No Bark, No Bite, No Fight!!

Let’s remove ourselves from being fans of the Cowboys for a brief moment and really look at where this team is right now. We as fans tend to take things very personally when it comes to the Cowboys and sometimes defend them just because we feel we need to. But if we step away and take a look at things…well, they are actually worse then we think they are. After another embarrassing loss on Sunday, this time to the Jaguars, the Cowboys now sit at 1-6.

When it comes to the NFC the Cowboys are the worst team in the conference. They are tied with Carolina for the worst record, but the Panthers lone win is a conference win which puts them ahead of the Cowboys. Let’s also look at some of the teams ahead of the Cowboys. The Vikings and Lions are both 2-5, but if you have watched any of their games this season they fight and claw their way through games. The Vikings have already beaten the Cowboys, which we already know. The Lions will have their shot in a few weeks when they visit Cowboys Stadium. The 49ers can also be added to the mix with a 2-6 record, but they have also won two out of their last three games.

Onto the AFC where Buffalo is 0-7, but from what I’ve seen from this team is that they are also fighters. Their last two games have been overtime losses to the Ravens and the Chiefs, both on the road. Denver, Cincinnati and Cleveland are all 2-5. There could be an argument that the Broncos and Bengals are just as bad as the Cowboys, but that one extra win puts an end to the argument at this point. As far as the Browns, they just went down to New Orleans last week and put a beating on the Saints.

Even Jaguars quarterback David Garrard had this to say about the Cowboys from yesterday’s game.

“It just looked like they weren’t into the game like an NFL team should be.”

If this current Cowboys team were fighters they would have come out yesterday determined to win the game. Especially after being embarrassed last week against the Giants.

So when it comes right down to it record wise the Cowboys are the worst team in the NFC and the second worst team in the NFL. Looking at the current effort from the Cowboys I would place them last behind Buffalo at this point in time.

1. Bills, 0-7

2. Cowboys, 1-6

3. Panthers, 1-6

How about that for a slap in the face from a team that was predicted to be the first team to host a Super Bowl in their own stadium in 2010.

Jerry Jones also slipped yesterday and said…

 “I’m dumbfounded that we are 1-7.” 

Or was it a slip with a trip to 5-3 Green Bay coming up next Sunday night? It could be how he really feels about the game even before it’s played. Last season the Cowboys were dominated by the Packers 17-7 at Lambeau Field.

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  1. Ayre
    Ayre says:

    We’re looking at 1-7 here, this team has checked out, and it’s apparent to me. The season is moving so slow for me now, where’s the reset button?


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