There Is A God In Heaven

For years and years I’ve complained about how lifeless and uninspiring former Cowboys head coach and defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips has been for the Cowboys.

He had no dynamic energy that his players could feed off of, and too many times lack of passion after a loss. We all became too accustomed to his post game comments after we had our asses handed to us. His usual “ho-hum, we were outplayed again” message did very little to fire a team up that on paper could rival any team in the league.

My first wish came true in the form of Jason Garrett who immediately took over a lifeless team and breathed some fire and passion into what was a listless and unmotivated highly compensated roster. The results were startling and dramatic, leaving Jerry Jones no other choice but the obvious one in taking the interim label away from his title.

Now it seems that my second wish will come true and we will fill the defensive coordinator position with another fiery type in Rob Ryan, brother of Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

Getting Ryan to run the Cowboys defense would be a major coup for the team. Ryan has the energy and passion to get these players to elevate their performance and leave it all on the field for every game. And by every game I mean all four quarters of the game, not just the first two followed by the usual Cowboys defensive fade in the second half.

This team has needed a personality transplant for a long time, and with Garrett and Rob Ryan calling the shots, we can expect to see a team that will be 100% charged up and ready to win for every opposing matchup next season.

I applaud both of these bold moves by Jerry Jones and I hope to see some more of this aggression in the draft as well as free agency.

Go Cowboys!

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  1. Nate
    Nate says:

    Im psyched. RR will not stand for this garbage thats been going on for some time with this defense. Time to give 100%, boys. Every Practice, Every Game.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I would have to agree that the Boys need a change. The fire of Ryan and his attack style will be great for the team.
    Oh, by the way. I’m currently in therapy to get over the fact that Ryan is the son of Buddy who I can not stand!


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