Make Some Room in the HOF for Emmitt Smith

It was April 22, 1990 and the Dallas Cowboys were about to make the 17th selection in the NFL Draft after trading up. With their pick they selected running back Emmitt Smith from Florida. The so-called experts called Smith too slow and too small to be a Pro runner. What the Cowboys got was a player that loved the game and played it with heart, determination and a passion that could never be equaled.

Emmitt James Smith III was born in Pensacola, Florida on May 15, 1969. When the Cowboys drafted Emmitt Smith I don’t believe anyone knew what kind of player he would turn out to be. Smith quickly started to make a name for himself in 1990. Smith scored his first rushing touchdown in Week 3 of the 1990 season against the Redskins. He went on to rush for 937 yards and scored 11 touchdowns in his rookie season. That first season was just the start of Emmitt Smith’s amazing NFL career.

What the Cowboys got in Smith was the NFL All-Time leading rusher with 18,355 yards as he played 13 seasons for the Cowboys before being released after the 2002 season. He then played two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals before retiring as a Dallas Cowboy in 2005. He is now onto the next step and that is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This Saturday the announcement will be made and it is certain that Emmitt Smith’s name will be on that list.

Emmitt Smith quickly became my favorite Dallas player. The way he played the game every week was unlike I have ever seen before. Smith took control of games, hardly ever went down on first contact, always seemed to get stronger as the game went on. Smith wanted to win at all costs, but at the same time he respected the game and his fellow players in the NFL. Even people I knew who hated the Cowboys would always tell me that they couldn’t hate Emmitt Smith because he was such a class act.

Emmitt Smith went on to lead the NFL in rushing in 1991, ’92 and ’93, then again in 1995. He also rushed for over 1,000 yards in 11 straight seasons from 1991 to 2001. He has 164 rushing touchdowns and 175 total touchdowns in his NFL career. He earned the NFL MVP after the 1993 season and went on to win the MVP in Super Bowl XXVIII. His Super Bowl MVP happened after he took control of the game against Buffalo in the second half and ended up with 132 yards rushing and two touchdowns. Smith was also selected to eight Pro Bowls in his career.

On October 27, 2002 against Seattle in Texas Stadium Emmitt Smith broke Walter Payton’s All-Time rushing record. Although the Cowboys lost the game it was still an incredible moment for Smith and the Cowboys organization. What really stands out to me is the moment that Smith and Daryl Johnston had on the sideline after he broke the record. It was a touching scene that really showed the emotion and love that teammates have for each other.

With Emmitt Smith going into the Hall of Fame this year it will complete the third part of what was known as the triplets for the Cowboys in the 1990’s. Troy Aikman entered the hall in 2006 and Michael Irvin entered in 2007. Along with the Hall of Fame the triplets were inducted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor together during the 2005 season.

I had the good fortune of meeting Emmitt Smith after the 1994 season at an autograph signing. He was such a nice guy and took the time to talk as he signed my jersey. Actually because he was talking to us he never heard the guy he was with say that I wanted him to sign my jersey in silver ink on the back number. After he signed it in black ink the guy told him again and Emmitt asked me if I really wanted silver ink. I said that it was fine, but Emmitt went ahead and signed it a second time for me.

I will be gathering some of my most remembered games from Emmitt Smith’s career for my next post. Until then I want to congratulate Emmitt Smith, the best running back of all time for an outstanding career and for making it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I also want to thank Emmitt Smith for being the type of player that he was. The type of player that kids can look up to and want to be like.

Former Cowboy’s Wife Dies; My Condolence to Jay Novacek

Before Jason Witten, the Dallas Cowboys had another go-to-guy at the tight end position named Jay Novacek.

He had a vital role on the Cowboys team that won three Super Bowls in four years.

However, it is with a sad heart that I have to inform Dallas fans that Jay Novacek is now a widower. His wife, LeAnne, passed away earlier today on February 1, 2010.

The 45-year-old woman was found in one of the residential bedrooms. Suicide is one of many presumed causes for her death. Jay Novacek has confirmed the passing, but is mum on whether or not it is suicide.

He and his daughter are in my prayers as they should be in yours.

Here’s to you Jay. The Big D is with you in spirit.

