Turning back the clock

I can only speak for myself, but I’m beyond tired of all the news about the NFL Labor negotiations, all the news about the judge’s decisions and all the news about the Eighth Circuit Court’s decisions. The Lockout is on, the Lockout is off and then back on again. Kind of reminds me of that old commercial for “The Clapper”.

With that being said I found myself in my basement this past weekend looking through some old Cowboys stuff. I came across two old photo albums that were filled with Cowboys articles and pictures that I had collected throughout the 1980’s. In all I must have filled about 35 photo albums in the 80’s and early 90’s. Over the years I threw away most of the albums, but I held on to the first two because they were the most special.  I started collecting these items when I was about 13. Football was fresh and new back then.  There were no other worries in life when I was a kid watching football. It was all football, all the time. It was fun searching for pictures and articles about the Cowboys. It was also a challenge at times. I would go through the sports magazines in my art classes in elementary school and middle school. Teachers would use the old magazines for different projects so many of them were ripped up. But if I came across something about the Cowboys I would think it was gold. I would buy four or five newspapers the day after Cowboys games in hopes that they would have pictures from the game. I would beg my Mother for magazines only to get them home and cut them up to put everything in the photo albums.  I would also beg my Mother to order the Cowboys calendars through the Scholastic Book program at school, when others would be ordering books to read. Everything had to be Cowboys related. There was nothing else that mattered.

It was great sitting at home looking through these old photo albums and just reliving some great times from when I was younger and remembering some great players. I thought I would share some of the pictures I found with everyone. There are endless memories when it comes to the Cowboys and I love thinking back to many of those times from when I was just a kid.

As much as I would like to give credit to all the publications that I got these pictures from, there were just so many and it’s been so many years since then. But I will list as many as I can…Sports Illustrated, Sport Magazine, USA Today, Journal News, TV Guide, Sporting News, Daily News, Dallas Cowboys Weekly, NFL Digest and Pro Magazine. If I missed any I apologize. As far as the music, the CD is called “The Power and the Glory”. It has all the original music and voices from NFL Films. If you don’t have it yet, you really should get it for yourself.

I hope everyone enjoys the video as we suffer through these hard times with the NFL.

‘Only In America’ Will Feature Cowboys Cheerleaders Tomorrow

The History Channel will feature a segment with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on it’s program, “Only in America” tomorrow night.

About the show: Larry the Cable Guy believes the United States of America is the greatest country on the face of the earth and he’s out to prove it. In Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy, Larry crisscrosses the nation, going totally off the beaten path to find the people, places and things that define this nation’s unique history.

Larry the Cable Guy gets ‘trained’ with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, during the shooting of an episode from HISTORY’s “Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy.” The episode will air May 17 at 9/8c on HISTORY.

Ron Springs passes away

Dallas Cowboys running back Ron Springs has passed away at the young age of 54. Springs was diagnosed with diabetes in 1990 and things just got worse as the years went on. In 2004 Springs was put on a waiting list for a new kidney and in 2005 he needed to have his right foot amputated due to the diabetes. In 2006 good friend and former teammate Everson Walls decided to donate one of his kidneys to Springs after finding out he was a match. In March of 2007 the operation was done and things seemed to be improving for Springs. But in October of 2007 Springs went in for a minor procedure to remove a cyst from his arm and fell into a coma after cardiac arrest and never woke up.


Ron Springs and Everson Walls shared a special friendship that only got stronger after Walls donated one of his kidneys. Here is their story courtesy of ESPN.


They created the Gift for Life Foundation to promote awareness of Diabetes and kidney disease.


The Cowboys drafted Ron Springs in the 5th round of the 1979 draft. Springs became the first rookie to start for coach Tom Landry in 1979. He played for the Cowboys from 1979-1984. In his years with the Cowboys he rushed for 2,180 yards and 28 touchdowns. He added 2,028 yards receiving on 212 receptions and scored ten touchdowns. Springs finished out his NFL career with Tampa Bay in 1985 and 1986.

