Keeping The Faith

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I love the game of football so much. On Friday September 17th, I realized why. That evening, I attended the Emotion Bowl which is a huge rivalry between Idaho Falls High School and Skyline High School. I had attended IFHS for high school so of course, I was cheering for them.

These 2 teams have to share a stadium so there is even more of a rivalry than most cross-town teams. The winner of the Emotion Bowl gets to paint the goalposts their school colors! At one point, IFHS was down 20-6 and things were looking pretty bleak. As I sat there watching those kids playing their hearts out down after down and never once giving up, I realized why I love the game. A Skyline player got injured and was down on the field. Even though he was on the opposing team, all the players on the Tigers team took a knee as a sign of respect. Once the injured player was finally able to get up, the Tigers stood up and cheered as he was taken off the field. It’s not about scoring touchdowns, field goals, and winning (although many will argue this with me). It’s about being part of a team, working together, and most importantly……HAVING FUN. Winning is just an added bonus.  Which, IFHS did manage to come back and do 26-23.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what any of this has to do with the Dallas Cowboys. As I’m sure you all know, the last couple weeks have been less than stellar for the Cowboys with back to back disappointing losses to teams that we should have walked all over. That has caused alot of fans to question their faith in our team, myself included. I know we have the talent to get the job done but for some reason, they’re just not doing it. Anyhow, all this uncertainty had me questioning why I love the game so much. Then I got thinking about that game I attended for my old high school. It’s been 20 years since I went to that school (yes, I know I’m old) and yet I was still there cheering for them. I almost left when they were down 20-6 but I told myself “You’re not a true fan if you leave just because they’re down”. I kept the faith, they pulled it together, and managed to win the game. I know the Dallas Cowboys may not be doing so well right now, but they can…..and WILL improve their game and start kicking ass like we all know they can. If we give up on them, they’ll give up on themselves. Just gotta keep the faith…….

Nothing Is Working Right Now

Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News writes that at some point today when Wade Phillips meets with the media, he will extol all of the positives put forth by the Cowboys in Sunday’s 27-20 loss to Chicago.

Positives? Which ones exactly?

Archer points out that he may mention the defense holding the Bears to only 38 rushing yards and one measly third-down conversion. He may mention the offense putting up 410 yards and holding the ball for 33 minutes, 40 seconds.

Just reading that only makes me feel worse, not better. It shows that we are good at running the ball down field, but still failing to execute in the long run and put points up on the board. Those red zones problems are still rampant.

As Terence Newman would say after the game,

“We’ve got to do something better than what we’ve been doing, I can tell you that. It ain’t 0-2 that bothers me. It’s about going 0-3 and 0-4, that’s what bothers me … With the way we’re going now, everybody can stop talking about the Super Bowl and about this and that. We’ve got to talk about next week.”

Doesn’t it just drive you crazy at how the Cowboys always seem to wait until the fourth quarter to really pour it on instead of playing each quarter hard and consistently?

It simply bugs the hell out of me because it always comes out looking like they were mailing it in for three quarters and then going into hyper-drive to try and catch up and win. The hurried offense leads to taking more risks, and more risks increases the likelihood of turnovers and failure.

Why can’t the offense be aggressive for all four quarters?

Until the Cowboys can look in the mirror and answer that question, their may not be a post season this year, and 0-4 is as real as it could get.

Gameday Graphic: Bears at Cowboys

It’s time for the Cowboys home opener and more importantly time to prove they are a winning team as they face the Chicago Bears in an early matchup. Television coverage begins at Noon Central time on FOX.

The all new Lone Star Struck game chat will be open all day and we invite all fans to join us as we root for the Boys and share our game thoughts. Its a great experience with fans from both sides of the ball going at it, cheering for their team.

Enjoy the game – GO COWBOYS!

Cowboys Defensive Coalition

Okay, so I’ve been a little absent this week. Some of it is for personal reasons, and some is because… well… its hard to get motivation after a loss. Either way I should know better. I should know that one loss in the first game of the season doesn’t mean shut everything down. It doesn’t mean we don’t still have a excellent chance to go all the way and it doesn’t mean we don’t have a great team.

