Cowboys Flying High, Eagles Crawl Back To Their Nest

This has been the greatest moment of the new generation Cowboy fans. After constant losing seasons, coaching changes, quarterback changes, and the ten year sentence of watching the Philadelphia Eagles go to playoffs, a place that Dallas had, historically, called its common-law housewife. The Dallas Cowboys have won a playoff game and have defeated the Eagles for a spot in the divisional round against Minnesota next week.

The Dallas Cowboys, for the first time, have defeated a division rival three times in a year. It had never happened before, but the Dallas Cowboys ignored the history and wrote their own January 9, 2010 in Cowboys Stadium.

As a Dallas fan who can’t even legally drink alcohol yet, I have to say this is the greatest moment in my life as a Cowboys fan.

The Dallas Cowboys dominated the Eagles from start to finish. Cowboys scored first with a one yard touchdown throw from Romo to rookie tight end, John Phillips, after Sheldon Brown committed a defensive pass interference of Miles Austin in the endzone.

It looked like Dallas was in trouble when Philadelphia threw a touchdown pass by subbing Donovan McNabb with Michael Vick who threw a touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin that spanned 76 yards, but the Cowboys scored 20 unanswered points to complete the half.

The Cowboys refused to take the foot off, and Felix Jones stabbed the Eagles in the heart with a 73 yard touchdown run that was pure speed. Not even a 4 yard touchdown pass from Donovan McNabb to DeSean “The Mouth” Jackson could deter the Cowboys from what they felt was there God-given right and answered with a drive that took seven minutes off the fourth quarter clock to twist the knife in Philadelphia’s chest.

After a DeMarcus Ware came around the tackle and knocked the football out of Eagles quarterback, Donovan McNabb’s, hand; the Eagle died from blood loss.

The Cowboys have now won a playoff game and have taken the monkey off their back for now, and they are going to Minnesota.

Tony Romo was 23/35 for 244 yards and two touchdowns with the Cowboys running attack led by Felix Jones, who had 16 carries for 148 yards and a touchdown. Miles Austin was the leading receiver with 7 catches for 89 yards and a touchdown.

The Cowboys defense forced 3 turnovers (two fumbles and one interception) and Michael Vick fumbled the exchange between himself and Leonard Weaver and Bobby Carpenter recovered it.

The Cowboys defense shut down the Eagles, allowing only two touchdowns, and gave the offense of the Cowboys plenty of time to score.

The Cowboys can now take pride in this big victory and enjoy the sweet taste of revenge…

Only two more wins separate us from the Super Bowl!

Cowboys End Playoff Drought; Dominate Eagles 34 – 14

As the final seconds of the game tick away, and I watch Tony Romo walk off the field I notice something very interesting. The monkey is gone! The Dallas Cowboys have finally ended their prolonged 13 year playoff drought. Not only did they end this drought with a win over a rival team in the NFC East, They ended it with one of the most dominating performances ever put on in the playoffs.

Tony Romo was once again at the top of his game putting on a clinic for the fans to see. Picking apart the eagles defense, converting 3rd long like it was 3rd and inches. Throwing 23/35 passes for 244 yards 2 touchdowns and no interceptions, thanks to Wade Phillips for what could be considered the best coaching move he has made as a head coach for the Dallas Cowboys and challenging what at first seemed to be an amazing interception. Romo proved once again, give him time in the pocket and he will pick apart a defense.

Just as the last 2 meetings in the regular season against the Eagles, the Dallas running game was unstoppable. Dallas rushed for a total 198 yards on 35 carries between our 3 top running backs. With Felix Jones leading the way with a 73 yard touchdown run in the 3rd quarter and putting the final nail in the coffin of the Eagles.

