You are what you are!

There has been a lot of back and forth between a lot of people the last few weeks concerning the losses to the Titans and the Vikings. The talk has been about who should be fired, who should be benched, who the next coach should be and who should be traded. As well as talk about the direction this current Cowboys team is going. I’ve put my two cents in as well since I’m not usually one to hold back on things. I’ve given my thoughts on the coaches and how I think they are too soft on the players and how the players take after the coaches with a laid back attitude.

The Cowboys currently stand at 1-4 and in last place in the NFC East. What bothers me is the thought that they are better than their record. To me this is a major problem to think that way. It just feeds into the players’ minds that maybe there are no issues with the team because of the “better then 1-4” thinking. They start thinking that if they start getting a break here and there during games that the season will turn around. If that is the thought process with the coaches and players, then nothing will be done to fix the issues that are real and they will continue to play the way they have. The position the Cowboys are in has nothing to do with breaks. It has to do with turnovers, penalties and the lack of discipline which can be traced back to the head coach.

The person I am pointing to with my current rant is Wade Phillips. He is constantly making excuses for his team instead of being tough on them and making them accountable. His latest quote I read from kinds of sums up what I’m talking about.

“I guess we think we’re a better 1-4 team than some teams that are 1-4” Phillips said. “I mean mentally. They don’t think they might not win the next game. Gosh, we might not win this next one. This team thinks . . . I still think they think they’re going to win this next game.”

This Cowboys team is a reflection of their head coach and that is not a good thing. The whole Wade Phillips quote bothers me and I believe he is the root of their problems. I won’t go into a whole big rant because the situation has already been beaten to death. Until this teams mindset is changed I believe they will continue to do the same things on the field that got them to where they are now. It was Bill Parcells who always said that you are what your record says you are. Well, that record is 1-4 and nothing more until people start waking up.

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  1. irvin ross jr
    irvin ross jr says:

    yeah but look at the defense wade can do things with them jason garrett seems to be lost to maybe we need the jimmy johnson and novr turner deal back god i wish i could bring back james washington emmitt smith darren woodson and bill bates those type of players we need also when is the defense going to start int those plays they get the chance to do brooking nem good but man they dropped alot of int this year bennett to man but like you say we are what we are if you ask me stick a fork in them we done for the year try next year

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I hear what you’re saying, but I’m not too conviced about Wades defense either. I watch all these other defenses like the Jets, Steelers, Titans to name a few. Then I watch the Boys defense and just don’t see them being aggressive enough. Also, I’ve never seen a defense try to blitz and hit a brick wall every time like the Boys do. It also seems like a lot of other defenses are always in position for turnovers, but not the Boys and it’s been like that for years now.

    I guess we will see what happens on Monday night. Schedule doesn’t get any easier with the Jaguars, Packers and Giants again coming up.

    As they said in the movie Zombieland…Time to nut up or shut up!!!


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