At the beginning of the week someone tried to tell me that the defense didn’t look very hot. I stopped him mid-sentence… Are you freaking kidding me? That defense looked great. They kept us in the game until the very end. While holding Washington to only  two field goals isn’t a feat of genius it still is pretty damn good in a rivalry game such as Cowboys at Redskins.

Either way, I felt that a few underrated defensive stars really deserved some love. Due to my absence this week, I’m playing catch up and releasing five graphics for Cowboy fans to enjoy.

Let’s hear it for: Keith Brooking, Bradie James, Anthony Spencer, Mike Jenkins and Marcus Spears!

Beer Goggles

Ah, to see the world, life and the Dallas Cowboys in total bliss. It ain’t easy. That really goes double if they lose a winnable game but that’s beside the point. Its been awhile since the Boys’ stunk up the joint. I mean really stink. You’d have to go back to the Campo era to see the botches we laid out. I think that’s how I became the fan I am today. Having to say “we don’t suck” when we make a losing JV Prep Squad in Alaska look good. It’s because of all of those ugly loses that I developed my own Dallas Cowboys Beer Goggles.

Cowboys Beer Goggles make Romo’s INT look like long punts; and the offensive line brain farts smell like roses. Sure that lose to the Skins looked like crap but I see improvement! Romo didn’t screw up; the wide-outs given the right plays can destroy a defense; our defense looked very strong. I see nothing but shinny diamonds in this. “What about the playcalling?” All gold on this end!

Unfortunately, the goggles don’t work on everything. While it’s a great thing to use while getting over a lose it shouldn’t blind you from the truth. The offensive line can not handle a pass rush without Kosier and Colombo. Doug Free is still a year away from being a solid blocker. Barron is either not taking advantage for this new beginning or he’s something we don’t need on this team. Garrett doesn’t like opening up the playbook when he isn’t sure about anything. This make Romo look indecisive and make Romo play away from his strong suit which is gunning it down field. But all of this was from our last game and it doesn’t define us as a team.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that the good will outweigh the bad on this team this year. I get that its hard to wrap your brains around that. So that being said, “I’m selling all new Dallas Cowboys beer goggles! Get them in Silver & Blue; Blue & Silver; Emmitt Smith 22; Bob Lilly 74; and Pink for the ladies! Hurry before our next lost which should be never!” I wouldn’t trust that last sentence, I am wearing them right now.


Game Preview: Bears At Cowboys

This week’s matchup against the Bears should be a lot easier for our Cowboys than last week when we suffered a tough loss against the Redskins.

While looking at the head to head matchups on CBS Sportsline, I couldn’t believe how well we stacked up against them across the board.

The Bears’ offensive line won’t be as tough as the Skins’ and our defense should get to Cutler quite easily, so expect to see big games from DeMarcus Ware on Sunday.

Tony Romo will have more help on the offensive line as both Marc Columbo and Kyle Kosier are expected to start.

With the pressure of his debut out of the way, Dez Bryant could have his first 100 yard game as a Cowboy.

Expect great hings tomorrow.

Name Rating Pos. Name Rating
Jay Cutler QB  Tony Romo
Matt Forte RB  Marion Barber
Chester Taylor RB  Felix Jones
Johnny Knox WR  Miles Austin
Devin Aromashodu WR  Dez Bryant
Devin Hester WR  Roy E. Williams
Greg Olsen TE  Jason Witten
Robbie Gould David Buehler
Bears DST         Cowboys

I Will Say It Even If No One Else Does

WADE PHILLIPS HAS TO GO!!!!!!! I am so utterly ticked off right now. It has taken me 5 days to sit and write about this loss. I have read posts here on LSS, I have watched sportscenter and I have read all that I can handle on I just have one question to everyone out there. Was everyone watching the same game I was??? I mean seriously.

Lets start by looking at the start of the game. Plays 1, 2 and 3 were what? SCREEN PASSES. And did they work? NO they did not. So what did our “coveted” coach call for the rest of the first quarter? SCREEN PASSES. Most of the plays in the first quarter was that stupid screen pass that was NOT working but he kept calling that play.

We ran the ball very well, when we had the chance we passed the ball well. I have heard for a few years now that Romo is the problem here in Dallas. I think that was proven totally wrong when Romo was the reason we drove down the field with only 1:45 seconds to go in the game and were suppose to have the winning TD, but we all know what happened.