I have two favorite highlights from Ron Springs career with the Cowboys. One was from 1981 when he scored the winning touchdown on Thanksgiving against the Bears to give the Cowboys a 10-9 win.

The other was from 1983 against the Raiders when Ron Springs threw a 15 yard touchdown pass to quarterback Danny White.


Ron Springs is survived by his wife, Adriane, and son Shawn Springs, who played cornerback from 1997-2009 for Seattle, Washington and New England.

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Journal News

The Odds Are Pretty Good For Cowboys This Season

When you consider how poorly the Cowboys performed last season, you will be amazed to know that the odds of them winning a Super Bowl this season are pretty damned good at 16:1.

I checked out the the latest odds for all NFL teams and you will note that only six teams have better odds of achieving a Super Bowl win than the Cowboys.

All the more amazing is that when the last season ended, the Cowboys had 17 teams ahead of them in the Week 18 Power Rankings by ESPN

Green Bay Packers  7/1

New England Patriots  7/1

Pittsburgh Steelers  11/1

San Diego Chargers  12/1

Baltimore Ravens  14/1

New York Jets  14/1

Atlanta Falcons  16/1

Dallas Cowboys  16/1

Indianapolis Colts  16/1

New Orleans Saints  16/1

Philadelphia Eagles  16/1

New York Giants  18/1

Chicago Bears  28/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  30/1

Detroit Lions  35/1

Houston Texans  35/1

Kansas City Chiefs  35/1

Minnesota Vikings  35/1

Oakland Raiders  40/1

San Francisco 49ers  40/1

St. Louis Rams  40/1

Miami Dolphins  50/1

Tennessee Titans  50/1

Washington Redskins  50/1

Cincinnati Bengals  60/1

Denver Broncos  60/1

Cleveland Browns  65/1

Jacksonville Jaguars  65/1

Arizona Cardinals  75/1

Seattle Seahawks  80/1

Buffalo Bills  100/1

Carolina Panthers  100/1

Anyhow, I’m psyched that the oddsmakers think we have a better chance to win it all than both the NY Giants and Redskins, and the highly touted Eagles have no better chance than we do.

Cowboys Work Is Not Done, There’s Still Some Hidden Gems To Uncover

Dallas' Miles Austin and Tony Romo. (Getty Images)

The Cowboys’ 2011 draft is now behind us, but must Cowboys fans know that some of the greatest rookies in recent memory were undrafted and that the Cowboys have always been able to spot and sign those overlooked diamonds in the rough.

Rob Phillips of dallascowboys.com, reminded me of how remarkably successful Jerry Jones and company have been over the years at surveying the unsigned rookie landscape and how big it’s paid off for them time and time again.

The names “Tony Romo” and “Miles Austin” are proof enough. No other NFL team has two multi-time Pro Bowlers – Romo in 2003, Austin in 2006 – who slipped all the way past the “Mr. Irrelevant” pick.

Recruiting them to Dallas were separate home runs. But in recent years the Cowboys have also hit solid singles and doubles in post-draft free agency. Nine others finished the 2010 season on the roster: Safeties Barry Church and Danny McCray (2010), cornerback Bryan McCann, fullback Chris Gronkowski (2010), guard/center Phil Costa, wide receivers Teddy Williams (2010), Kevin Ogletree (2009) and Sam Hurd (2006), and defensive end Stephen Bowen (2006).

Hurd and Bowen have been dependable backups for five seasons – last year Hurd served as special teams captain and Bowen started eight games for an injured Marcus Spears. Church and McCray became fixtures on Joe DeCamillis’ special teams units. McCann’s two touchdowns (an interception return and a punt return) helped Jason Garrett win his first two games as interim head coach last November.

Of course it’s not easy to try and find the next impact player from among the also-rans, but we’ve proven on many occasions it can be done and well worth the effort.  As Phillips says, the league is filled with plenty of guys who beat the odds after 250 others heard their name called by the commissioner.

The only sad part in all of this is this damned lockout which still persists and makes negotiating a mute point.