An Amazing Day at Steiner Sports

Today my family and I were able to do something that maybe only comes along once in a lifetime. We were invited to the Steinerfest Champions Show hosted by Steiner Sports. Today featured the appearances by some of the 2009 World Champion New York Yankees.

As we turned the corner of the event looking for the parking garage we noticed the very long line of people waiting to get in. Today in NY the high temperature reached only 24 degrees, so that didn’t help when you had to wait outside. We parked the car and approached the end of the line. My wife called the person from Steiner Sports that we were supposed to meet and he met us outside with badges to get us inside the event. As we walked towards the doors and passed the hundreds of freezing fans waiting to get in I could only think of one word “Wow”.

Chris Console who does Marketing and Entertainment for Steiner Sports walked us by everyone and as we approached a young lady she handed my wife, my two children and myself gift bags compliments of Steiner Sports. Oh, but this was just the beginning of it all. We walked into the area where there were vendors selling all kinds of baseball memorabilia. As we walked around Mr. Console told us about Steiner Sports and how they do things with different teams and different players. Walking around I could see the long lines of fans waiting to meet some of the Yankees and get their autographs. The first Yankee we saw was centerfielder Brett Gardner. Mr. Console had left us for a few minutes only to return with two new baseballs for the kids so they could get Brett Gardner’s autograph. After Gardner signed the baseballs my kids were able to get a picture with him as well.

I then noticed pitched Andy Pettitte sitting at a table signing autographs. The line to see him was incredibly long. I then noticed pitcher Joba Chamberlain also signing autographs. Mr. Console walked over towards him and spoke to a few people standing around Joba and then he motioned to us. We were actually able to go right over to Joba and meet him. He signed my children’s baseballs and we took a picture with him. Once again the only word I could think of was “Wow”.

Mr.Console walked us around some more and showed us many different items and how authentic everything was that they sold. Everything from photographs, to items from old Yankee stadium like stadium seats and dirt from the field. He also showed us items from the old Giants Stadium that will be coming down soon. There were also some unbelievable items from some of the all-time Yankee greats.

We then braved the cold weather as we walked outside and across the street towards the Steiner Sports main office. Mr. Console brought us downstairs where they keep their inventory of all their items. I will tell you this. It was an unbelievable site to see. Baseballs, bats, bases, jerseys, footballs, helmets, photos, hockey sticks and so much more. But what was more impressive was how well organized everything was in the room. We walked around looking at all these items as Mr. Console continued to explain about how Steiner Sports operates. Of course as we walked through the warehouse my eyes went directly to anything Dallas related. Everything from signed helmets and signed photos. We also walked past some of the old chairs from the Cowboys old locker room. But what really caught my attention were the game worn jerseys hanging in one row. I noticed one with dirt and grass stains on it. Moving the jerseys around it to the side I noticed it was Tashard Choice’s jersey. Made me smile as I thought of him always being out there for the Cowboys doing whatever he could to gain yards to get the Cowboys first downs and touchdowns.

We moved on with the tour and saw the old NY Jets locker of Joe Namath that he also signed. We approached a room with a few people in it. Mr. Console went inside and motioned to us to come in. To my surprise pitcher AJ Burnett was in the room signing many different items for Steiner Sports. As we walked over to him another person was sitting next to him and he said hello to my son and shook his hand. Taking a second look I noticed that the person was rightfielder Nick Swisher. He went out of his way to talk to my kids and ask them how they were and what their names were. He just seemed like a lot of fun to be around. He signed my children’s baseballs and joked with my son because my sons school is actually having a raffle for a signed Swisher baseball. AJ Burnett was then nice enough to also sign the baseballs. I wished them good luck this season and we left. In the hallways of Steiner Sports were the most beautiful pictures of athletes that I have ever seen.

We then left the offices of Steiner Sports and back into the cold weather. We walked to our car and thanked Mr. Console for everything that he had done for us and told him what a great time we all had. Although my children my not fully appreciate what they had the opportunity to do today, we did try our best to explain it to them.  We even stopped on the way home to buy baseball holders so that nothing would happen to our autographed baseballs. My family had it all today. Everything from learning about Steiner Sports and meeting some of the World Champion NY Yankees to getting what I call the royal treatment.

My thanks to Chris Console for taking the time to show us around and talk to us about the workings of Steiner Sports. He was great to my family and treated us very well. Also a word of thanks to Yankees Brett Gardner, Joba Chamberlain, Nick Swisher and AJ Burnett for taking the time to meet us and giving us their autographs. I think I lost count today of how many times I said the word wow. Whether it was out loud or too myself. It was a day that I will never forget.