As for the BONEHEAD call of the DECADE!!!!! The score was 0-3 we were losing. there was ONLY .04 seconds on the clock. That is four seconds before HALF TIME. Neither team had played their best games in the first half of this game. Matter of fact the game was actually pretty sloppy. No wait, it was not pretty sloppy, it was COMPLETELY sloppy! Bad play calling, Bad penalties and bad execution of plays. So what was there to lose going into the second half only being down by 3 points? NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! But Wade Phillips thought otherwise. Why? I can not even come close to comprehend what he was thinking. We were on the 37 yard line. We had 63 yards to go to score. There was only time for ONE play. And instead of taking a knee, going into half time, evaluating the first half of play, looking at film and coming out in the second half and playing a better game, Wade decides to call a, I guess Hail Mary?? in which Romo can’t find an open receiver steps up into the pocket and dumps it off to Choice. We all know this. But I must say, with the utmost respect for you James, as I read in your post that Choice was to blame for the fumble. Yes RB’s are suppose to hold on to the ball, but to blame him for that TD, in essence caused us to lose the game, is just wrong my friend. There was ABSOLUTELY no reason to call any type of play there accept for taking a knee and going into half time down 0-3.

I know that we will bounce back this week against the bears. I know we will be fine. The super bowl is not won or lost in week 1. With that said, lets go out and have a better game, let’s go out and prove to all the critics that we are for real and the team to beat.


Three Things That Were Most Responsible For The Dallas Loss

I’ve cooled down, and I have not created a giant poster of Alex Barron’s image to throw darts at.

Now it is time for the fan to soothe his emotions and for James Williamson to tell you what went wrong.

Well, there are three things that made that opening game a horrendous nightmare for Cowboy fans and ruined my weekend.


I’m disappointed in David Buehler. He has to make those field goals when we need them bad. We were down by three, needed three to tie it up, and he misses it from 34 yards? That happened in the first quarter.

If he makes that field goal, Dallas can kick a second field goal and we go to overtime instead of having to force a touchdown. That’s mistake number one. If Buehler doesn’t get it together, we might need to pick up another kicker and limit Buehler to just kickoffs.


In the 1999 playoffs, the Tennessee Titans lateraled a kickoff in the final seconds and beat the Buffalo Bills to win a playoff game and eventually to the Super Bowl. The play was called the Music City Miracle because it was in Nashville, and you just could not believe it.

Well, Dallas had the polar opposite. Four seconds left, and Romo finally pitches it to Tashard Choice, the running back, and he has the ball stripped and taken in for the touchdown.

Now, we can blame Tony Romo for not taking a knee, we can blame Jason Garrett for calling a play (even though I would’ve done the same thing), and we can blame Wade Phillips because he is the head coach.

However, in my eyes, the blame is not on one person, but the lion’s share goes to Tashard Choice.

I don’t care if the play was worthless. Romo wanted to try to make something happen, and a lot of times he has made incredible highlights with those kind of plays. This is on Choice because once you get the ball, your job as a tailback is to what is it?….


He didn’t hold onto it. He allowed himself to get stripped and it is his fault that they got six points. People don’t blame Tashard because the common fan is uninformed and only knows the quarterback.

The quarterback is like the president and the supporting cast are members of congress. You don’t see people calling out the Senator of Alaska, but they do call out President Barack Obama.

I’m not blaming the quarterback for that travesty. That belongs to Choice really.


Five penalties, three holds, one that nullifies the winning touchdown pass to Roy Williams. Roy Williams makes a clutch play to help people realize that he’s not that bad, and Romo shows how clutch he can be.

And what happens? An idiot decides to practice his chokehold technique on Brian Orakpo. The flag was for holding, and it was the right call. If that had been Marc Columbo instead of Alex Barron, Dallas wins that game. I have no doubt about it.

It stinks worse than a males’ restroom in the desert, but it happened. We have to move on and keep the faith.

We do that by wearing our jerseys on  Mondays after we lose. We do that by refusing to be ashamed of our Cowboys because we love them, and we are proud of our team and our logo even if we lose.

I was in class (college student here), and I was wearing my hat proudly. People heckled me about Dallas, but I told them that I’m not embarrassed. I love my Cowboys, and I stand by what I told Jesse Holley at training camp this past year.