But one thing the Cowboys do have going for them is their brand name. If given the choice, what rookie wouldn’t want to play for America’s Team? We have a marquee brand. It’s an advantage many other teams don’t have and sometimes it’s all the edge we need.

Happy Mother’s Day Cowboys Moms

Just wanted to wish all of the Cowboys Moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Enjoy your day and hopefully soon we will start enjoying some Cowboys Football!

Go Cowboys!

Wake up and smell the world

I’m not a very political person and I don’t normally get involved when it comes to politics, but the news last night that our US Troops had shot and killed Osama Bin Laden made me think of a few things. I guess celebration isn’t the correct word to use as I watched people cheering in Times Square. Bin Laden was the one who orchestrated the September 11, 2001 attacks so I understand the reaction of people considering what a monster he was. I guess it would be more vindication than anything else because it does not relieve the suffering of those who lost loved ones on that horrific day, as well as so many more since the war started in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s been almost ten years since the 9/11 attacks and the US has been trying to find Bin Laden ever since then. To find him and bring him down was a great victory for the US. But let’s not forget how many women and men are still away from their families and will remain away for a long time. 

The sport side of this story is how Emmitt Smith played with a separated shoulder against the Giants in 1993 and was called brave or when it was called heroic when Phillip Rivers played with a torn ACL in the 2007 playoffs. Both are amazing sports stories that go along with so many other great stories, but let’s leave those kinds of words for the women and men who are out there fighting every day and never know what today or tomorrow will bring. Players with injuries such as those know that more times than not they will have surgery, go through rehab and live to play another day. The US Navy Seals who jumped on those helicopters could not say the same thing. They had no idea what was waiting for them or what the results would be. Whether or not they would survive and be able to see their families again. Those people are the brave ones and real heroes who deserve to be cheered and honored along with the rest of the women and men who continue to fight and who have given their lives. Ask the athletes in the sports world and they would be the first to agree with that.

Now with Bin Laden dead and buried it would be a real shame to see empty stadiums on the first Sunday of the 2011 season, which is also the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Every anniversary of 9/11 is emotional, but with this being the 10th anniversary along with the death of Bin Laden will make it that more emotional. These players and owners need to wake up and stop talking about how the fans are important to them as well as the game and start showing the fans that they are important by getting a deal done now! Sports are important to all the soldiers away from home as well. Watching sports brings them back home and it’s almost like an escape for them for the few hours they can watch.

What’s important in life is the women and men who put their lives on the line each and every day, as well as all the families who have lost loves ones in the war against terror and in the attacks on 9/11. Does anyone think these people care about the $9 billion that the players and owners are fighting over? Let’s face it, sports is entertainment and as much as many fans joke around that it’s life, myself included, it’s far from it. What sports fans do like however is to use sports to honor those who have dedicated their lives to protect and cheer them from the stands. Fans come together for a few short hours and show the pride they have in their country. Whether it’s waving the American Flag, shaking the hand of someone from the military or just chanting “USA” from the stands. This is how sports fans show their unity and it would be a real shame to take that away over something like how to share $9 billion.

So to the players and the owners…Lets stop making these negotiations out to be something that resembles conflict of major proportions and start thinking about what the important things in life really are. This is not a war! You are a group of people who supposedly love the game of football and all the great things it brings to your lives. Why all the battles? Why all the lawsuits? Watch the news today or pick up a newspaper and then maybe you’ll realize that the $9 billion is really a blessing to everyone involved and not something that should be fought over like you’re at war.

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Breaking News: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead


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WASHINGTON — Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is dead and the U.S. has his body, says a person familiar with developments.

President Barack Obama was to make the announcement shortly that after searching in vain for bin Laden since he disappeared in Afghanistan in late 2001, the Saudi-born extremist is dead, the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Details of the death were sparse. He was killed in a military operation in Afghanistan, according to sources, though it was unclear which countries were involved. CNN reported that the al-Qaida leader was killed in a mansion outside Islamabad, the Pakistani capital.

It is a major accomplishment for Obama and his national security team, having fulfilled the goal once voiced by Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, to bring to justice the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.


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