I wrote an article a couple months back about when the game was fun and how if we could get back to remembering it was fun to play the game, and then the wins would come. I mention that previous article because the way that the defense is playing and not letting the opponents come anywhere close to clicking and getting any kind of rhythm, The offense has fun while on the field. Think back to when Romo threw that little 6 yard screen touchdown pass to Miles Austin. When they showed Romo running down to congratulate Austin, Romo reached over and gave the Ref a “man” pat as he ran by him. Romo had the biggest smile on his face he has had all season. THAT is having fun. THAT is what we need.

What to say about our defense. I could mention what this player and that player did. How this player got a sack or that player made a great deflection. However, it was a total team defense that made this game possible. It was whole defense that made plays; it was every player on the field at any time doing exactly what they had to do to make things happen. Did any one player “stand” out? Of course they did, matter of fact a couple of different players stood out. But that does not mean the other players did not “play their roll”. It was a total TEAM effort.

Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys for ending their playoff drought. Let’s go out and get another win next week against the Minnesota Vikings and continue our run to the Super Bowl!!!!!


Cowboys Riding High On Cloud 9

Honestly, I’m too excited and overwhelmed with joy to really concentrate and blog right now. I just wanted to say I am so proud of these players, each and every one of them made this win possible. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we are two wins away from the Super Bowl. I know thats some really high hoping but I believe there isn’t anything this team can do right now.

I’d like to give some huge props to Mr. Wade Phillips. He’s taken a lot of heat for a while now and he has really blown all of us away, not only today but this entire season. You could say the same thing for Tony Romo. But this was a team effort and when a team is firing on all cylinders and dominating like they have been in the last few games – that’s what makes a Championship Team.


I didn’t want to be redundant because I know there will be a thousand titles in tomorrow’s headlines with these same words but to the hated Eagles I have one thing to say………

The THIRD time really is a CHARM!

Tony Romo


LSS Featured in Dallas Morning News

cowboys fans Hey everyone, I thought I would share this with everyone, our site has been mentioned in an article in the Dallas Morning News.

Our own Joe D was interviewed by DMN’s Michael E. Young in a feature about Cowboys fans.

Great job Joe, we are so proud! 😉

Follow the link below for the full story.

Cowboys fans put past behind ahead of Eagles playoff game

Here’s an excerpt that features Joe D:

After 13 years of playoff frustration – and an 0-6 record in those win-or-go-home games – many Dallas Cowboys fans look at tonight’s game against Philadelphia with cautious optimism and a healthy respect for the past.

That’s Joe DeCaro’s take, anyway, and this lifelong Cowboys fan from New York City – a staff blogger for – can’t understand it.

“In our weekly chats, it seems very, very few are taking the plunge and getting excited,” said DeCaro, “JoeD” to his readers. “It’s like they don’t want to jinx it.”

That’s understandable.

Sure, the ‘Boys beat the Eagles twice this year, including Sunday’s thumping in Arlington, the site of tonight’s game. And the Cowboys are on a roll, winners of three straight, two of them shutouts and the third against the previously undefeated New Orleans Saints.

The running game is clicking, Tony Romo seems to have an answer for any defensive scheme and the Cowboys “D” has been lights out. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh yeah, there was that game against the New York Giants on Jan. 13, 2008, their third matchup of the year. The high-flying Cowboys won the first two. They lost the one that really counted.

The fans haven’t forgotten.

To DeCaro, though, that was then and this is now.

Just as spring brings hope to every baseball fan, even in North Texas, DeCaro figures the parity found throughout the NFL means a few off-season changes can lift last year’s losers right into the playoff race.

“I’m very optimistic and have been all year,” he said. “I figured playoffs and believed we’d win the NFC East, no doubt about it.”

But when he saw the enthusiasm of fans in Philadelphia and New York, and then looked at Dallas, “I wondered, ‘Where’s the noise?’ “

Just Believe

Here we are again in the playoffs!  What a year it has been for the Cowboys.  We started out the season a little different this year.  In past years we start off strong then bust at the end of the season. This year we started out slow 2-2 and they had all of us scratching our heads saying “What”?  But,  what’s different this year is that we continue to improve from game to game.