For more information and to see all their memorabilia including much more Dallas Cowboys items please go to…

You Never Know What To Expect In The Super Bowl

As we approach the biggest football game of the year, there is going to be an awful lot of talk surrounding the Super Bowl spread and who is going to win the big game with the points.

Through the years, we have seen some very uncompetitive Super Bowl matchups, and when it came down to the line maker’s decision, that has been reflected.

In fourteen of the 43 epic games contested so far, the Super Bowl spread has been one of double digits or more. In those games, the favorite has covered seven times, with six wins for the underdog, and one push.

The Super Bowl spread has been a field goal or less on only eight occasions, which would seem highly unusual when you figure that, theoretically anyway, the best two teams are meeting in the game.

In those games with the tight lines, the favorite and underdog have each covered four times in the Superbowl spread.

The first four times the biggest game in the United States has been played, the Super Bowl spread was twelve points or more. In the last seven seasons, however, there has only been one Super Bowl spread of ten points or more, and that was when the New England Patriots, a 12-point favorite, were beaten by the Giants straight-up.

So you never really know what to expect. What is your prediction on the Super Bowl?

Three Players Most Likely To Become Ex-Cowboys

Looking ahead to next season, I wondered which of our players had a high probability of not being back with the team next season. It’s not a hate list by any means, just an objective look at who could be on their way out and why I feel that way about them.

1. Marion Barber RB – Many of you might be surprised to see Barber on this list, but the fact of the matter is that with Felix Jones and Tashard Choice on board, it would make sense to explore our options with Barber who still has some great trade value. The fact is that Barber’s 4.3 yards per carry, pales in comparison to Choice 5.5 YPC and Jones 5.9. We could easily get back a 1st and 3rd round pick for Barber and use them to beef up an aging O-Line.

2. Martellus Bennett TE – I don’t believe Bennett can live with the fact that he’s a back up to Jason Witten. He’s frequently crying about playing time on his website and bemoaning the fact that he isn’t a starter. He has the talent to be a starter, but unless disaster strikes and Witten was to miss significant time, will continue to be used in the same reserve role and frown about it. Bennett is just a spare part that can easily be replaced by up and coming John Phillips who is a team first guy and a real gamer. The Cowboys might be able to get a third or fourth round pick for Bennett or maybe even net themselves a number three or four type wide receiver with some upside.

3. Roy Williams WR – My inclusion of Williams on this list is probably more a case of wishful as opposed to a real chance Williams could or would get traded. Obviously, his trade value has taken a huge hit and he is overpaid as well. But at this point, and after waiting almost two seasons for him show profit, wouldn’t you say it’s time to cut our losses and move on? Kevin Ogletree has show the speed, the hands, and the ability to perfectly run his routes, and must be strongly considered for a move up the depth chart. If anyone is crazy enough to take Williams’ off our hands in exchange for a second round pick, I’d do it and never look back.

Your 2010 Pro Bowl Cowboys

Sadly, the 2009 season ended for the Dallas Cowboys a couple of weeks ago, but this weekend when the Pro Bowl kicks off you might reconsider tuning in. In addition to the six Cowboys elected and Terence Newman who was added last week, two more will join the Cowboys coaching staff on the NFC roster. Andre Gurode will not be playing because of knee surgery.

Tony Romo and Mike Jenkins will play in the game due to injury of the elected starters. Romo was chosen to replace Brett Favre (ankle injury). Jenkins will replace Antoine Winfield (foot injury).

That makes a total of nine Cowboys attending this year’s Pro Bowl in Miami. Philadelphia is tied with Dallas for having the most players at the game. It is also the sixth most selections in franchise history.

StarStruck GraphicsYour 2010 Pro Bowl Cowboys:

Miles Austin, wide receiver

Leonard Davis, guard

Andre Gurode, center (injured)

Mike Jenkins, cornerback

Terence Newman, cornerback

Jay Ratliff, interior lineman

Tony Romo, quarterback

DeMarcus Ware, outside linebacker

Jason Witten, tight end

Head Coach Wade Phillips and his staff

Why Are Cowboys Fans So Hated?