“Super Bowl or no Super Bowl, we love you.”

I love you my Dallas Cowboys.

Do you love them?

Flashback, Cowboys vs Bears – 1981

It was Thanksgiving Day in 1981 and the only thing the Cowboys seemed to be thankful for was getting past the 3-9 Chicago Bears with a victory. The win put the Cowboys in first place in the NFC East with a 10-3 record.

The Cowboys were one of the best teams in the NFL in 1981 and the Bears were one of the worst teams. But it didn’t seem that way as this Thanksgiving game started to unfold. Late in the first quarter Danny White led the Cowboys to a 3-0 lead when Rafael Septien kicked a 41 yard field goal.

The Bears tied the game at 3-3 early in the second quarter and then things went bad for the Cowboys. With seven and half minutes to play in the first half Danny White was hit in the back and was lost for the game. In came rarely used backup quarterback Glenn Carano to lead the Cowboys.

“Losing Danny (White),” said coach Tom Landry. “Limited some of the things we could do.”

The score stayed tied at 3-3 until the fourth quarter. The Bears put together a drive after the Cowboys made a mistake when Ron Springs attempted an option pass, which was intercepted in the end zone. With the Bears starting at their own 20 yard line they drove 80 yards in 16 plays. Of the 80 yards, 74 of them were gained rushing the ball in 14 plays. Quarterback Vince Evans finished the drive as he scored from the two yard line. On the extra point Ed Jones penetrated the Bears line to block the kick. The Bears had the lead 9-3 with 13:39 to play in the game.

After the Bears took the lead, Glenn Carano drove the Cowboys 83 yards down to the Bears two yard line. Facing a fourth and goal, Tom Landry decided to go for it instead of attempting a field goal. Carano’s pass to tight end Billy Joe DuPree was knocked down and the Cowboys came away with no points.

The Cowboys defense was able to hold the Bears without a first down and got the ball right back. Once again Carano started to drive the Cowboys deep into Bears territory. Sitting at the six yard line, Ron Springs took the hand-off and ran left towards the end zone. He barely made it into the corner of the end zone for the touchdown. With Septien’s extra point the Cowboys took the lead 10-9.

The Bears got the ball back with only 5:09 left in the game. Facing a 4th and 10 from their own 40 yard line, the Bears had no choice but to go for it. The Cowboys were called for pass interference, which allowed the Bears to continue their drive. They reached the Cowboys 32 yard line where on fourth down they lined up for the game winning field goal. But Bears kicker John Roveto’s attempt sailed wide right and the Cowboys walked away with the victory, 10-9.

The Cowboys defense held the Bears offense to only 272 yards in the game. But it was Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton who gained 179 of those yards rushing as he shredded the Cowboys defense all afternoon. The Cowboys defense did hold Vince Evans to only 60 yards passing.

The Cowboys offense was less than special as Glenn Carano only managed 131 yards passing as he filled in for the injured Danny White. Tony Dorsett rushed for 72 yards.

“Who would’ve thought,” Tony Dorsett said, “that a blocked extra point would be the difference between the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys?”

“Who would’ve thought,” said Ed Jones, the man who blocked the extra point, “we would need that kind of play to win?”

The box score can be seen here.


Odds of Seeing Dallas at Dallas

With the Super Bowl heading to Dallas this year in the new monument that is Cowboys Stadium, many are wondering if the Dallas Cowboys have the chops and mental muscle to become the third team ever to play an in-stadium Super Bowl.

Forget what you think about it as a football fan, this is about pure odds and the bookies’ angle. What do Vegas and the rest of the sports book world think about the Cowboys’ chances to play the Super Bowl at home?

For this angle, you need to view the sum of the Cowboys’ parts and not the individual pieces. It’s not only about Tony Romo’s grace under fire or lack thereof. Miles Austin’s romp with a Kardashian possibly putting the kibosh on a repeat year doesn’t stand alone. Wade’s leadership ability doesn’t make or break the chances. It’s the entire combination that odds makers are looking at for a Super Bowl prediction in the preseason.