We will see what the playoffs hold for us tonight when we play the Eagles for the third time this season. I have read we can’t do it, but is it too hard to win three games in a row against a team that knows you so well?

I believe this our team can do it. Why am I so sure? 

What makes me believe is something Tony Romo said after the first game we played against the Redskins at home. We won the ugly game by just one point and he said,

“We didn’t play as well as we liked today, that’s obvious, but I was proud of the guys for continuing to fight, not giving up and believing throughout the game we were going to win the game and you don’t win these types of ball games without that type of belief in each other.”

That belief is why I believe we will win against the Eagles for the third time this season. This team believes in each other and that is what we have been lacking the last few seasons.


Romo is on top of his game. He is playing with confidence, but not too much that would come off as cocky. He is thinking out on the field. The line has protected him well, but when he is pressured he isn’t making silly impulsive throws like he once did. He takes the sack or makes the most out of each play.

Of course, it helps when you have targets like Witten, Crayton and of course, Miles Austin.  Although Roy Williams and Tony can’t seem to connect or get on the same page, I do see RW doing the small things like blocking, which also helps the team.

The defense has been everything we could have hoped for and better. They are strong, confident and solid throughout. Besides Pro Bowlers like DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff, Anthony Spencer and Mike Jenkins have emerged as legitimate weapons. A great defense wouldn’t be complete without leadership. Enter Keith Brooking. 

With a high powered offense led by Romo, and a stellar defense coming off back to back shutouts, the Cowboys are in a great position to continue their NFC East dominance later today.

Say good bye to that awful string of six consecutive playoff losses. That all ends today with a decisive victory against a fierce rival. Today… we unleash hell… and a new era of Cowboys championship football begins.

Still No Love For Cowboys As They Go For the Hat Trick

With the 44-6 smackdown from last season’s finale on their minds, the Cowboys came out with their six guns smokin’ on Sunday at Cowboys Stadium and put a fork in a Philadelphia Eagles team that had previously won six straight games. The Boys almost effortlessly exercised their previous December demons, finishing off the regular season with three straight wins.

Dallas’ 24-0 blowout marked the second straight week they have held their opponent scoreless, a feat that had never before happened in Dallas Cowboys history.

Fans, coaches, players, and front office personnel could not ask for a better way to ride into the playoffs than what has taken place the last three weeks.

  • December 19: The Cowboys march into the Superdome and convincingly end the Saints’ undefeated season in a game the “experts” said was an impossible win for the Cowboys (AHEM Tony Dungy, who by the way has jumped on the Cowboys bandwagon).
  • December 27: Dallas travels up to D.C. and embarrasses the Redskins 17-0.
  • January 3: Dallas thumps the Eagles 24-0 to win the NFC East and clinch the #3 seed in the NFC.

Aside from winning their last three games, the Cowboys defense silenced a lethal Saints offense, and held the Redskins and Eagles to zero points in09000d5d8157987f_gallery_600consecutive weeks.

Tony Romo is playing the best football of his career, throwing only one interception in the month of December compared to seven touchdowns.

The offense is becoming more balanced, and is relying more on its talented run game to open up the passing game.

After watching the last three weeks transpire, it’s hard for critics to deny the legitimacy of a team that rolled over the undefeated Saints, shut out division foes in back to back weeks, and convincingly took the NFC East.

But the critics still remain.

Since the naysayers cannot scrutinize Tony Romo for inconsistent December play, the defense for giving up big plays, or the receivers for not making big plays, they have decided to pull a more petty argument out of their arsenal of nonsense.

“It’s too difficult to beat a team three times in a year.”

This statement is so ridiculous and irrelevant that it’s hard to believe “experts” and “analysts” even bring it up anymore.

It’s about as stupid as Hammerin’ Hank Goldberg on Sunday saying something to the tune of “Jacksonville is 20:1 against the odds in temperatures below thirty degrees.”

Last time I checked players weren’t basing their game plans on Vegas odds.

