York Giants, which visits Cowboys Stadium on Monday night, will be targeting Jenkins all night and hoping it will result in some huge completions for Eli Manning who is currently tied for third in the league with 21 completed passes of 20 or more yards.

Monday will be a huge test for the Cowboys as they play a bitter rival at home, but the biggest test will be to see how Jenkins responds to what will be an all-out attack looking to exploit him.

Basically, the Giants are banking on the fact that the Cowboys will beat themselves, just as they have all season long.

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    Honestly, the keys of the game are obvious (besides limiting the penalties): Pressuring Eli into making bad passes and keeping Romo from running around in the backfield escaping the pressure when someone gets through the line.


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