2011 NFL Draft: What The Cowboys Should Do

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Is offensive line the right move to make? Jerry Jones has never selected an offensive linemen in the first round since he has been the Cowboys owner. Even though he played o-line at Arkansas. Seems a bit odd. But even he found offensive line boring and not flashy, I believe it might be the safe and correct pick in this case.

Tyron Smith out of USC is one rumored possibility for the Cowboys along with some other tackles and defensive ends Cameron Jordan and JJ Watt also rumored as options. The running game really struggled last season and Tony Romo (when he played) and then Jon Kitna did not have that long to throw. Certainly you only have so long to make something happen but they were not even given nearly enough time.

Smith would start right away at RT, opposite Doug Free. This selection would spell the end for Marc Colombo of course. Smith can help protect Romo and hopefully improve the running game, especially short yardage situations.

The Cowboys have plenty of needs but when I watched this team in 2010, the main problems that I saw were all in the defensive backfield more than anything. That is why I would consider taking Prince Amukamara with the ninth pick. Terrance Newman is getting up there in age and Michael Jenkins was bad at times last year. Neither Gerald Sensabaugh nor Alan Ball should be trusted to start at safety again and I think the Prince would be the right selection.

Then you can grab an offensive lineman in the second round and go with safety and defensive end/linebacker later. I do believe Dallas is in pretty good shape all around but just have a couple holes to fill, which they can accomplish by drafting well.

So while I would consider improving the secondary, I do believe that offensive tackle is the right, safe pick in this case for the Cowboys mainly because my hope is that an overhaul of the o-line can improve the running game, which can improve the passing game, which can give the Cowboys the lead and hopefully take some pressure off the defense, and the secondary. Everything has a cause and effect and you are supposed to build from the inside out. The Cowboys are a flashy team and Jerry likes to make splashy picks usually but in this particular case, let’s just be safe.

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  1. Timothy Thompson
    Timothy Thompson says:

    The Cowboys need to improve their O-line! Jones should go after some O-linemen, and also they need to get someone to replace Romo!!!

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    There is nothing wrong with Romo unless you mean someone that can learn behind him. I like McGee, but he is not the future.

  3. Nitro76
    Nitro76 says:

    Offensive Line was the most glaring need i give them credit for pulling the trigger on tyron smith but he must be a starter or the media in this town will eat him up

  4. Michael Schneid
    Michael Schneid says:

    I think maybe take a QB Saturday in later rounds. But we’re a possible playoff team if we do certain things next few days and than when League Year starts. We need to draft smart. T. Smith is a good first step. Now safety and Defensive End are next.


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