Apparently the “analysts” didn’t watch the Cowboys run the Eagles out of Cowboys Stadium, onto Tom Landry Freeway, and back to DFW International before the fourth quarter even started.

The Cowboys are a more talented team than the Eagles and they will prove that on Saturday night. Period.

So let Desean Jackson do his talking.

Let the trashy Eagles employees do their spitting as they stand in awe of our palace.

Let Eagles fans and the city of Philadelphia show how classless they are.

Like my old man said this week, “Let ’em spit, because they sure can’t play football.”

Still No Love For The Cowboys???

As I sit here Friday night watching Sportscenter, NFL Network and Sportsnation I am getting more and more frustrated. For some reason NO ONE is giving the Cowboys any kind of a chance to win this game against the Eagles Saturday night. Have they not seen what the Cowboys have been doing the last few weeks. Have they not seen how the defense has been DOMINATING the line of scrimmage. I am so tired of not getting respect that is deserved.

To me this has got to be the biggest game Dallas has played in the last few years. They need to go out and show the critics, no wait, go out and SHUT THE CRITICS UP!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so sick and tired of no one believing in what the Cowboys are doing right now. They posted BACK TO BACK shut outs for the first time in the history of their existence.

Everyone keeps saying again and again DeSean Jackson is the better receiver and will have a better game. Well not only do I say otherwise but here are a few stats to back me up:

DeSean Jackson has started EVERY game this season for the Eagles and Miles Austin only started after sitting the first 4 games of the season.

Jackson has 63 receptions with 9 touchdowns for a total of 1,167 yards

Austin has 81 receptions with 11 touchdowns for a total of 1,320 yards

Now to me, numbers tell the truth, Miles Austin is a MUCH better reciever than DeSean Jackson. So, let’s go Boys. Lets show everyone out there that this year is not like the past, we mean business and we are making a statement. Bring it home Dallas!

Q & A With Babe Laufenberg

This morning I had the pleasure of participating in Dallas Morning News Live Chat with hosts Babe Laufenberg and Barry Horn.

I was fortunate enough to get three of my dozen or so questions answered. Here goes…

Joe D: Will the Cowboys go into tomorrows game with basically the same game plan as last week? Or considering the Eagles have made adjustments, will they toss them a few curves?

Babe Laufenberg: You have to be prepared for the Eagles’ adjustments. But the worst thing you can do is anticipate how they will adjust. So you go in with effectively what worked in the last game but ready to adjust on the fly. If I’m Jason Garrett, I would anticipate Philly run blitzing on early downs. I don’t think Philly can sit in their base 4-3 and stop the Cowboys running game. Cowboys ran for 179 yards last week and they will do it again if Philly plays the same D.

Joe D: Any updates on Marion Barber and DeMarcus Ware injuries?

Babe Laufenberg: DeMarcus told me he is playing. Barber hasn’t said anything to anyone since 2004.

Joe D: Will we be seeing Kevin Ogletree get a larger share of playing time at the expense of Roy Williams for the rest of the playoffs?  

Babe Laufenberg: I’d be surprised and disappointed if Ogletree’s playing time didn’t increase.

I was glad to see that Babe is as enthusiastic about more playing time for Ogletree as I am.

Sadly, the one question I really wanted answered never made it.

Who has the better defense, the Cowboys or the Jets?

I’m sick and tired of hearing how the Jets have the best defense in the NFL. The Cowboys handed the Saints their first loss, held the Chargers to a season low 20 points, and pitched consecutive shutouts against the Redskins and the Eagles, who were being heralded as the hottest team in the NFL going into last weekends matchup. 

The Jets won consecutive games against opponents that didn’t even play their starters for more than half the game.  In my opinion, it’s a joke for them to even compare their defense to the Cowboys, let alone proclaiming they are the NFL’s best.

Does Trash Talk Equal Motivation?