Everyone or should I say most people that come to this site are Dallas Cowboy fans. So I ask this question why are we so hated by other NFL fans?

It seems to me being a loyal Cowboy fan for 30 years, that we are the most hated fans. Everywhere I go wearing my Dallas gear proudly, I get scorned by people. ” What about those Cowboys?” they laugh. I respond ” I know didn’t they have a good season. I am so proud of them!” I get shocked looks.

They think I am a crazy old woman that doesn’t know anything about football. They usually respond by saying ” I was talking about the Minnesota game.” I shrug my shoulders and say ” Yea, we got beat in that game, but I am referring to the season. We weren’t even considered for the playoffs in the beginning of the season. Everyone thought we might be 8-8 if we where lucky, and instead we ended our season with the NFC East Title and finished at 11-5. So yes I am proud of my boys.” That usually ends the conversation for some reason.

Reading other NFL sites, I find that 80% of football fans want any team but the Cowboys to be in the Super Bowl. We have been to the big game too many times they say. Yes we have, but so have the Steelers, Colts, Patriots etc. So why are we disliked?

Jerry Jones is one reason. Fans that have turned on the ‘Boys say that is why. They where big Cowboy fans, then Jerry bought the team and let Tom Landry go. Sure that was a tough ride for all Cowboys fans, but the real fans found reasons for staying. Mine was finding a player I liked. After Danny White left I had to find a new favorite. Then this awesome fullback called “Moose” caught my eye. That was enough to keep me a Cowboy Fan.

Being a Cowboy fan as we all know can be tough when we lose, but the true Starstruck Cowboy fans can handle all the mean and hateful things that are thrown our way.

We stick together through tough times and we celebrate the good ones.

A New Kicker…Aye?

Less than a week after losing in the playoffs the Cowboys went back to work trying to improve their team. Reported by ESPN Dallas, on Friday they brought in kicker Sandro DeAngelis from the Canadian Football League.  DeAngelis plays for the Calgary Stampeders and is the most accurate kicker in CFL history. He is also a five-time Western Division all-star.

DeAngelis worked out for coach Wade Phillips, special teams coach Joe DeCamillis and owner Jerry Jones at the Cowboys facility. In five seasons with the Stampeders DeAngelis connected on 42 of 49 field goal attempts. He is 28 years old and becomes a free agent next month.

“Just to even have an opportunity to kick for an NFL team is living a dream,” DeAngelis said.

“I’m pleased with it (his workout), but you really have no idea what they’re thinking. They don’t exactly jump up and down or anything so you don’t have a gauge of where you stand,” DeAngelis said. “I’ll keep my fingers crossed.”

The Cowboys seemed to be set at kicker at the start of the 2009 season with Nick Folk. But Folk became very inconsistent during the season as he connected on only 18 of 28 field goals and was released after the Saints game. The Cowboys then signed former kicker Shaun Suisham who played the last two games of the season and was 2 of 3 on field goals. He was also 2 of 5 during the playoffs with two big misses during the Minnesota loss.

In other news also reported by ESPN Dallas, the Cowboys now have eight players on their reserve/future list.  They signed wide receiver Jesse Holley the other day who as we remember was the winner of Michael Irvin’s Fourth and Long show last summer. The other two signed were Manuel Johnson, another wide receiver and defensive end Marcus Dixon.

Here is the complete list of players on the reserve/future list.

Travis Bright, G

Marcus Dixon, DE

Herb Donaldson, RB

Marquis Floyd, DB

Jesse Holley, WR

Manuel Johnson, WR

Titus Ryan, WR

Donovan Woods, LB

Championship Sunday Memories

Tomorrow is Championship Sunday in the NFL. I know some people feel like it’s unimportant since the Cowboys are not playing, but for me it’s still one of the top days in sports. It’s the chance to go on to the Super Bowl. A chance that some of these players may never have again. Over the years there have been some horrible games as far as blowouts. But there have also been a handful of games that have left a lasting memory. I wrote a list of my most memorable AFC/NFC Championship games.


