No Late Season Comeback For Tony Romo

Yesterday, Jerry Jones made it official; Tony Romo will not return to the lineup this season.

The news is a little bittersweet as many of us wanted to see the season end on a high note even if it meant getting out on the field for a quarter or two.

Pro Bowl quarterback Tony Romo who suffered a broken collarbone in Week 7, will not get a chance to take a snap for the Jason Garrett led Cowboys, and we still don’t know if he ever will.

The reason to keep Romo on the sidelines is based mostly on continued pain and tenderness in the area of the injury. The decision to keep Romo out is a good one as it would be foolish to send him out there at less than 100% when there is nothing to be gained by it.

It’s not like the team has suffered much by Romo’s absence as they have performed well under backup quarterback Jon Kitna and have won four of their last six games. Kitna also has four 300-yard games during that stretch.

Ironically, Romo still goes out on top in a way as he currently ranks third in the NFC with a 94.9 passer rating, second only to Michael Vick and Aaron Rodgers.

My only regret is that now we will have to wait an entire offseason before we se if there are any adverse effects to Romo’s performance from the injury. I would imagine Romo would have loved to go out knowing that he finished the season on the field and that any concerns were now behind him.

Get well soon Tony, and we’ll see you in training camp.

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