Live Blogging Press Conference: Wade Phillips Fired, Garrett Named Interim Head Coach

The following is a live blog of the 4:00 PM press conference in which the Cowboys will officially announce that head coach has been fired. Offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett will replace Phillips as the interim head coach.

4:03 – Jerry Jones step up to the podium. He looks ashen and like he hasn’t slept in days. “We are not where we want to be as an organization right now.”

4:05 – Jones told team we have 8 games remaining and we want players who want to win and we will be watching them the remainder of this season.

4:08 – “We are not recognizing the need to play in a winning way. I believe that you can look at a team and see if there is real effort. I don’t think we have done that.”

4:10 – “Jason has certainly been a part of our longterm thinking for the Cowboys. But for now we want him to maximize how we are playing right now. I do believe that Jason has the temperament and disposition to effect a culture change.”

4:11 – “In addition to naming Garrett, we have named Paul Pasqualoni as the defensive coordinator. He brings something to the table to institute a change this week and next week in the culture.”

4:12 – “We have the luxury of doing something in the next eight games to look and evaluate any future changes going forward. We all shared int the frustration of doing things that cause you not to win.”

4:13 – “We did not show an ability to overcome injuries. The team we played last night did do that, we did not.”

4:15 – In last few weeks I have been in denial, especially the last couple of ballgames, but I had to do what was needed and that’s why I decided to make this coaching change.”

4:16 – Garrett has the opportunity to keep the job long term. If he does his job well under this crisis situation, the answer is yes. Good success here will enhance his long term prospects.”

4:17 – “Wade is a good friend and I visited with him personally. He has presided over three of the most offensively productive seasons in Cowboys history. That’s all I will say about that.”

4:20 – “We haven’t been playing in a winning way. We need to show up ready to play and I’m not just talking about being ready physically.”

4:22 – “We need to see an extraordinary effort as a team and individually as players from here on in. That’s not based on just the record, but in the attitude and quality of play.”

4:25 – “It was paramount in my thinking that we would make adjustments and have our defense more productive and make a correction. We need to have real success on the defensive side of the coaching side and that impacted my decision.” (Regarding last night’s game.)

4:26 – A saddened and visibly shaken Jerry Jones answers the last question and steps down from the podium.

Closing Comments

Obviously, readers of this site know how ecstatic I must have been upon hearing the news Wade Phillips was fired. Wade is a great guy who was simply in over his head. He didn’t have the fire you want from a head coach. I’m glad that Jerry Jones did the right thing and fired him now as me and many other bloggers on this site suggested and wanted. Now we can look toward the future with the hope that a new era in Cowboys history has begun, and that we can turn the page on the distater that this first half of the season has been.

I wish Jason Garrett the best of luck, and look forward to seeing what he can do in the next eight games of this season.

Go Cowboys!

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