Dumbfounded, Dismayed And Depressed

When you go into an interview for a job, the employer usually asks you, can you describe yourself in 2 or 3 words. Lets just say its a VERY good thing I do not have a job interview in the next couple of weeks. I sit each week and watch our Boys come out of the tunnel and think to myself. Is this the week they come alive? Is this the week they play together or with passion? Even after they come out Sunday and take a very early lead 10 – 0, they play…FLAT!!!! It is not an easy thing to find things to say about our team, when my whole life I was brought up that if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

I should keep my mouth shut but this time I can’t. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. There is no chemistry on this team, there is no leadership on this team. For that matter, there is no TEAM. It is each individual going out onto that field, playing their position for THEM. That is what I am getting out of each of these games. Yes we lost our quarterback and yes that can seriously hurt a team when your star goes down. But you can NOT blame Kitna for that loss yesterday. 3 dropped passes that were picked off. A pass that hit Jason Whitten on the STAR OF HIS HELMET. Which in turn would have given us a first down. A DEBACLE of a special teams play that 6 players stood around and WATCHED the punt returner catch the ball and return it for 20 yards. I will get to the defense or LACK THERE OF in a minute, but I have to talk about the ONE positive thing I saw yesterday. After that punt return when our players just stood around and watched the run back. As they were coming off the field. I saw something that I had not seen all year, and told my wife sitting there watching the game with me. DID YOU SEE THAT?? OMG THAT WAS AWESOME, ITS ABOUT TIME SOMEONE DID THAT. The special teams coach was absolutely LIVID. He was so mad his face was turning red and he was screaming at the players as they walked off the field. Where is that passion with the rest of the coaching staff. Not just the head coach, or lack there of that we have. Or the offensive coordinator that should be a fan watching the game because he obviously has no idea what he is doing with a playbook. But every single coach on our team. After that play, there was a new persona on the field during special teams plays. The players knew that if they screwed up again, they would get yelled at, and probably sat on the bench. Which should have been done by all coaches ever since the year began.

As for our defense, well what a team is suppose be playing when the other team has the ball. What a joke!!! I was listening to the announcers as the game was going on. They said that Jacksonville PLANNED on playing the same way throughout the whole game because they knew exactly what we were going to be doing. BLITZING EVERY TIME THEY COULD. Just like every game this year. We blitz and what happens, we get SHREDDED in the passing game. We have the front 4 of a defensive line that can handle their own. It is just that the coaching staff needs to let them play that. Let our defense do what it has to do. They blitz too much.  It was said during the game yesterday that we blitz more than any other team and every team knows that. David Garrard had a career day yesterday in touchdown passes, in longest pass from scrimmage. The Jaguars had their best game of the year, just like every team has when they play us. Wade is SUPPOSE to be helping our defense because he is such a great defensive coordinator. What is he doing for us in any aspect of the game???

A major overhaul NEEDS to be done, but the sad part is, we have an owner with a stick up his (explicative) that thinks he knows everything there is to know about football and how to run a team. I have not like Jerry Jones from Day 1. He had the best chance when he first took the team to have SEVERAL championships and threw it all away because of his ego. Because he thought he knew what was best. No wait, because he could not keep his mouth shut and stay out of the coaches way and let him coach the team. Jerry Jones loves Wade so much because Wade bows down to him and does what he says. That is why Jimmy Johnson is gone. Because he stuck up for himself and the team, Until Jerry decides to keep is nose out of the coaches business and stay in the owners box and make our team lots of money, we will forever be wondering what is wrong with the Dallas Cowboys.

Christmas is just around the corner so here is my wish for this year.

A new coaching staff and for Jerry Jones to shut his mouth and stay in the owners box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Kudos to you. I love when fans say what is on their minds and not trying to cover up things by painting a pretty picture of their team. Nice post!!! I’ve been saying it for a while now. You are right about everything, especially Wade and how he is JJ’s puppet. The first picture that entered my mind when reading your post was the Cowboys War Room on draft day. Wade just sitting there eating while JJ and others are on the phones and doing things. It’s time for a change.

    PS…Loved the way the special teams just stood there as the returner never called for a fair catch and then took off running. What a joke!!!!


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