Think What You Want, But Cowboys Are Still America’s Team

In their annual online survey of 2,620 adult sports fans in the U.S., Harris Interactive reveals that the Dallas Cowboys are ranked number one in popularity for the 2010 season.

How the teams ranked:

1. Dallas Cowboys

2. Indianapolis Colts

3. Green Bay Packers

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

5. New Orleans Saints

6. New England Patriots

7. New York Giants

8. Minnesota Vikings

9. Chicago Bears

10. Atlanta Falcons

If you think that’s a fluke… think again…

This is the fourth year in a row, the Dallas Cowboys ranked as the favorite team of adults who follow NFL football. Just check out the history of this poll dating back to 1998.

Dallas Cowboys11412221111
Indianapolis Colts2327232311932342
Green Bay Packers23111144563
Pittsburgh Steelers5561015313424
New Orleans Saints241925293029312117245

When we say the Dallas Cowboy’s are America’s Team, we ain’t fooling around!

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    And this is why people love to hate the Cowboys. Literally worldwide appeal. People love to hate the Star, just as much as people love the Star. No matter what the team does or how it performs, the Dallas Cowboys will ALWAYS be America’s Team!

  2. Americas Team Advocate
    Americas Team Advocate says:

    Dallas Cowboys 1-5 Still Americas Team ! Haters have bumps the size of golf balls on their head after reading these numbers after 32 years of having the nickname!! Steelers fail! lol


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