A Few Thoughts on the Cowboys 2011 Schedule

I’m sure by now everyone has seen the Cowboys 2011 schedule. Even with the threat of no football come this September I was still excited to see the schedule. I look for the same things every year. Who are the Cowboys playing on opening day? Who are they playing on Thanksgiving? How many primetime games are they playing? When are the two games against the Giants? Here are a few thoughts on the Cowboys schedule…

Opening Night vs the JetsSeptember 11th is always an emotional day and with this year being the ten year anniversary it will even more emotional. I know it will be emotional for me since I’m in NY and remember the day well. It will also be Rex Ryan against Cowboys new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. It would be a big step for the Cowboys to get off to a good start against one of the elite AFC teams.

Week 6 vs the PatriotsIt’s been four years since the Cowboys and Patriots played each other at Texas Stadium when they were both 5-0. The Patriots put a hurting on the Cowboys 48-27 that day. Once again it will be a week 6 matchup, this time in New England.

Week 7 vs the Rams…Back in 2008 the Cowboys went to St. Louis a week after losing Tony Romo to injury against the Cardinals and ended up getting destroyed by the 1-4 Rams 34-14. This time the Rams will be coming to Cowboys Stadium.

Week 10 vs the Bills…In 2007 the Cowboys were down 24-13 going into the 4th quarter against the Bills. After battling their way back rookie kicker Nick Folk kicked not one, but two 53 yard field goals to win the game 25-24. For those of you who may not remember Folk’s first attempt, which was successful was waved off because the Bills had called timeout. Folk had to line up again and kick the winning field goal again. 

Week 12 vs the Dolphins…Cowboys fans have nightmares of the infamous highlight of Leon Lett sliding in the snow and kicking the ball after the Cowboys had blocked the Dolphins field goal to win the game. The Dolphins recovered the ball and this time made the kick to win the game, 16-14.

Week 13 vs the Cardinals…Another trip to Arizona where the Cowboys have not been treated nice the last two games. Back in 2008 Tony Romo was injured along with a few other Cowboys in their 30-24 OT loss. Then last season they lost 27-26 on a last second field goal by the Cardinals. The Cowboys had taken a 26-24 lead on a Miles Austin touchdown with under two minutes to play. The Cowboys could have gone up 27-24, but David Buehler missed the PAT, which allowed the Cardinals to win the game.

Week 14 and 17 vs the Giants...I’m not a big fan of playing the same division opponent twice within a few weeks. I like the idea of division games at the end of the season, but I think they should be spaced better. Last season Jason Garrett got his first win as a head coach as the Cowboys beat the Giants 33-20 in NY.

For those who question whether or not the Cowboys are still America’s Team. Just count the primetime games on their schedule. Even after a horrible 6-10 season in 2010 the Cowboys have five primetime games. The World Champion Green Bay Packers have just four.

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  1. blooze
    blooze says:

    Sorry about that. I had to see what i was getting into by posting on this site. With that said, we don’t even know if NFL football will actually take place in 2011. As a footbaholic of the Cowboy kind, I have much to interject into the current state of “our team”. When I’ve finished my chores i intend to do just that.

  2. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    I think it will be a fun season, and even though people are down on the NFL right now I still have a strong feeling they will get things worked out.

    I also don’t like both Giants games in December, I wonder sometimes who puts these schedules together and thinks that its a good idea to put division rivalries so close together. We’ve had that situation many times with the Eagles in recent years. Also, I hate early Bye weeks.

    We do have tons of primetime spots and holidays to celebrate with the Boys as well! Looking forward to a great year (because im optimistic like that 😉 ).



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