Last week the Cowboys beat the Eagles 24-0 in Cowboys Stadium. The reward for their victory? The NFC East Championship and an opening round playoff game. Because of how the seeding in the NFC worked out the Eagles will need to come back to Cowboys Stadium this weekend. So why would the Eagles start talking trash? Well, why would DeSean Jackson talk trash? Is it motivation for the Cowboys? Does trash talk really make it to the bulletin board in teams locker rooms? I know as a fan it makes me hope the Cowboys beat them worse then they did in last weeks game.

Kelly sent me this quote she found from DeSean Jackson earlier this week.

“Got smashed by them cowboys 2daaaaaay sheeeeesh its all good we gonna sting they a$s next week lil buddy.”

Then today I read this comment from Jackson on

“them boys are scared of me.”

When asked about his comments Jackson said

“it is what it is.”

“I’m a very competitive person,” Jackson said. “Everyone I play against I feel that way.”

Also reported on Mike Jenkins read the comments from Jackson and he responded.

“I’m about to release it to the dogs,” Jenkins said. “I’m about to take it to the secondary and let them boys see”.

“We’ll deal with it on Saturday.”

“It’s all good-natured,” Jenkins said. “You have to make it fun. This is a long season and you have to make something entertaining out of it”.

“We look at it as a challenge.”

“It’s been a lot of talk to about double-covering or triple-covering this guy,” Jenkins said. “I haven’t seen it yet.  We single it up. We call [man] every play. There’s one man on him and we’re just sitting in it. We’re holding our own and that’s pretty much it. We’re holding our own. That’s pretty much it. We’re not doing anything special for him or anybody else.”

Here’s a quote from Rodney Harrison on Hey, doesn’t Harrison work with Tony Dungy who said a few weeks ago that the Cowboys had no chance of beating New Orleans?

“I actually picked Philly to go to the Super Bowl. I don’t know how Dallas — with the pressure of them not winning a playoff game in the last decade, all the hype and pressure surrounding them — in back-to-back weeks, can beat Philadelphia, especially with Andy Reid, an experienced coach. Donovan has played in the playoffs and played in a Super Bowl and I flat out think Andy Reid is a better coach. I’m picking Philly to win this game and go all the way to the Super Bowl.”

I’ll finish this post off with a video I found that was mentioned on and, but when I followed the link to the Eagles web site I found that the video was removed. I did find it on YouTube. It’s supposed to be someone from the Eagles organization who was on the field before last weeks game. This morning I saw another post on that had the person who recorded the video apologizing for what he had done.

“As you may have seen, I went too far with my Spudcam video prior to Sunday’s game against the Cowboys,” Spadaro writes.  “Acting alone, and without permission from the Eagles organization, I walked out to the middle of the field at Cowboys Stadium and spit on the Cowboys star, and for that I deeply apologize to the outstanding Cowboys organization and the fine people there, from Jerry Jones to the rest of the team.”

My Reaction to the Cowboys Victory Over the Philadelphia Eagles

First, I want to apologize for my leave of absence. I’ve no reasonable excuse to explain why I have not written except a combination of holidays, homework, laziness, and writer’s block.

Thankfully though, I have found my muse and I’m ready to write and see Dallas go to playoffs. It has been as tough a year as it has been magical.

The tough part is losses to the Giants, the Broncos, the Packers, and the Chargers, but still to finish this season with back to back shutouts against division rivals is remarkable.

The Redskins win was one that redeemed us for our horrid win of 7-6 last time. Even though Al Davis is famous for saying, “Just win baby,” it is one thing to win a close one with a team that is your equal, but the Washington Redskins are not on the same planet as Dallas in terms of organization and teamwork.

That said, I was nervous going into the game this past Sunday. I had been sick with something that had stolen my voice from me to where I could only whisper naturally and talking was a challenge.

However, I was determined to not let that deter me as I went to see my good friend, Scott, at his house. It was me, Scott, and old friends of mine for a guys football night with Jeff, a tennis player in college now who could also switch hit when we were youngsters. Zach, who was a very good second baseman when he, Jeff, and I were kids on the city’s championship baseball team in little league. Jarrett, Zach’s little brother, Chris, who I’d become good friends with during sophomore English class in high school, and Carter, one of the most interesting yet at the same time, boring people I had ever met who had decided to go for the mountain man look and grown a beard.

