Irvin Believes In Jason Garrett And That’s Good Enough For Me

Jason Garrett is picking up a lot of believers since being named the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and chief among them might be former Cowboys receiver and Hall of Famer, Michael Irvin.

Irvin had plenty of good things to say to Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News, when Garrett was appointed as the franchise’s eighth head coach last Thursday, “I said to the football gods, ‘You got this one right,'” Irvin recalled.

Irvin recalls his time with Garrett when they were both teammates during the glory years, and remembers Garrett’s incredible work ethic.

“Every time I stepped on the field to run routes — extra routes, workouts, offseason — there was one man out there with me,” Irvin said. “And that was Jason Garrett. They used to say I was the hardest-working guy on the team. But Jason Garrett was right there with me.”

Often times, Irvin would even convince Garrett to train with him outside the official team practices. and played a part in why he became one of the NFL’s best receivers. Although Garrett never became the great player that Irvin was, Irvin says that Garrett is finally getting his just deserts after having the interim tag stripped from his job title.

“He never got the payoff on the field for all the hard work he put in,” Irvin said. “But the football gods say that hard work pays off. And he got this job. If they follow him, they will win Super Bowls. This kid worked his [butt] off. If he conveys that message, like he has so far, the Cowboys’ star will have a shine on it again.”

It will be nice to have someone like Garrett at the helm who already has more respect from players and coaches than Wade Phillips ever had.

The fact that Garrett tasted success at the highest level when the Cowboys were winning Super Bowls, gives me confidence that it wont be long before the Cowboys win their sixth Lombardi Trophy.

I know some fans wanted a higher profile coach to run the team, but as has been pointed out before by Jerry Jones himself, no coach that has ever won a super bowl with one team, ever won a super bowl with another team.

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