Ron Springs passes away

Dallas Cowboys running back Ron Springs has passed away at the young age of 54. Springs was diagnosed with diabetes in 1990 and things just got worse as the years went on. In 2004 Springs was put on a waiting list for a new kidney and in 2005 he needed to have his right foot amputated due to the diabetes. In 2006 good friend and former teammate Everson Walls decided to donate one of his kidneys to Springs after finding out he was a match. In March of 2007 the operation was done and things seemed to be improving for Springs. But in October of 2007 Springs went in for a minor procedure to remove a cyst from his arm and fell into a coma after cardiac arrest and never woke up.


Ron Springs and Everson Walls shared a special friendship that only got stronger after Walls donated one of his kidneys. Here is their story courtesy of ESPN.

They created the Gift for Life Foundation to promote awareness of Diabetes and kidney disease.

The Cowboys drafted Ron Springs in the 5th round of the 1979 draft. Springs became the first rookie to start for coach Tom Landry in 1979. He played for the Cowboys from 1979-1984. In his years with the Cowboys he rushed for 2,180 yards and 28 touchdowns. He added 2,028 yards receiving on 212 receptions and scored ten touchdowns. Springs finished out his NFL career with Tampa Bay in 1985 and 1986.

I have two favorite highlights from Ron Springs career with the Cowboys. One was from 1981 when he scored the winning touchdown on Thanksgiving against the Bears to give the Cowboys a 10-9 win.

The other was from 1983 against the Raiders when Ron Springs threw a 15 yard touchdown pass to quarterback Danny White.

Ron Springs is survived by his wife, Adriane, and son Shawn Springs, who played cornerback from 1997-2009 for Seattle, Washington and New England.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    The friendship Ron Springs and Everson Walls had is really such an inspiring story. R.I.P. Ron Springs, I’m sure you’re in heaven with Tom Landry discussing the good ole days right about now 🙂

  2. Ray S.
    Ray S. says:

    Ron was a very versatile back for Dallas. i remember him making plays out of the backfield running routes and of course spelling Dorsett often. he was so dependable. i enjoyed watching him play. i remember a game from 1983 against Tampa Bay. he must have caught 11 or so passes and over 100 yards including an 80 yarder for a TD. Dorsett may have scored more tds in his career but Springs found the endzone often. he had deceptive speed. he had more big runs than people realized. im very sad to hear of his passing. i was hoping he would pull through this. R.I.P. Ron Springs and thank you for your legacy as a Cowboy. ill never forget you.



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