I was thinking Dallas would win because of homefield advantage by a touchdown, but as I drove my way to Scott’s house and I was running late, I hear Brad Sham and Babe Laufenberg on the 97.5 radio station calling the game. I hear about Jason Witten reaching for the goal line and getting in for a touchdown.

I knew it had to be Dallas’ first possession on offense. That’s something that Dallas doesn’t normally do. They don’t score on the first possession often because they usually take a quarter to start to click on offense. That’s been a major problem of the past.

Yet, they are in on the first try for six points? I’m like, “Game on!”

As I get to my friends house with four jerseys, a Cowboys hoodie, a Cowboys t-shirt, my old worn out Cowboy cap; the only thing I didn’t bring was my Cowboys mug and Cowboys pajamas, I sit down to get some chips, cheese dip, and soda.

There, sitting in that amazing room filled with my buddy’s accolades, game systems, and big screen TV with a pinball machine behind the great sofa and easy chair (the only thing Scott didn’t have was a pool table), I saw the Dallas Cowboys make new history.

Despite having the greatest coach, in terms of innovation and invention, in Tom Landry, despite having five Lombardi trophies in Dallas’ glorious history, the 2009 Cowboys did what no Cowboys team had ever done. They posted back to back shutouts for the first time ever.

And even if I had known the outcome ahead of time, I still wouldn’t have believed it.

Dallas shut out the Philadelphia Eagles? The same Eagles with explosive talent all across the board. Six of their guys are in the Pro Bowl, they have a strong offensive line, an experienced quarterback in Donovan McNabb, dynamite and nitroglycerin known as DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin respectively, and a tight end who causes constant trouble in Brent Celek.

That offense had not been shut out for a half, let alone for a full four quarters. I didn’t even think that Philly could be held to seven or ten points. I thought for sure they’d put two touchdowns on their first time in Dallas’ new stadium.

Some of it was luck like a few errant Donovan McNabb passes at some key moments including one where DeSean Jackson had the entire secondary beat for six, but not even he could catch up to McNabb’s overthrown pass.

A David Akers missed field goal really hurt the Eagles and Dallas fed off that to finish with a score of 24-0. Tony Romo had every snap under center for the season, and no key injuries happened to Dallas.

This win got Dallas a playoff game at home and they know have momentum, they have belief, they have passion.

All they need now is a playoff win against the same team as last week.

That’s right. Dallas will have to face Philadelphia again, and I pray that for Dallas, the third time is not the charm for Philly. The Cowboys have all the chips in their favor except for history. The history of 13 years without a playoff win. Nothing irritates me more than the trolls of the web who constantly bring that fact to light.

It’s up to you Dallas. Let’s not make it 14 years.

The Cowboys are in the Playoffs? You can not be Serious!

For the last few weeks I’ve heard that not only are the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs this year, but that they are also NFC East Champs. I find this very hard to believe considering all of the faith I put into all the preseason magazines I read and all the preseason shows I watched. These experts made it very clear that the 2009 Dallas Cowboys were a third place team at best. So you can understand my confusion when I heard that they made the playoffs. How can I not believe all these experts on television, some of which even played pro football. This has to be a mistake that the Cowboys are in the playoffs. I’ve already made plans for every weekend after the season was over. Maybe it’s really the NY Giants they are talking about? It has to be a mistake!! The Cowboys have way too many issues. I went back and found what was said about the Cowboys. Flashback to July, August, September….

1. Wade Phillips can’t be tough and motivate players as a head coach and now he’s also the defensive coordinator?

2. Jerry Jones released Terrell Owens.

3. There are still no team leaders.

4. No number one receiver on the team.

5. Tony Romo falls apart every December and January.

6. Mike Jenkins is the weak link in an already average secondary.

See what I mean? How can the Cowboys be in the playoffs with all these problems? This team was looking at a 5-11 record at best. It’s the Giants and Eagles that will battle for the Eastern Division and then Super Bowl XLIV. That’s what I was told. That’s what I believed.