To that end, you have to look at the sum. What do the Cowboys have that other teams in the NFC don’t? For starters, their QB/WR combo stands out as more potent than anything offered in Minnesota with a banged-up Favre or in New Orleans where it’s assumed Brees played over his head.

The running game the Cowboys are brining to the table is also forceful – so much so that other teams around the league are emulating this style. See the Redskins, Eagles, Vikings, Panthers, Jets and Patriots for proof positive.

These offensive factors, merged with a powerful O line, give Dallas the edge in odds makers’ minds for the upcoming season. The Cowboys are the NFC favorites to win to the Super Bowl via Vegas’ lines – +500. Only the Colts at +450 are better in the league, and their AFC presence doesn’t dampen the Boys’ spirits one bit.

To win the NFC Championship, their odds are even better at +350, well above both the Vikings and the Saints.

Defensively, the Cowboys were ranked 9th in the league last year. And with a few holes spotted after their preseason bout with the Chargers, the team needs to tighten up before season’s start. If the odds makers were looking purely at defense, the Cowboys might drop down to casino-like odds and have better luck playing slots online.

Luckily, their problems are only minor. And the fact that their defense is better on paper than anything offered in their division with Washington, Philly and New York, Dallas isn’t in danger of dropping off any time soon.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to drop money on a super bowl winner before the start of the season. But with 20 dollars bringing in 100, a small wager might cover the wings for the Cowboys’ Super Bowl after party.

Barron Snatches Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Let me begin by saying that despite the loss, I thought last night’s game against the Redskins was one of the most exciting and hard fought games I have seen the Cowboys play in a long time. We were never truly out of it, we never stopped trying, and we kept pouring the heat on throughout the entire game down to last second. That said, I’m bothered deeply by the loss. The way in which it ended was both stunning and devastating. It was very hard to take.

Even during a loss, there are always some good things you can take away from it as well as bad. However, given the nature of this particular contest and how important I felt it was for the Cowboys to make a statement and deliver a message to the rest of division, all I keep seeing is that Alex Barron penalty… It’s burned into my brain…

OT Alex Barron was a one-man wrecking crew on the field last night, but the problem was that he was demolishing us rather than the opposition.

He single-handedly lost the game for us and I would not be surprised if he launched himself onto the chopping block after only one game. He was that bad.

So what did Barron have to say after the game? Nothing he hightailed it out of the locker room immediately after the game and declined to  comment on his performance or lack of it. He didn’t even have the guts to face the music like a man. What a wuss.

I warned about his arrival in a previous post and wondered if it was smart for a team who had such a big problem with penalties last season, to go out and then add the most penalized player in the NFL for five straight seasons. It didn’t make sense at the time, and it still doesn’t now.

Three holding calls?

You can’t even lay any blame on the refs because the holding calls were so blatantly obvious…

Barron had his arms completely around their heads, almost as if we were putting them in a choke-hold…

It’s not going to stop… He’s been doing this for years and it’s why the St. Louis Rams had simply had enough.

The ultimate twist or should I say irony in all of this, is that the Rams wanted Barron off their team so badly that they took Bobby Carpenter off of our hands. Bobby (FREAKING) Carpenter for crying out loud!

Adding insult to injury, the Rams then cut Carpenter during training camp meaning that they got absolutely nothing in return for their former first round pick. Nothing!

Zilch… Zero… Nada…

You know what?

The St. Louis Rams got the best of that deal…

Do you think there’s another sucker out there that would be willing to give us nothing in return for Alex Barron? (sarcasm) I doubt it… Just cut his ass…

End of rant.

On another note, I want to thank everybody who participated in our new ultimate game chat last night. It was awesome! It was by far the most successful game chat we have ever had on LSS. We hope to see you all again next week and don’t forget to tell your friends about us. Add the link to our new chat room here.

Gameday Graphic: Cowboys at Redskins

It’s that time again. Offseason seemed like it would never end but alas, its officially kickoff time once again! I hope you are wearing your favorite Cowboys gear and planning your football feast. Tonight the Cowboys will look to seek and destroy the Redskins in a division rivalry game for the entire nation to witness.

Television coverage begins this evening at 7:00 p.m. Central time on CBS. The all new Lone Star Struck game chat will be open all day and we invite all fans to join us as we root for the Boys and share our game thoughts.

Enjoy the game – GO COWBOYS!