Are You Ready For Some Football???

In our lives things are constantly changing. We may change jobs, make new friends, start a new relationship, move to a different place, and so on. With all the chaos life throws at us, there’s one thing that remains constant. I don’t have the same friends as I did when I was a teenager, I don’t even live in the same state, but one thing has remained the same – I have always been (and always will be) a Dallas Cowboys fan. Every year come summertime I knew I could count on training camp and preseason games to lead us right into the grandest season of all – football season!

This lockout is on a path to destroy that constant. I think deep down inside we all believed the powers that be, will work out a deal and get us back on track and everything will be touchdowns and field goals. On the surface we also know that there’s an equal chance those powers will screw everything up and the unbelievable could happen – a late season, a partial season or (God forbid) no football season!

I’ve been very quiet this offseason. Of course there’s been no action or rumors to speak of regarding free agency, trades, releases, etc. There’s been no mini camps, no rookie camps, no mouthy veterans demanding trades or bigger contracts. But I think I’d blame my silence more on the anger and depression of the lockout.

It must be so awful to have to argue over millions even billions of dollars. The greed of this entire ordeal just makes me sick to my stomach. The sad thing is that in the end the people this mess is going to hurt the most are the fans and the industry that works for these greedy gazillionaires.

It’s probably okay for Jerry Jones and Tony Romo to miss one season, they’ve got plenty of money in the bank. What about the concession stand workers or the guy who paints the lines on the field? What about the parking attendants and the ticket vendors?

You can say football is just a game, but it means a lot more when you really break it down. Okay, so maybe this isn’t my day job – but I certainly miss having blogs to publish or graphics to design. I miss having something to discuss with my buddies. I miss our LSS chats and debating topics in the comments. Yeah, there’s plenty of history to go through and probably things we could come up with to discuss – but it’s just not the same when we have this lockout looming in our minds.

I’m sure eventually everything will work itself out and we can look back at the Lockout of 2011 and shake our heads. However I’m not confident that it will be in time  to put together productive, contending teams without altering the current schedules and deadlines.

Life will go on for us regular folks, with our without football. We may not like it, but it’s completely out of our hands. I hope to post some good news for the fans in the next couple of weeks. Usually we’d be counting down the days until the season opener, 81 days by the way… But at this point all we can do is HOPE.

…Hope that the team that we devote so much passion and time towards returns the favor and first of all has a football season and second of all gives us great reasons to scream that phrase we all love to scream – HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    John Clayton reported this morning that the agreement may be here by the 4th of July weekend. Let’s hope so.

    • Kelly H
      Kelly H says:

      How many times have we heard that this year? Sure, they will come to an agreement, but i still think it still will hurt the season no matter what. That was a question on my sports radio this morning… “Will the NFL lockout hurt the product?” I didnt stick around to hear the debate but how could it not hurt it?

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I’m sure it will to a point, but once that first Sunday rolls around things will be forgotten. I’ve heard a lot of people are canceling their Sunday Ticket. No way I’m doing that.

  3. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Great post Kelly, you really grasped the emotional drift between the lockout and the fans. While everyone talks about the owners and players dividing their billions, the fans who give them all that money are left holding the bag. It stinks.

  4. Larry L
    Larry L says:

    Can’t believe it’s almost time for training camp, and we are still staring yet another lockout in the face. Every time this threat has loomed in the past, I always felt it will never go that far. This garbage happens because football had the highest ratings and revenue last year than maybe any prior year in it’s history. I know it’s a difficult thing to do for a fan, but if this lockout happens, we all need to take a stand. 1/2 empty stadiums and Sunday ticket cancellations will send a strong signal. The fans need to make a statement that the owners and players will not forget. If we don’t, what stops this from happening again? I love the Cowboys and it would kill me not to watch them, but when is enough – enough? Hey, maybe we’ll get the quick agreement!

  5. Raina
    Raina says:

    Great article Kelly. Wish they would wrap this up so we can get back to our normal routine. I miss writing and reading about football.


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