I’m sure those of you who have read my posts before know that I’m kidding, not to mention a little sarcastic. Ok, a lot sarcastic!! Sure I’ve voiced my opinion about this team over the course of the season. At times not liking Jason Garrett’s play calling, not liking the times the defense did not respond at important times, not liking that Roy Williams was/is still a starter, trying to support Nick Folk as long as I could. But I refused to give up and either did this team. The result? An 11-5 record and the NFC East Championship. I’m very proud of this team and how they have come together.

All those concerns listed above about the Cowboys before the season and even during the season were all real. We all have read the articles and watched the so-called experts bash this team every week. Let’s list the concerns again, but this time we will answer them.

1. Wade Phillips can’t be tough and motivate players as a head coach and now he’s also the defensive coordinator? Not only has he motivated these players he has also coached the defense to the 9th ranked unit in the NFL.

2. Jerry Jones released Terrell Owens.  Who doesn’t agree that the Cowboys have been better off without TO? Sure he had good numbers, but he was selfish and made players around him miserable. Most importantly, Tony Romo.

3. There are still no team leaders. Leaders? Let me list them…Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff and probably the biggest leader this season? Keith Brooking.

4. No number one receiver on the team. I don’t believe in a number one receiver. I believe in spreading the ball around and hit whomever is open. But if you want a number one receiver then look no further than Miles Austin. In 2009 Austin became the starter in week 5 and had a career season. 81 receptions, 1,320 yards and 11 TDs.

5. Tony Romo falls apart every December and January. The Cowboys did lose their first two games of December in 2009, but it had nothing to do with Romo. It was Romo who played what could be considered his best football in the last five games of the season. In those five games Romo threw for 1,550 yards, 9 TDs and only 2 INTs. Not to mention that the Cowboys offense finished ranked number two in the NFL.

6. Mike Jenkins is the weak link in an already average secondary. Weak Link? Jenkins was the MVP of the secondary, in my opinion anyway. He finished the 2009 regular season with 49 tackles, 19 defended passes and led the team with five interceptions.

I just wanted to have a little fun with this post. These Cowboys are on a mission. These are the NFL playoffs. Twelve teams have a chance to claim the top prize. It’s win and go on or lose and go home. Keep doing what you are doing Cowboys. This is your time.

And like I said in my last Flashback post…”I didn’t hear no bell”

Where Are The Haters Now

First of all I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and want to wish you all a very happy new year. I hope you all have a great 2010. Sorry I have not been writing but every family needs a vacation once in a while and ours was wonderful.  Like almost everyone else I have more than 1 new year’s resolution. My main resolution this year is to go to a Super Bowl party for the Cowboys next month. The way they are playing right now, that is one new year’s resolution that will NOT be broken.

As for the game what an outstanding performance our Boys have been putting up the last few weeks. Tony Romo is playing to the top of his potential shutting all the critics up each and every week. Yes he had one interception against the Eagles, but I feel that if a ball is tipped at the line of scrimmage and then caught, that should not be counted against the quarterback. Not his fault just a great defensive play.

The defense played great but I do have one small concern: the wide receivers for the Eagles were pretty wide open a lot during the game. We really need to tighten up that defense because they will not be dropping those passes every week.

I love to go hang out at the local sports lounge where the “haters” have hounded me all year long saying the Boys suck, Romo is sorry, they will not win anything, won’t even make the playoffs. I walked into the SAME place Sunday night after the Cowboys shut out the Eagles and those SAME people were high-fiving me and giving our Cowboys props, and one of them even said they actually have a chance of making it through the playoffs this year. Yes, I made him say that 4 more times haha.

So to all the bandwagon fans out there, who were criticizing the Cowboys week in and week out, who never gave them a chance to do anything, I simply have one thing to say: