Ain’t That A Kick In The Pants

I’ve spent a lot of this season airing my utter frustrations with Marion Barber and Roy Williams, both of whom I see as finished as far as their effectiveness and value to the team goes.

But there is another…

Can we all agree that our big experiment with David Buehler as the Cowboys’ place kicker has been nothing short of an epic and massive failure?

The Cowboys’ offseason to-do list is long and chock full of many needs, but no less important among those needs is finding a reliable place kicker for next season and waving goodbye to David Buehler.

Buehler has been frustrating to watch this season.

Some may say he had an impressive game against the Cardinals on Saturday night by nailing two long field goals of 42 and 53 yards while we were trying to comeback from being down 14 points early in the game.

But I’m sorry, that missed extra point was the last straw for me.

Football is a game of probabilities. And it is incumbent upon any team to improve those probabilities in every aspect of their game as they look to build a championship caliber team.

Whenever a critical kick is the difference between winning and losing, you can’t hand your game over to one as unpredictable and unreliable as our own David Buehler.

Easily, Buehler’s failures this season contributed to at least four losses that could have instead been thrilling victories for the Cowboys.

Imagine how much different this final regular season game against the Philadelphia Eagles would have been if the Cowboys were 9-6 and one win away from the Wild Card, instead of 5-10?

Oh, and don’t think for one moment that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hasn’t thought about that, especially when he saw Buehler miss that extra point.

“I don’t even want to talk about it,” he said. “I don’t even fathom missing an extra point. I don’t even fathom it. I just can’t even think about an extra point. That’s a freak thing when we miss an extra point.”

The Cowboys put their fate in the hands of David Buehler, needing only an extra point to take a three-point lead, and even with a simple task like that Buehler could not deliver.

After the game, Buehler admitted that he has hit rock-bottom. Sounds like Buehler nailed it.

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  1. William Howell
    William Howell says:

    Yes, it is frustrating to watch Buehler miss kicks that he should make, but first lets remember he was never a field goal kicker, so should be one now? Probably not. Second thing, all of the losses cannot be blamed on him, yes he missed important field goals that could have won more games, but lets look at this great defense we have. The defense always lets the opposing team go right back down the field and score everytime we finally get a lead. How can we be giving up 400+ yards a game??? We have been burned on many long passes for touchdowns or third and long downs. If our defense was not inept to say the least, maybe Buehler would not have to make those important kicks. So, air frustrations, but be frustrated at all aspects, not just a couple of guys. Our defense sucks, plain and simple.

  2. Derek S.
    Derek S. says:

    I’m always amused when people want to cut this player and cut that player because of a couple bad plays. “Cut David Buehler”…and bring in who? Do we really want one some over-the-hill veteran kicker in here pulling their hammy every other week and missing? Ask the Saints how that experiment has worked out. And we all know how bringing in a veteran kicker has worked out in the past. This kid needs a chance. He’s done pretty decent as far as field goal % is concerned for being a first year field goal kicker with no real previous field goal kicking experience. Now if he is still struggling with automatic kicks next year, it may be time to look elsewhere. The bottom line is that everyone on this team screwed up this year and it wasn’t just the kicker. If Austin and Williams hadn’t batted two early Christmas gifts to Cardinals defenders then we wouldn’t have even been in that position.

    • Joe D.
      Joe D. says:

      Derek, read on:

      The erratic performance of kicker David Buehler has prompted the Cowboys to make a move.

      The club has agreed to terms with Kris Brown and will add him to the 53-man roster before Sunday’s finale. Buehler retains his spot on the roster but who kicks against the Eagles is unclear.

      This much is clear: the Cowboys are not satisfied with Buehler’s inconsistent performance and are making it known the job is up for grabs heading into the off-season.

      Brown has made 77.3 percent of his field goal attempts in his 12 seasons in the NFL. The former Southlake Carroll star kicked for the Houston Texans the previous eight seasons but was beaten out in training camp by Neil Rackers. Brown kicked in three games for San Diego this season as a fill-in.

      Buehler has struggled as the Cowboys field goal kicker, converting 24 of 31 attempts. He is four-of-five from 50 or more yards but just four-of-seven from 30 to 39 yards. Buehler’s missed extra point was the difference in the team’s 27-26 loss to Arizona on Christmas Night.

      I remember you also disagreeing with me when I said Wade should be fired immeidately, and you said they dont fire coaches midseason. He was fired 5 days later.

      • William Howell
        William Howell says:

        Yes, well Buehler has a better FG percentage at 77.4% than Brown and the firing of Wade Phillips did not change much, the defense still sucks, our running game sucks, and special teams suck this all equals a maybe 5-10 record and sitting home watching the playoffs…

      • Derek S.
        Derek S. says:

        Sorry Joe, I don’t recall ever saying that as I couldn’t have been more ready for him to be fired by about week 5, but if you can brandish evidence of these claims, I’ll eat my words.

        The point I was trying to make was, how much longer are we going to let this kicking door keep revolving until we let a kicker go through the growing pains that every young kicker goes through? Does anyone think Kris Brown is going to do a better job this year or next year? I don’t. Until we decide on a kicker instead of releasing them on a knee jerk reaction after each season, the same problem will continue to happen.

        By the way former kickers that the Cowboys have axed for making a few bad kicks (Nick Folk, Billy Cundiff) have done pretty well with the next team that signed them.

      • Derek S.
        Derek S. says:

        And for the record, I’m never against bringing in competition. I thought Dallas should have had another decent kicker in camp not named Delbert Alvarado putting some pressure on Buehler. In the end I don’t think this signing will mean much and if for whatever reason Buehler is cut, we’ll just be back to the same square one we’ve been on for the past decade. Hope everyone had a happy new year!

  3. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I would have to agree with bringing in a new kicker next season to at least battle with Buehler in training camp. I know that every time he comes out to attempt a field goal that I have no confidence that he is going to make it. But he is on of the many pieces that have gone wrong this season. How many people were confident that the defense would stop the Cards after the Boys went ahead? I know I wasn’t. They have not responded in game going back to 2007.Let’s hear it for the off-season and changes that this team needs.

  4. nate
    nate says:

    We all said this was going to happen when Jerry got rid of Buehler’s competition before preseason. We were going to lose a game because of this guy. Well, it happened. Jerry the genius strikes again. Oh, and how is that Alan Ball Starting Free Safety workin out for ya Jerruh?

  5. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    can’t compare the percentages on a player who has been kicking fgs for 12 years compared to someone kicking for 15 games. Kris Brown is a quality kicker who will win the job in 2011 if the new coaching staff doesn’t bring in there own kicker. Everyone knows that Wade had to go. He was a lost man and had no answers. Doesn’t matter what the Boys did after he was fired. He still needed to go.

  6. Mary Lou Herrera
    Mary Lou Herrera says:

    buehler was again an attempt for jerry jones to save money. What’s new? jerry got his way, and again the fans suffered for his disasterous decisions. No, buehler didn’t lose all games, but he surely did help. Get rid of him now!!! GO COWBOYS!!!


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