1982 – Miami over Jets, 14-0

This game was sloppy from the muddy field at the Orange Bowl. Neither team gained more then 200 yards of offense and they combined for 9 turnovers. Dolphin quarterback David Woodley threw for only 87 yards and three interceptions. Jets quarterback Richard Todd didn’t do much better throwing for just 103 yards and five interceptions. Three of Todd’s interceptions were by linebacker AJ Duhe and he returned one for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

1986 – Denver over Cleveland, 23-20 OT

Great game that went back and forth all game long. Bernie Kosar vs John Elway in this match-up. With Cleveland winning 20-13 late in the fourth quarter, Elway led his offense to the tieing score. This became known as “The Drive”. In overtime Elway once again positioned his offense for the winning field goal.

1987 – Denver over Cleveland, 38-33

A rematch from a year earlier only this time the game took place in Denver. The Broncos took a 21-3 lead at halftime and then Cleveland fought their way back into the game. With Denver leading 38-31 and 1:12 left in the game it looked as though Earnest Byner would tie the game. But Byner was stripped of the ball at the two yard line and Denver recovered. This became known as “The Fumble”.

2001 – New England over Pittsburgh, 24-17

This was the start for Tom Brady. When the Patriots were underdogs to the powerful Steelers. The Patriots were in control for most of the game as they took a 21-3 third quarter lead. The Steelers battled back, but they could not recover from their four turnovers. Steeler quarterback Kordell Stewart threw three interceptions on the day. The Patriots offense was led by both Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe who took over for Brady after he left the game with an injury.

2006 – Indianapolis over New England, 38-34

Great game as New England took a 21-6 lead into halftime. The second half was classic as the Colts battled back to tie the game three different times before they finally took the lead late in the game and won. The Colts gained 455 yards on offense and Peyton Manning threw for 349 yards.


1981, San Francisco over Dallas, 28-27

Not the greatest Dallas memory, but still a great game. There were seven lead changes in the game. The Cowboys defense forced six turnovers which included three Joe Montana interceptions. With the Cowboys leading 27-21, the 49ers put together an 89 yard drive which ended with a Montana to Dwight Clark incredible touchdown pass. This play became  known as “The Catch”. So with 51 seconds left in the game and two timeouts, the Cowboys received the kickoff. Danny White connected with Drew Pearson for a 31 yard gain that put Dallas at the 49ers 48 yard line. Amazing enough was that Pearson’s catch was his only one of the game. On the next play White got caught in a crowd of 49ers linemen and fumbled the ball which ended the game. Some believe that White’s arm was going forward on the play and it should have been called an incomplete pass.

1992 – Dallas over San Francisco, 30-20

Dallas was back at Candlestick Park in San Francisco 11 years after “The Catch”. This time led by coach Jimmy Johnson. The Cowboys defense controlled the favored 49ers and Steve Young during the game as they forced four turnovers. It seemed as though the 49ers gained the momentum when they scored to get within 24-20 of the Cowboys with only a few minutes remaining. The Cowboys got the kickoff and everyone thought they would just try to run and gain some first downs. But offensive coordinator Norv Turner decided to end the game. On first down Troy Aikman connected with a streaking Alvin Harper. The 49ers finally knocked Harper out of bounds, but not after Harper gained 70 yards on the play and reached the 49ers ten yard line. Dallas sealed the game with an Aikman to Kelvin Martin touchdown.

1995 – Dallas over Green Bay, 38-27

This was the Cowboys third straight season playing the Packers in the playoffs. They took an early 14-3 lead on the Packers in the first quarter, before the Packers started to battle back.  Green Bay actually took a 27-24 lead into the fourth quarter. Then the Cowboys took over scoring twice on Emmitt Smith touchdown runs. Smith scored three times in the game and rushed for 150 yards. The Cowboys defense harassed Brett Favre during the fourth quarter as they sacked him three times and forced one of his two interceptions.

1998 – Atlanta over Minnesota, 30-27 OT

The Falcons traveled to Minnesota to take on the high powered Vikings offense. The Vikings took a 20-7 second quarter led and then a 27-17 fourth quarter lead on the Falcons. But the Falcons would not give up and continued to fight back. They were led by quarterback Chris Chandler who threw for 340 yards and three touchdowns. Chandlers last touchdown pass tied the game at 27-27 to force overtime. Then Morten Anderson sealed the overtime victory with a field goal.

I know three of the four NFC Championship games involved the Cowboys on my list, but let’s face it they are America’s Team and have been involved in many of these games. Not to mention that if you look back over the Championship games from around 1980 there have been many blowouts and non-memorable games. I mention 1980 because that is when I really started to get obsessed with the Cowboys and the NFL. Maybe there are other Championship games that others remember more for their own reasons. These are the owns that stand out to me. Hope you enjoyed the journey back in time.

