Cowboys Secondary Has Become A Primary Concern

Newman and Jenkins continue to slide and in the process our secondary keeps getting worse and worse. You can usually tell these things just by watching the games and seeing them get burned for big plays by the opposition. But the numbers really do bear it out as well.

The Dallas Morning News recently wrote that based on data alone, the coverage provided by Jenkins and Newman has been far from impervious. They are among a select group of eight defenders who have yielded the most receptions in the NFL this season.

When you consider the high expectations we had for Jenkins after his Pro Bowl season in 2009, this is completely deflating and makes one wonder about his hold on a starting job next season. At times, Jenkins has been brutal and his bad play has led to many a comeback by the opposition while the Cowboys were initially ahead in the game.

Newman, just continues to regress and oftentimes is seen coming off the field with some sort of an injury, rather than on the field making a big play.

Here are some more numbers that reveal the sobering reality of the situation.

Quarterbacks have completed 49 of 75 pass attempts against Jenkins, attaining a 105.7 passer rating in the process. Newman hasn’t been much better. He has been picked on 73 times, allowing 47 receptions as quarterbacks have achieved a 94.1 passer rating.

With numbers like that, is it any surprise why teams feel so comfortable airing it out against the Cowboys and completing passes virtually at will?

Among many other needs this offseason, revamping the secondary will certainly be one of our primary objectives. It doesn’t matter how good our offense is, if our defense keeps letting the opposition light up the scoreboard.

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  1. Pete
    Pete says:

    Been telling other Cowboys fans all along that our defense simply can’t afford to give up so many points otherwise we will continue to lose. Our whole team needs an major overhaul. Hope something is done about it next year.As for Newman I think it’s time for him to go,and if Jenkins continues playing like crap, he needs to pack his bags and tag along with Newman. These guys are not the only players that need to go, there are others. These guys shouldn’t be wearing a Star on their helmets if they’re going to play like shit. In my opinion they should be proud that they are playing for Americas team.

  2. Derek S.
    Derek S. says:

    I truly believe Jenkins has just had a bad year because he was fantastic last year. I think the main problem is the revolving door at the two safety positions, there is nobody reliable back there and there hasn’t been for awhile. The other issue, I believe, is Dave Campo. He just isn’t a good coach, whether it’s secondary, defensive coordinator, or head coach. Dallas needs a new secondary coach back there and I wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Newman may not be on the roster next season. Jenkins will recover, and Scandrick will get better.

    Two words though regarding the secondary, PATRICK PETERSON

  3. Michael
    Michael says:

    The secondary is the main reason that we are missing the playoffs this year. We are not good enough for man to man coverage, so I was glad to see more zone. Newman has without a doubt, has been a huge disappointment. It is like his head and heart is not in the game. I agree with Derek, that Campo needs to go… Fans keep saying that we need more offensive lineman, but I think we need to work on the secondary first…..

  4. nermanwilliams
    nermanwilliams says:

    campo should have been run out of town after his head coaching failure.its needs to be a package deal fire campo and 21-41 & 51.

  5. Byron
    Byron says:

    We are missing Ken Hamlin a whole lot more than people think, Jenkins said Himself last year that it was Hamlin that always had him in postion to make plays, He might not have had the int’s everyone wanted but He was the Quaterback of the secondary You can’t lose someone like that and not feel it later !


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