Were the Cowboys Right Last Night?

Let me start by saying I am glad I was right in my earlier post. Tyron Smith was the right pick to make. While it is not flashy or exciting and will not generate more interest or attention (like Dez Bryant did), it is what is right for a team trying to get back to the playoffs.

If you question taking an offensive linemen, take a look at which teams took OL in round 1. The Cowboys, of course, were the first team to strike at the position. Patriots, Colts, Eagles, Seahawks, Bears, Packers all drafted offensive linemen. Those teams all have in common that, minus the Packers, they all won their respective divisions, and then the Packers went on to win the whole thing. Maybe this is a sign that this is in fact how you build a franchise.

Who was on the board that really made sense to take? Reports this week were that the Cowboys did not like Nick Fairley and the belief was that even if he was there in round two, the team would pass on him. So he was likely never seriously considered. Cameron Jordan and JJ Watt both were considered here and I would believe Prince Amukamara. There are plenty of defensive ends to be had still and cornerback is not the teams’ greatest need.

I believe Jerry Jones did the best thing he possibly could. When the league year starts, Marc Colombo will be released and Doug Free, according to Stephen Jones on Tuesday, will get a nice contract extension. The Cowboys have their two long-term tackles now. Tony Romo should be very happy as should Jason Garrett. As should the fans.

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  1. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    Welcome to the site Michael!

    I love the pick. I think we addressed a need and hopefully we can fill some more today and tomorrow.

  2. nate
    nate says:

    Very glad we finally went oline high. Long overdue. the question now is what to do with Free. Do you trust Smith as a rookie protecting Romo’s blindside? Because when you take and pay a tackle that high, that’s the position you put him at. or do you overpay for your right tackle (Smith) and give your left tackle big money as well? ok how about option 3, smith at RT year one, keep Free on his tender (1st and 3rd) and slide Smith to LT next year and tell Free “Sorry. Were putting you back on the right side. Here’s your contract offer. Take it or leave it”

    Here is the smart thing to do: rewind to pick 9. read this: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/cowboys/2011/04/cowboys-say-no-to-trade-offer-from-jaguars.html#tp

    Take Smith if he’s still there. (assuming Washington doesnt take him) if not, take Castonzo. Pay him right tackle money, pay Free left tackle money which he deserves and go about our business with an additional 2nd round pick, which could have allowed us to sneak back into round one to take a defensive end that fell like Wilkerson or Heyward….

  3. Thirtypk
    Thirtypk says:

    I like the pick. With Romo protected our offense should light it up this year. Now who do we draft next? Do we go with DB or S or do you think JJ will take a chance with Da’Quan Bowers, if, he’s still there at 40?

  4. Nitro76
    Nitro76 says:

    Offensive line was the way to go my problem is I don’t know if hud can still develop lineman I also have an issue which alot of people don’t think about is the added weight will he still be able to play without his body breaking down woicek will need to put another 12 to 13 pounds on in muscle on him everybody needs to watch this pick at 40 it will tell alot about the running back position with a guy they like ryan williams and mickel lashoure being their

  5. Nitro76
    Nitro76 says:

    Also I don’t know if aaron williams will make it 8 picks but he is the kind of guy rob ryan likes in the secondary he’s a very good tackler brooks reid is another guy who you should watch out for he has a great motor I really like bowers he’s a beast but will need sometime soon 8 months off due to his knee


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