It’s now Official, Wade Phillips signs his Extension

As reported on this afternoon, it was made official that Jerry Jones has extended Wade Phillips contract through the 2012 season. The Cowboys picked up the option on Phillips for the 2010 season and then added two years to it.

“I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made this year,” Jones said. “But in no way are we satisfied.”

Jerry Jones made it clear that he was not happy with the Cowboys performance against the Vikings in the divisional round of the playoffs this past Sunday.

“It wasn’t good enough for us, our fans or our coaches,” Jones said. “It’s about moving forward in the postseason.”

Coach Wade Phillips also said that he is not satisfied and is looking for more.

“We’ve done a lot of good things and won a lot of games,” Phillips said. “That isn’t my goal. My goal is to win the championship.”

Wade Phillips has compiled a 33-15 record as coach of the Cowboys for the last three seasons. Along with two NFC East Championships in 2007 and 2009. The team did respond very well to Phillips this season and finished with an 11-5 record. They became one of the hottest teams in the NFL the last part of the season as they beat the 13-0 Saints in New Orleans. Then shutout division rivals Washington and Philadelphia in back-to-back weeks to finish out the season. They then won their first playoff game since the 1996 season when they beat the Eagles for the second straight week in the Wildcard Round. Phillips also coached the defense to the 9th ranked unit in the NFL.

We have all had our issues with Wade Phillips, but I guess change isn’t always good. He now knows he will remain the head coach of the Cowboys and he can get back to work.

A Tough Loss To Take In

Well, 3 days later and I am finally writing an article. It was hard to take in that loss. Not because we got beat 34 – 3 but because, just like James said, we did not choke. We got beat by a team that just simply wanted it more. I am still confused because going into that game, not only did I believe we were the better team but it was being said everywhere I watched and read. writers and analysts were saying Dallas is a better team, Broadcasters on Sports center were saying Dallas was a better team. They were playing “together” just like a championship team should. But watching the game, we simply got outplayed.

Romo did not have his best game by far but this loss was not even close to being his fault. The offensive line fell apart, the defensive line got played, simply put the Dallas Cowboys got outplayed. Don’t get me wrong I am just as much of a fan today as I have been my whole life. I stuck by them when they went 1-16. I was there with them when Tom Landry got treated like a red headed step child and DID NOT deserve it. I was there when they won 3 out of 4 super bowls in the 90’s. I will be with the Cowboys until the day I die.

Looking back at this game if I did not see the score I would never think that they got beat that bad. Let me prove my point.

Time of possession in the game was extremely close. Dallas had the ball for 30:34 and Minnesota had it for 29:26. Dallas had 16 first downs in the game with Minnesota only have 15. Dallas had only 2 penalties all game for a minimal 10 yards. Minnesota had 8 penalties for 50 yards. Minnesota only had 17 more rushing yards than Dallas but the average yards per rush was Dallas 3.7 Minnesota 3.3. Minnesota only converted one more third down that Dallas did.

Looking at those stats makes me feel better about the loss. Do I feel good about it, of course not who does or would feel good about a loss. But I know that Dallas did not choke, as a matter of fact they played a half way decent game.

This year Dallas got a HUGE monkey off their backs. After a 13 year drought, they finally won a playoff game. No we did not advance to the super bowl like we all had hoped but we made a huge step forward in our progress to becoming a championship team once again. We will learn from our mistakes and come back next year stronger faster and more hungry. Thank you Dallas Cowboys for a great season. Let’s do what we have to do this off season to keep our star players and draft some soon to be pro bowlers, and come back next year ready and raring to take on the world.

Wade Will Be Back

According to Jason La Canfora at Wade Phillips will return as the Cowboys head coach for 2010.

The Cowboys are executing the 2010 option on coach Wade Phillips‘ contract, binding him to the team for next season, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Phillips met with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and top brass on Monday, and more talks are scheduled for Tuesday. The team hasn’t moved to extend Phillips’ contract beyond 2010, but Jones is comfortable with him as the coach for next season.

I like it. I like Wade, more importantly the players like him and what he did with this team in 2009 was really impressive.

I know many may argue, but I definitely agree with keeping him on another year.