Give Choice a Chance

It sounds to me like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is being stubborn again. When he was asked about the struggling Marion Barber who is having his worst season ever as a Cowboy, Jones was not willing to give up on him despite plenty of evidence that his star is fading fast.

“I know certainly he’s got critics but I wouldn’t go that far in any way to say his time is done with the Cowboys,” Jones said on his radio show.

Barber is averaging 3.1 yards per carry has rushed for only 313 yards this season. He has never had a 1,000 yard rushing season as a Cowboy.

Lets stick with running backs and move onto my personal favorite, Tashard Choice. With the real possibility that Marion Barber will miss Sunday’s game, Choice will get a shot to strut his stuff and show Jason Garrett why he deserves more carries.

Choice hasn’t had many chances to be the featured runner in his career, but as Jean-Jacques Taylor pointed out in a recent column, he’s made the most out of them.

Remember his 23-carry, 88-yard performance against Pittsburgh in 2008? What about his 17 for 90 performance against Baltimore two weeks later? Or the 36-yard touchdown and 92-yard game in the comeback win over Kansas City last season?

Choice doesn’t have many supporters on his side. Jerry Jones constantly rags on him for not playing smarter on special teams, and Jason Garrett continues to say Choice is the third best RB on the team.

What a terrible way to motivate a player you intend to feature against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Nice job guys.

Despite the Cowboys’ poor record this season, they are still hot commodity when it comes to prime time coverage and national broadcasts.

When the NFL had a chance to change the matchup for Week 14 NBC Sunday Night Football, they decided to leave it unchanged and stay with the Eagles versus Cowboys on December 12th. This means the Cowboys will have been nationally-televised for the sixth week in a row. Nice!

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  1. cowboysforlife
    cowboysforlife says:

    I can see Choice having a good game. I hope he has many more with the team.
    But I can see him wanting to move on after next season. It is hard to want to play on a team that the owner and HC do not want to use you.

  2. irvin ross jr
    irvin ross jr says:

    yeah they need to dump or bench barber he aint hitting on jackship man give choice n jones equal carries also they need to let newman sit down he getting burnt all day Mcann thumbsup

  3. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    “What a terrible way to motivate a player you intend to feature against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Nice job guys.”

    Choice doesn’t need Garrett to tell him how good he is to be motivated. actually he’ll probably feed off and beast. garrett will still go back to marion barber though.

  4. LonesomeStar
    LonesomeStar says:

    I haven’t given up on Barber, but I sure am looking forward to
    Choice gettin the ball. I hate the fact that Jerry Jones is involve in a coaching matter!! I wish Jerry would fire himself and let the coaches make critical coaching decisions!


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